New Evolutions

They were a legend… A myth…
Deep in the African jungle they slumbered, exhausted from their eons long war…
Until they were woken by humans, desperate for something to believe in…
A force of good to combat the worst evil Earth had ever seen…
They are…

You know how it ended…

Hot Rod looked between Prime and Galvatron as the Decepticon leader stepped forward, “Does this mean the fighting will continue?”

The battle hardened Kup followed his gaze to Galvatron, “Hard to say.”

Galvatron snarled, “There will be no war today, Optimus Prime,” he paused, “You have earned Galvatron’s respect.”

As the Autobots gathered round their leader, Hot Rod noticed the now empty shell of the Matrix, “The wisdom of the ages… It’s lost.”

Prime looked at the shell, “No, not lost. We’re all a little wiser now.”

“But,” Hot Rod pointed at the ancient artifact, “The Matrix is empty.”

Prime nodded, “It’s up to all of us to fill it again with the wisdom we accumulate from this moment on.”

Now! See how it continues!

Chapter 1: Beginnings
Chapter 2: Revived
Chapter 3: Meeting of the Minds
Chapter 4: The Rebellion
Chapter 5 (Coming Soon)