Lost Mosaic: Rebirth at Darkmount

PANEL 1: (Half width panel) Shot of Straxus’ head, clearly inactive as his eyes are not lit.

PANEL 2: Same as PANEL 1 only now Straxus is online, eyes glowing.

MEDIC (Offscreen): Ahh, Lord Straxus, you’re online at last…

PANEL 3: (Full width panel) We see Straxus’ head sitting in an apparatus on a benchtop. A Decepticon Medic approaching him. The medic looks somewhat like Megatron, but with a blue helmet arms and waist, red lower legs and no fusion canon.

STRAXUS: Reaper? What happened? The last I remember is fighting that infuriating Autobot, Blaster*

SUBTITLE: See Transformers #18 – Historical Harry

PANEL 4: Reaper (the Decepticon Medic) is now sitting on a stool near the bench with Straxus’ head on it.

REAPER: Indeed, he defeated you, sent you into the unstable vortex surrounding the Spacebridge.

STRAXUS: He… Destroyed me?

PANEL 5: We see Reaper clicking a remote to turn on a monitor screen opposite Straxus.

REAPER: Yes, however we spent the next eighty cycles working on a Quantum Energy Displacement engine, using plans left behind by Spanner.

REAPER: Using it we were able to retrieve a copy of your mental engrams a fraction before Blaster killed you…

PANEL 6: We see the screen now, it’s showing an image that looks somewhat like a diagram of a wormhole.

REAPER: We discovered something in the process…

REAPER: We believe we can send mental engrams in both directions…

PANEL 7: Straxus’ face, flowing across his eyes are a lot of ones and zeroes

REAPER: To that end we’re downloading all the battle strategies our techs have come up with. When we’re done, we’ll send you back to just before the start of the battle…

STRAXUS: So I might change the outcome!