The MascotBots

Well, you could if we had any physical forms of them for you to meet, so here’s the deal, we’re on the look out for some art of our mascots.

Now, bios, tech specs and what have you are already prepared, but the art is something we lack, so if you think you can handle the challenge, then read the following descriptions and bios and tech specs, then have at it, any results can be sent to

Akira – Female Decepticon Mercenary

Motto: Evil may not always be right, but it’s always fun.

Bio: Under the guidance of Lord Straxus, Akira rose to become the best mercenary in the Decepticon Army, her skills off-set only by her overconfidence, she butted heads with most other Decepticons, making her the perfect one to carry out some of the more questionable orders given by the Decepticon Commander, Megatron.

Weapons / Abilities: Akira is a skilled and very proficient tactician and as such uses her not inconsiderable intelligence to turn any and all items around her into weapons to use in her mission. As standard she wields a rotary plasma rife, however this weapon is a drain on power resources and takes almost too long to recharge after firing.

Weaknesses: Overconfidence is Akira’s biggest weakness, she believes herself the best at what she does, despite any evidence to the contrary.

Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Raider

Arcthon – Autobot Archive Manager

Motto: To preserve something, one must sacrifice something else.

Bio: Arcthon was created with a book in each hand. His goal in life is to document the entirety of the history of the Transformers, his dearest wish is to discover how and why the Transformer race was created. He can often be found in a secluded room deep in Autobot Headquarters with his nose in a datafile or four.

Weapons / Abilities: As an archivist, Arcthon is not one to lift a weapon in a fight, his skills are more suited to planning campaigns, his knowledge of past campaigns gives him a unique view on battle plans.

Weaknesses: Arcthon carries no weapons and is not a fighter, and as such is more of a liability in a fight.

Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Transport Shuttle.