Transformers Energon

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Teletran2 Note: Transformers: Energon happens nearly ten years after the end of Transformers: Armada

(26 episodes – first broadcast 2005)

It’s been 10 Earth years since the last battle against Unicron involving him and Megatron disappearing into deep space. The Autobots and Decepticons have been working together and have set up mining post for mining Energon in which to use the Energon to restore Cybertron. But a bad guy called Alpha Q has sent a Decepticon named Scorponok and a group of drones called the Terrorcons to raid the mining settlements and steal the Energon so they can restore and power up Unicron and revive Megatron with the help of the Decepticons. But a resurrected Megatron has other plans with Unicron since he has plans to control him. Scorponok and Alpha Q have different plans for Unicron and that is to use Unicron’s power to re-create things like his home planet, and destroy Megatron once and for all.

It’s up to Optimus Prime, the Autobots, and the Omnicons along with a teenage boy named Kicker to stop the Decepticons from stealing all the Energon and taking over the universe.

01. Cybertron City
It’s been 10 Earth years since Unicron and Decepticon leader Megatron disappeared into deep space. The Autobots, Decepticons, and Mini-Cons are mining for Energon to restore Cybertron. But a villian named Alpha-Q has sent a group of Battle Ravages and Divebombs, who make up the Terrorcons, to gather the Energon for him. Meanwhile, a Cybertron settlement called Ocean City rises out of the ocean. A boy named Kicker is riding on a new form of Highwire and drives past Demolisher out of the city. Kicker is pursued by Hot Shot and finally catches up with him. Kicker has a thing against Transformers. When Kicker tricks Hot Shot, he tries to leave, but he stops, removes his helmet and his hair glows yellow. He agrees to return. On Cybertron, Optimus Prime is training Autobot soldiers including a young Autobot named Ironhide. Rad and Dr. Jones tell Optimus that Sally reported Energon. Then Primus contacts Optimus Prime about the situation of a new enemy. On Mars, the Energon mining settlement called Mars City that Carlos is at is being attacked by the Terrorcons as well as Asteroid City where Tidal Wave is at. Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Jetfire, and Inferno head to Mars, but they’re too late and Carlos is still alive. Back at Ocean City, Kicker has a flashback. We see a flashback of Adult Rad, Adult Carlos, and Adult Alexis arriving on Cybertron with a young Kicker and his dad Dr. Jones. He gets scared from the appearance of the Autobots. Kicker’s hair glows again. Hot Shot get contacted by Carlos that Mars City was attacked and Kicker enters telling Hot Shot that the city will be under attack and Kicker runs out with Hot Shot following after the city submerges. We see another flashback of him on Cybertron hiding from Optimus Prime until he falls down a shaft and is caught by the essence of Primus and gets this weird power from him as Optimus Prime comes into the chamber. Kicker runs out with Hot Shot pursuing him and Kicker says that the city will be attacked and that came true. Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Jetfire, and Inferno join the fight as well as Demolisher. Optimus Prime and his parts which are Optimus-1 (a futuristic fire truck), Qptimus-2 (a helicopter), Optimus-3 (a drill tank), and Optimus-4 (a submarine) combine to form Super Optimus and defeat the Terrorcons with the Energon Blast attack. As Kicker falls off of Highwire during an explosion, Optimus throws something at Kicker which turns into a super-suit built by his father. Optimus Prime says to Kicker that he’s responsible to watch over him. Meanwhile, Alpha-Q says that a new battle has begun. Screen Captures:

02. Energon Stars
Alexis arrives at Ocean City. Kicker is in his spacesuit and hears the announcement about a meeting. Alexis announces to everyone in the settlement about the Terrorcons’ attack and are shown a clip of a defeated Tidal Wave. She says that the Autobots are not allowed to attack other Transformers unless they pose a threat. She says that the humans will have to evacuate the Cybertron mining settlements on Earth. Kicker starts to get on Alexis’ nerves about the evacuation plan until Optimus Prime grabs him. He says that Kicker will stay with Optimus since he can detect Energon and gives Ironhide orders to watch over him. Up at Lunar City, Cyclonus is on alert looking out for Terrorcons until the Terrorcons attack. Kicker is talking to his friend Mischa over a communicating device and she says that she’s at her spot too in Desert City. Ironhide says that he wants a chance to prove himself to Optimus Prime so that he could get the Spark of Combination. Kicker and Ironhide get into a fight. News of the attack on Lunar City reaches Optimus Prime and he send Jetfire and Kicker to the moon to help out. Jetfire with Kicker in the cockpit are shooting a group of Divebombs until they start transforming into their robot forms and throw their boomerangs at them. Before Optimus Prime, Hot Shot, and Ironhide head to the moon, Skyblast and Strongarm give them Energon Stars that’ll wear off during the battle. Jetfire is still dodging the boomerangs until Optimus Prime, Hot Shot, and Ironhide appear. They fight the Terrorcons on the surface while Ironhide heads down below. As Optimus Prime and Hot Shot battle the Terrorcons, Ironhide heads below and reaches where a group of Battle Ravages were digging it up. The Energon Stars wear down as Kicker goes to find Ironhide after getting out of Jetfire. He finds Ironhide and warns him not to touch the fallen Battle Ravage, but he gets knocked out from the effect of it. As Battle Ravages prepare to attack Kicker and Ironhide, Optimus Prime, Hot Shot, and Jetfire appear and the Battle Ravages run with Jetfire behind them. He sees the Divebombs leaving through a warpgate with the Battle Ravages in their feet and the Energon in their possession. As the Autobots get back, Kicker and Ironhide get into another argument after Optimus Prime forces Kicker to help Ironhide get over what happened at Lunar City. Demolisher asks if they were able to find Cyclonus, but the Autobots didn’t get a chance to. Meanwhile, the Battle Ravages deposit the Energon to Alpha Q. He says that Optimus Prime will meet his match as Scorponok awakens. Screen Captures

03. Scorponok
Somewhere in space, Alpha Q gives orders to Scorponok to collect enough Energon to revive Megatron and recruit Tidal Wave into the group which he does. On Mars, Carlos notices a comet disappear while helping to locate Cyclonus. At Ocean City, Ironhide is still in charge of watching over Kicker as Inferno reveiws on where the Terrorcons will attack: Ocean City, Plains City, and Desert City. At the same time, Kicker is trying to warn Mischa to evacuate Desert City, but she doesn’t want to. Optimus Prime gives orders to Hot Shot to go ahead and help protect Desert City while Jetfire heads to Plains City and Inferno tells Optimus about the transmission from Mars. At Desert City, Tidal Wave and the Terrorcons prepare to attack Desert City and Hot Shot tells the Autobots there to prepare for battle. At Plains City, Jetfire tells the Autobots there to get ready. Back at Ocean City, Optimus Prime, Kicker, Ironhide, and a new form of Sureshock prepare to leave. Skyblast and Strongarm present them new Energon Stars and the Autobots leave. Back at Desert City, Hot Shot’s prevention plan fails when Tidal Wave and the Terrorcons become overwhelming. Optimus Prime and the Autobots arrive and he tells Ironhide and Kicker to help Hot Shot while Optimus Prime battles Tidal Wave. Ironhide and Kicker find Hot Shot wounded and they leave to get an Energon Star to heal Hot Shot and prevent the Terrorcons from reaching the scientists and the Omnicons in the area, but the Terrorcons attack the warehouse first. While Optimus Prime battles Tidal Wave, Scorponok appears overhead and introduces himself. Ironhide and Kicker reach the place where Mischa, the scientist, and the Omnicons are and are able to evacuate through the escape chute with the Energon Star. Scorponok attacks in his Ground vehicle-scorpion mode and Ironhide fights him. The Omnicons give the Energon Star to Ironhide and he fights Scorponok. Scorponok tells Tidal Wave and the surviving Terrorcons that they’ve collected enough Energon and tells them to retreat as he turns into his aerial vehicle mode. Minutes later, Ironhide is rewarded the Spark of Combination for his bravery in battle and Hot Shot is recovered. Meanwhile at Ocean City, Demolisher wonder what Tidal Wave meant by reanimation. Screen Captures

04. Megatron’s Sword
The Terrorcons deposit their latest Energon to the surface of Unicron and Alpha Q says that isn’t enough to restore Unicron and revive Megatron. At Ocean City, Ironhide is having trouble with his new Spark of Combination when he’s paired up with Jetfire. Optimus Prime is contacted by Dr. Jones and Rad who say that the situation has gotten worse. They say that they must get all of the Mini-Cons out of Mars City before the next Terrorcon attack since not all of the Energon their has been stolen by the Terrorcons. Outside, Cyclonus arrives at Ocean City with the Skyblasts and Strongarms and tells Demolisher the rumor about Megatron’s resurrection. Optimus Prime tells Ironhide, Hot Shot, and Kicker that they’ll remain in Ocean City ’till further notice. On Mars, Tidal Wave causes a diversion while Scorponok and the Terrorcons attack and the Air Defense Team flees. Minutes Later, Alpha Q summons Scorponok and he gives him Megatron’s sword and tells him he’ll wield a stronger power with it and sends him to Plains City. Optimus hears of the Terrorcons next location and Cyclonus and Demolisher get a head start. Cyclonus and Demolisher arrive in Plains City with Optimus Prime, Jetfire, Ironhide, Hot Shot, and Kicker not far behind. Cyclonus and Demolisher do battle with the Terrorcons until Tidal Wave appears and says that he’s with Scorponok for a reason. Optimus Prime sends Ironhide and Kicker to search for civilians still in the city while Optimus Prime tries to secure the Energon. Scorponok confronts Optimus Prime with Megatron’s sword and does battle with Optimus Prime who changes into Super Mode. Cyclonus notices Megatron’s sword and knows what Tidal Wave means by Megatron’s resurrection. Ironhide and Kicker find the place empty and the Air Defense combine to from the Energon saber. The Battle Ravages attack them and Jetfire tells Ironhide to combine with him and it works this time. The Energon Saber flies Kicker out of the city. Scorponok is overwhelming Super Optimus Prime until Powerlink Ironhide appears and Kicker tells Ironhide to use the Energon Saber. Scorponok turns into his aerial vehicle mode and flees with Tidal Wave and the surviving Terrorcons as well as Cyclonus. Demolisher is not sure what to do. After the battle, Optimus Prime tells Ironhide not to grieve over their lost comrades.

05. The New Cybertron City
Kicker has a dream of Energon being spotted in the mountains and wakes up the next morning. He finds the exact match of the mountains on-line. On Cybertron, Dr. Jones and Rad send the parts of Super Optimus to Optimus Prime after they were repaired. Inferno tells Optimus Prime that an Energon reconnaissance team is in the mountains Minutes later, while Kicker and Grindor are out searching, Hot Shot, Ironhide, and Demolisher help Strongarm with the equipment to help them find the Energon. Ironhide goes into a fight with Demolisher about if Demolisher switched sides. The Terrorcons deposit their latest Energon onto the wrecked Unicron. Tidal Wave and Cyclonus see Megatron deactivated on the wall. Alpha Q gives orders to Scorponok, Cyclonus, and Tidal Wave to gather more Energon to revive Megatron and restore Unicron. Back at Ocean City, Optimus Prime tells Jetfire not to bring up why they sent Demolisher with Hot Shot, Ironhide, and Strongarm. Back at the mountain, Kicker notices the fog coming in and Hot Shot contacts Kicker to return to camp right before Kicker and Grindor fall into a ravine. Hot Shot notices that Kicker hasn’t return and sends Demolisher with Ironhide to find him while Strongarm watches over the camp. In the ravine, Kicker has a dream about his past when he and his family had to stop on a planet to find Energon before returning to Earth. When in their excavating machine, Kicker senses the Energon and they dig for the Energon with the help of the Omnicons. When a sandstorm hit, he stood near his father. Kicker wakes up and finds out he’s trapped. He and Grindor try many escapes from the ravine until Hot Shot contacts him and Kicker tells Hot Shot where he is. Hot Shot tells Strongarm to help Kicker. Kicker senses Energon in the ravine. Cyclonus and Tidal Wave arrive with the Terrorcons and they start attacking. Cyclonus’ shot causes an avalanche burying Hot Shot and sending some snow into the ravine. Strongarm finds the ravine and uses a machine with attachable poles on them. Kicker uses the snow to escape right after Cyclonus and Tidal Wave noticed Strongarm. In the nick of time, Optimus Prime arrives with Inferno and tells everyone to fall back. The Battle Ravages start digging for the Energon. Dr. Jones and Rad send a new Cybertron development to the location with the help of Jetfire. The arrival of the development crushes some of the Divebombs and Battle Ravages. The Autobots, Strongarm, Demolisher, and Kicker see the new Cybertron City called Blizzard City. Just then, Scorponok arrives with reinforcements and tells Cyclonus and Tidal Wave to get the Energon. The city’s cannons attack the Divebombs and we see Skyblast and Signal Flare on the base. This attack caused the Decepticons and surviving Terrorcons to retreat. Demolisher wonders that if Megatron is alive, why hasn’t he come for him. Kicker is glad that his father is helping out, even though he’s not with them.

06. Megatron Resurrected
At Blizzard City, Inferno is testing out the city’s Energon-powered defenses against the Divebombs and Jetfire does the same at Moon City. At Desert City, Ironhide with the Energon Saber in his hand leads the Battle Ravages into a trap. Inside Unicron, Alpha Q is getting impatient with Scorponok, Cyclonus, Tidal Wave, and the Terrorcons since he needs the Energon to revive Megatron and restore Unicron. At Jungle City, Mischa tells Kicker that she sees Dr. Jones as her idol. The Skyblasts and Strongarms are working on the cannons. Kicker senses the Terrorcons and the three Decepticons coming and Mischa heads down below to get the weapons ready. The Terrocons attack and Optimus Prime becomes Super Optimus Prime. Kicker lassos a Battle Ravage and it runs into the city in hopes of leading it to the Energon in order to help power up the cannons faster. He leads it to where the Strongarms were mining and Kicker has Strongarm take the Energon off the Battle Ravage’s back which deactivated it. The Skyblasts report that the cannon are ready and the cannons activate shooting at the Terrorcons and the 3 Decepticons. The 3 Decepticons retreat and the city is safe. Back inside Unicron, Alpha Q tells Scorponok that someone is holding back on the Energon. Cyclonus and Tidal Wave talk to the lifeless Megatron and they hear his voice. Scorponok appears and blames Megatron for the Energon holdback after attacking Tidal Wave and threatening Cyclonus. As Scorponok stabs the sword through the lifeless leader, an earthquake happens causing the sword to be absorbed by Megatron and Megatron awakens sheding his old look and coming out in a new form and more powerful. He beats up Scorponok until Scorponok is too beaten up for Megatron to continue. Megatron places a Decepticon insignia on Scorponok. Some minutes later, Megatron enters the room that Alpha Q is in and attacks him with the Terrorcons he’s turned against Alpha Q. Megatron pursues Alpha Q until he thought he came upon a dead end. Alpha Q puts up a forcefield around himself and another earthquake happens. This time, the Unicron head detaches and Alpha Q escapes, but he’ll be back. Megatron tells Cyclonus, Scorponok, and Tidal Wave that it’s time to gether Energon. At Ocean City, Kicker and Ironhide hear the alarm. Ironhide tells Kicker that Hot Shot is handling the situation in Plains City. At Plains City, Hot Shot and the Autobots with him are shooting the Terrorcons and Megatron uses Scorponok as a shield. He decides that Scorponok passes his “test” and throws him in the ocean. Hot Shot sees Megatron approaching. Minutes later, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Jetfire, Inferno, and Kicker arrive at Plains City only to find it in ruins and the Decepticons with a damaged Hot Shot.

07. Megatron Raid
In the last episode, Megatron was revived and took the Decepticons and Terrorcons on an attack upon Plains City as well as badly defeating Hot Shot. Now, Optimus Prime says that the Autobots should fall back along with Hot Shot which they do despite that Ironhide and Kicker wanted revenge and allowing Megatron to make off with the Energon. Inside Unicron’s head, Alpha-Q senses that Unicron is losing power and re-creates a familiar character. At Ocean City, Hot Shot is placed in an Energon vat to be fully repaired. Optimus Prime gives orders to Signal Flare to have the data for Megatron’s sword be scanned and copied. In the forgery room, Jetfire explains to Kicker that the Omnicons have a purpose in the universe to find a perfect place to conduct their studies as the Skyblasts and Strongarms create and forge the sword out of Energon. Outside, Demolisher is still wondering about Megatron and how he missed the good old days. At the wrecked Unicron, Megatron tells the Terrorcons to deposit the Energon onto Unicron. Megatron has plans to restore Unicron and manipulate him. A Divebomb gives Megatron a gift which is an Energon Star. Inside, Tidal Wave is repairing Scorponok and Scorponok wonders why Megatron didn’t fight Optimus Prime. At Ocean City, an alarm goes off showing a warp hole opening south of Ocean City. Kicker wanted to go with Jetfire, but Optimus said it was too dangerous and Ironhide is sent as Jetfire’s backup. At the gate of Ocean City, Demolisher looks at his Decepticon insignia. As Jetfire goes near the hole, there’s nothing coming out of it and Jetfire is rammed by a familiar jet which disappeared. Back at Ocean City, another alarm goes off. This time, near the city. Demolisher sees the Terrorcons coming and shoots them. Then, Megatron arrives and Demolisher slowly approaches him. In the city, The Terrorcons start to head inside as Optimus Prime turns into Super Optimus Prime and is attacked by the same figure that rammed Jetfire. Outside, Demolisher questions Megatron if that’s really him and Megatron answers that if he is on his team, he should blow down the gates. Inside, Kicker tells Optimus Prime where his tricky opponant is. Ironhide tries to stop Demolisher from going to Megatron’s side, but fails as Demolisher blows down the door (after a tough decision Demolisher had to make). Optimus Prime does battle with Megatron which leads into the city. The Battle Ravages are inside the city. As Kicker was going to help Optimus, he sees the Battle Ravages coming straight towards him. Strongarm throws him a duplicate of Megatron’s sword and he slashes the Battle Ravages. Another Battle Ravage group attacks the room where Inferno and Hot Shot are in. Inferno starts to feel overwhelmed until Hot Shot awakens restored and re-energised. Ironhide and Jetfire combine. Optimus Prime and Megatron are still fighting until Kicker arrives with a duplicate of Megatron’s sword in which the striking to the swords did a bit of damage to the city. The Autobots and Omnicons arrive with the duplicates of Megatron’s sword too. Megatron uses the Energon Star that a Divebomb gave him and uses it to retreat taking Demolisher with him. Optimus Prime thought they could teach Demolisher to act like an Autobot, but as they always say…”Once a Decepticon, always a Decepticon.” Outside, the mysterious figure reappears and is revealed to be…Starscream.

08. Starscream The Mysterious Mercenary
Starscream sucessfully sneaks into Ocean City base undetected. He starts searching for Optimus Prime he sneaks past Ironhide. Kicker senses him says who ever it is, is sneaking arount to get Optimus Prime. The Omnicons hear Starscream too. Alpha Q tells Starscream to kill Optimus Prime because he is hogging all the Energon. He also tells Starscream to get Energon for him to revive Unicron. Back at the Ocean City base, everybody notices the security has been breached but no one knows its Starscream. Kicker goes to look with Ironhide and find nothing. Optimus goes to the Energon mine 243. Then Optimus thinks about who attacked him yesterday. Starscream starts attcking Optimus Prime. Kicker got almost blasted to bits by Starscream. Optimus starts leading Starscream somewhere to find out who or what is attacking him. A space bridge appears and Kicker goes straight for it. Starscream shoots Jetfire in order to prevent him from following them. It leads to Lunar City. No-one saw him there. Just then, Megatron attacks there and discovers Optimus Prime is there. Scorponok tells Demolisher that Megatron still doesn’t trust him. Optimus is there getting attacked again by Starscream and has a conversation with him. Starscream tells Optimus why he is doing this…to revive Unicron of course. Ironhide combines with Jetfire to become Powerlinx Jetfire. Megatron shoots Optimus Prime by suprise and Starcscream retreats. But Megatron stays and keeps attacking but gets blasted away.

09. Battle Of The Asteroid Belt
Carlos picks up a ship on the radar between Lunar City and Mars in which he doesn’t know is Starscream. Scorponok is contacted by Alpha Q for something. Demolisher is attacked by Megatron since he is slow at tracking energon. Scorponok tells Megatron that Optimus Prime is at lunar city again and heads out. Meanwhile Optimus powerlinx with his 4 ops. He and the other Autobots detect a Decepticon base. Lunar city is attacked by Megatron only to get the Energon and leave. The Omnicons flee from the attack. Kicker senses Unicron’s shell. Scorponok greets Starscream. Optimus Prime gets attacked by both Starscream and Scorponok. The astroid belt is not Unicron but is Megatron’s ship. Kicker is floating around helpless. Megatron goes to attack Optimus Prime. Powerlinx Hot Shot suprises Scorponok and shoots him. Kicker already knows who Alpha Q is. Megatron appears and attacks Optimus Prime and accidently shoots a ton of Energon. Optimus Prime talks to Primus and says that Unicron is going to be reborn. Now only Unicron’s head is left.

10. Energon Tower
This episode begins in a flashback. The Energon Towers are all being built. Dr. Jones and Alexis discuss the plans for the Energon Towers. Kicker tells Optimus Prime that the enemy could attack. Megatron is attacking the ruins of a city and takes the Energon and retreats. The shell of Unicron was not destoyed and his base is made again. Megatron makes a powerful sword and tells the Terrorcons to attak another city. Alpha Q summons new Terrorcons to steal Energon from Unicron’s shell. Optimus Prime tells everyone to protect the Energon Towers because Megatron is coming to Ocean City. Megatron trys out his new sword on Optimus Prime. Ironhide and Demolisher look at each other for awhile. Scorponok goes to the Energon Tower and shoots it. Ironhide goes to stop him and Jetfire stops Scorponok. Alpha Q’s Terrorcons used the stolen Energon to success fully revive Unicron’s head. The Energon Tower is used and opens a space bridge the Omnicons appear at the top of the Energon tower and rays come out of it. The Terrorcons get blown up. By Energon’s power, Dr. Jones calls it Energon Waves and the Decepticons retreat.

11. The Legend Of Rodimus
Megatron’s ship is travelling in space when it crashes into Unicron. Megatron is angry that they had the wrong cordinates. They’ll need more Energon from planet Earth. However, Scorponok objects of this idea, since the Energon towers are completed and it will be difficult to take Energon from the Autobots. He suggests that he goes to planet Mars to see if there is anymore Energon still remaining. Just as Scorponok leaves, Megatron thinks to himself that he has more enemies than the Autobots now, then he enters sleep mode. As this happens, Starscream infiltrates Unicron, in order to destroy Megatron who is still in sleep mode. He strikes Megatron, only to find out that Megatron was just hologram. Cyclonus, Tidal Wave and Demolisher confront Starscream, but quickly vanishes. Then, out of the air, they hears Megatron’s voice say that he is still alive and that Starscream is still in the room. Starscream finally appears, but then is blind-sited by many thorns. All of a sudden, Megatron appears and confronts S.S. Starscream attempts to run away, but Megatron quickly catches up with him, and drags him into a void. The cruel Decepticon leader taunts the lonely merchant in the void. Then Megatron appears and stabs Starscream, saying that if he wants to live, he must be a Decepticon. Starscream accepts, and is brought back to reality. Meanwhile on Earth, the last Energon is placed in Artic City. Under Artic City, Kicker and Ironhide are searching for Energon. However, Kicker is not too cheary to look for more Energon, since it is what everyone else wants most. After some searching, the two get to the surface for some fresh air. Ironhide then tells Kicker that he should respect his dad more often, but Kicker isn’t in the mood for that. Then Hot Shot arrives to see what is wrong. After some explaining from Ironhide, Hot Shot then explains that Kicker should look up to his dad like a he looks up to Rodimus. He explains that Rodimus was a valiant hero of Cybertron, but then he took off into space to recruit more Transformers. Ironhide then tells Kicker that (in hsi opinion) that Rodimus is a good guy, but he looks up to Optimus Prime for he is a great leader and he stayed on Cybertron to lead the Auto-Bots. After that, it was back to Energon searching. But Kicker is not in the mood to find Energon, which Ironhide doesn’t see why. So Kicker explains why: It was when he was little, he was on to looking for Energon on his father’s expedition in space. His dad seemed more concerned of finding energon than in Kicker’s safety. Unfortunatly, Ironhide isn’t so sympathetic about Kicker’s bad experince, saying that needs to conquer his fears. Kicker protest that he was a kid back then, but Ironhide says he is not anymore. So now, Kicker will find his own way out of the dark cave. Bit later, Kicker attempts to conquer his fears, but then he found the Energon. Surprisingly, Ironhide and Strongarm followed him the whole time. Kicker is happy and a bit mad that he was found as he gives Ironhide the kick. Meanwhile on Mars, Scorponok and his team of Terrorcons find the Energon. His plans are not to bring the Energon to Megatron, but to Alpha-Q instead. Just as they were about to leave, three shadowy figures appear. One of them destroys all the Terrorcons. Suddenly, Alpha-Q is scared because Rodimus has returned.

12. Crisis In Jungle City
The episode starts in Jungle City were the Autobots with the help of the military are building a new Energon Tower. Then we see Alpha-Q talking about how bad it is that Megatron stole Starscream from them. Alpha-Q sends his new stealth type Terrorcons to Jungle City to steal the Energon there. Then you get to see Misha and Kicker talking about the Mines, Misha was wondering what happened to them and then Kicker says maybe Megatron killed them and then after that little talk, Kicker senses the stealth type Terrorcons. The Terrorcons are trying to get into the mine. Optimus has Jetfire and Inferno come to Jungle City to help stop the Terrorcons and then he orders an evacuation order. Then Misha asks Optimus to try not to destroy the artifacts. Optimus tells Inferno and Ironhide to protect the mines and tells Jetfire and Hotshot to protect the city from the air. The Terrorcons get into the mine. The battle begins as Megatron and the Decepticons arrive. As the Terrorcons break into the area Inferno, Kicker and Ironhide are in Inferno teaches Ironhide how to stay calm and predict the Terrorcons next move. Tidalwave tries to destroy the Energon Tower. Now back in the mines, there are too many Terrorcons for Kicker, Inferno and Ironhide to destroy. The tower was destroyed and all that’s left of it is the mobile section and grown level. Optimus decides that the only way to stop Megatron and the Terrorcons is to destroy the Jungle City. Inferno asks Ironhide to destroy the base by blowing up the tower. Ironhide combined with Jetfire using Inferno’s blaster prepares to destroy Jungle City. Ironhide blasts one of the Terrorcons which falls on the Energon and blows everything up. In sorrow the Autobots watch Jungle City blow up. Back at Ocean City the Autobots decide to put the past behind them and forget about Jungle City. Then we see Kicker looking at the moon and then he senses that Lunar City is still alive up on the moon.

13. Kicker Beware
The episode starts with Megatron thinking about the Energon Towers that have so far blocked his attempts of getting Energon. Demolisher and Cyclonus are watching him and discussing about the situation. Cyclonus laughs at this fact and several cables pick him and Demolisher up and hold them in front of an angry Megatron. Cyclonus tries to make it up to Megatron by suggesting they go to Mars for Energon like Scorponok. Angry at this Megatron pins the Decepticon to the wall as Starscream shows up pointing his sword at Cyclonus’s neck. Demolisher quickly tries to make up to Megatron, thinking the Decepticon leader asks Demolisher who found the Energon. Demolisher hesitates at first and says it is that kid who travels with them after Starscream shows up with a sword to his neck. Megatron takes in this information and prepares an plan. Scorponok shows up saying that the Battle Ravage captured in the previous episode has been located on the moon. Megatron surprised by the news that the Autobots are on the moon seeing as Lunar city was destroyed in an earlier attack believes more Energon as been found. Megatron prepares his forces to the moon with no Energon tower they can attack. Meanwhile in Unicorn’s head, Alpha Q thinks about Kicker, how he can sense Energon when all of a sudden his head starts to twist. all three heads start to wonder what is happening as the 4th head of Alpha Q is shown. The 4th head who is much calmer then the other 3 asks Scorponok to allow him to speak to Kicker. Meanwhile at the moon Kicker and Ironhide scout the remains of Lunar City, arguing about how anything could still be here. Meanwhile Optimus and the Omnicons who are using the Command Battle Ravage to scout for Energon. They discuss how even Signal Flare’s radar is not as sensitive as Kickers. Kicker arrives and takes the Command Ravage to hunt for whatever it is he sensed on the moon. Taking Ironhide and an Omnicon with with him they let the Terrorcon go and follow it. Kicker thinks to himself about how something is following him but he doesn’t know what. All of a sudden Demolisher appears, walking calmly up to them he clams to be fleeing Megatron and asks Kicker to come with him so he can show him proof Ironhide calls him an lying traitor. However the Battle Ravage runs off and meets up with an approaching Terrorcon force. Demolisher curses the fact that the Terrorcon ran off before he could get Kicker. The Terrorcons quickly surround Kicker, Ironhide calls Optimus saying that Kicker was the target after all, Optimus prepares to leave when he is attacked by the Decepticons. Optimus fires the Helicopter on his arm before opening fire on the Decpeticons. Optimus calls for help and before long Jetfire, Inferno and Hot Shot are on there way. Meanwhile on an mountain not to far from Kicker or the Terrorcons, Rodimus, Prowl and Landmine watch and wonder whenever to get involved. Rodimus claims that it is Optimus duty to get involved not there’s. How Cybertron was entrusted to him as Autobot leader. Ironhide opens fire on the Decepticons but Kicker agrees to go with Demolisher claiming all he had to do was ask. Demolisher takes him to one of the Decepticon bases. Scorponok is ordered not to give Kicker to Megatron and so opens fire on Demolisher and then on Megatron and Optimus to two forces stop fighting each other and start to fight the base. However shaking stops this as Lunar City rises from the ashes hiding underground after the events of the previous episodes. This also causes the Energon tower to appear and activate forcing the Decepticons to retreat. Scorponok wonders if this is the end when Meegatron shows up demanding to know why Scorponok attacked them. Back where Kicker is, one of the Battle Ravages starts to talk in a different voice, calling himself Alpha Q he asks Kicker not to get involved any longer, because he wishes to recover the world that was lost to him. Before any more information could be recovered the Battle Ravage is destroyed in the Energon Tower’s ballistic wave. Optimus’s helicopter arrives and picks up Kicker. After the attack Demolisher pulls himself out of the rubble, Ironhide asks him if he is leaving again. Before he can answer Cyclonus picks him up. Ironhide watches him leaves and says it would be great if he re-joined the Autobots. Kicker watches from above when Cyclonus appears charging towards him, Demolisher makes one last chance to get Kicker him when several shots hit Cyclonus causing him to retreat. Kicker wonders where they came from as Rodimus puts his weapon away. Back at Unicron, Cyclonus begs Megatron to repair him, this being the final straw Megatron claims he will fix him once and for all, several cables run round Cyclonus and slam him into the wall as he glows yellow he screams as he is reformatted into Snowcat and shortly passes out. Megatron deems his plan a failure but Scorponok’s actions were interesting, about dropping the mobile base onto the Autobots base, of course Scorponok didn’t mean to drop the base onto him, he merely didn’t know he was there. Megatron claims that one base isn’t enough, and plans his next move Back on Earth, Dr. Jones celebrates the fact his Energon Tower Grid is complete, and the Earth is now safe from attack. Kicker and Mischa describe the events on the moon and wonder who saved him and also what Alpha Q meant when he spoke to Kicker. For now he hopes one day he will find out what those words meant.

14. Energon Grid
Inspired by Scorponok’s idea of trying to steer the ship onto the Autobots in the last episode, Megatron created more ships and crush them onto Earth, killing off all lives and allow him to slowly harvest Energon there. At the sametime, he thought after killing all lives on Earth, he could enslaved all those sparks but was surprised to learn from Demolisher that humans have no sparks. Unable to activate the Energon tower in Desert City, the Autobots stationed themselves in orbit, intend to stop the ships and hopefully buy time for the Energon Grid to be activated. As Megatron plunges the first ship towards Earth, and the Autobots unable to caused enough damage on the plunging ships, something Kicker said caused Alpha Q to help them in the last minute, at the sametime, it was hinted (later part) that Rodimus and his team also asked Alpha Q to provide assistance. With Alpha Q’s Terrocons and Team Rodimus, the first ship was destroyed, but Megatron started to plunged the second and third ship towards Earth. With the Energon tower in Desert city coming online and completing the Energon grid, the destruction of Earth was adverted as Kicker Mischa and Roadbuster looked on, a strange ship came to retrieve the stranded Alpha Q’s Divebomb units. Kicker did not sense danger from it and feels that like themselves, Alpha Q’s group is doing all their best to survive.

15. Rodimus: Friend Or Foe
Reformatted with a new body and powers, Snowcat (previously Cyclonus) boasted he could take out the Energon grid for Megatron, as expected the overconfident Snowcat failed and retreated. Summoned to Mars by a “secret” transmission from Rodimus, Hot Shot arrived to find Scorponok and his Terrocons mining Energon. Hot Shot, wanted to prevent more Energon be used to fuel Unicron, prepares to take out the Terrocons only to be stopped by Rodimus. Puzzled by Rodimus’ action for letting Scorponok leave, Hot Shot questioned his hero for the reason. Even knowing that reviving the world destroyer, Unicron, would spell doom for all lives, Rodimus believed that Alpha Q is not doing it for destruction, he wanted the Autobots not to prevent Alpha Q from harvesting the necessary Energon to awake Unicron. Rodimus summoned Hot Shot because he believed only Hot Shot can understand his request, thinking Optimus Prime is too protective to Earth and humans to allow Unicron be awaken again. Shocked at the respected Rodimus to allow Unicron to be awaken again, Hot Shot refused and stated that humans are part of their team now, he will consider whoever wants to revive the terror again as the enemy. Drawing arms on Rodimus, Hot Shot was unable to fire however, but Rodimus fired. Ironhide and Kicker arrived to witness it, with Kicker pushing stunned Ironhide to fire on the legendary figure. Rodimus, keeping his cool, recognized Kicker and lured them into a trap intending to talk to Kicker face to face. Ironhide and Kicker chased after Rodimus and run into Prowl. Rodimus and Prowl Powerlink to Powerlinx Rodimus. Ironhide was about to use the Energon Saber on Rodimus until Landmine’s cables stopped the attack. Rodimus was able to talk to Kicker, asking him to go with him to join Alpha Q, once he meets Alpha Q, Kicker would understand everything. Not wanting to force Kicker to come with them and admiring the young Ironhide for his sense of duty to protect his Kicker, Rodimus and team left. With the Energon on Earth out of reach (due to Energon grid), Mars’s Energon now depleted, the only source left would be the Energon collected on Unicron’s head module, where Alpha Q is. Megatron discovered Scorponok is still working for Alpha Q, demanding him to provide the location of Alpha Q so as to save himself but Scorponok refused. So Megatron decides to show Scorponok the price for his treachery.

16. Go For Unicron
Continued from last episode, intending to lure Alpha-Q out of hiding, Megatron strapped Scorponok to a Unicron ship and plunged it towards the Energon grid protecting Earth. The grid broke the ship into fragments and left Scorponok adrift. Alpha-Q, knowing Megatron is setting the trap to get to him, did not attempt to rescue Scorponok. Instead Team Rodimus appeared and engaged the Decepticons to rescue Scorponok, to the surprise of both Scorponok and Alpha Q. Unable to stand aside and see Scorponok been treated this way, Rodimus decides to get him out, unable to let Rodimus faced danger alone, Landmine and Prowl supported him. Unable to just watch Scorponok been treated this way, Rodimus stepped in to help. Team Rodimus were able to gain an upper hand in the battle and the Decepticons retreated. (not in clip: Succeeded in rescuing Scorponok, Rodimus encouraged the surprised Scorponok, “Don’t die now, remember you still need to regain your homeworld.” While Alpha Q was screaming in the background, “we don’t trust him, we don’t trust Rodimus!!”) Dr. Jones’s latest project, a new Starship, was completed. Named Miranda II (after his lovely wife, Miranda, Kicker’s mom), which equipped with a portable Energon grid generator. From the homing beacons placed on 2 Divebombs by Roadbuster from last episode, Carlos was able to track down the location of Unicron, but to the surprise of the Autobots, it revealed 2 coordinates (2 star systems apart), suggesting there were 2 parts. Team Convoy with 2 volunteer Ominicons and Mischa, intend to take out Unicron on both locales and warp jump to the Asteroid belt, detected by the Decepticons. As Miranda II setup spacebridge ring modules for another jump. The Decepticons realized their base will be exposed if the ship warp jumped again, launched a full assault to prevent the spacebridge ring from coming online. As the spacebridge coming online, the ship activated the Energon wave, Megatron was too close to the source and was unable to pull out in time, just that instance, Demolisher came and pushed Megatron out of range, sarcrificing himself. Before the Decepticons pulled out, Megatron retrieved Demolisher’s spark.

17. The Return Of Demolisher
Reformatted with a new body and powers, Demolisher’s spark was reborn by Megatron.Demolisher is now a bot of brute force. Knowing Scorponok has returned to Alpha Q, Megatron vowed that all traitors will be dealt with severly. Meanwhile, Tidal Wave reported that Snowcat has found out that Miranda II is making a detour to an ice planet, Megatron knows that the Autobots would stop over only for Energon, decides to launch an attack and take those Energon. Alpha Q, also monitoring the movement of the Decepticons and the Autobots, wants the Energon for themselves, however as Scorponok is still under repair, Alpha Q prepares to unleash a new Terrocon. Just then, Demolisher joined up with Snowcat on the planet and went on to punch their way to the energon mine and intercept Kicker’s mining detail. Demolisher and Snowcat ambushed Kicker’s group and stopped the Omnicons from getting the Energon, meanwhile Megatron and Starscream went on to attack Miranda II (trapped in ice by the planet’s unstable climate). As the battle heats up, strange capsules started to fall from the sky… Taking shots for Kicker, Jetfire was damaged during an ambush by Demolisher and Snowcat. Kicker, begins to blamed himself for detecting the Energon, which lead the Decepticons to attack them and doubts his abilities are helping the Autobots. Jetfire, second in command, straightened him out and tried to get them back to the ship. On Miranda II, Mischa activated the Energon Grid to clear a path for Kicker and the others to regroup, while the Cruellock units begins to attack the Decepticons and their Terrocons. Optimus Prime and Superlink Inferno provided cover. As Team Rodimus looked on, Optimus Prime ordered a retreat, leaving those Energon behind. Kicker debated to use the Energon grid on the opponents which will drive them back, but Optimus Prime refused, explaining this ice planet is currently unstable, exposing it to the powerful Energon Grid could destroy the planet, although the planet currently supports no life, it does not mean it will be this way in the future, destroying the planet, a possible seed of life, would make them no better than Unicron, an action he will not take. Meanwhile on the planet, the Decepticons continue to fight back Alpha Q’s hoards of Cruellocks, refusing to let the Energon fall into their hands. As they leave orbit, Optimus Prime reviewed the Cruellock unit’s attack and learns that they are from Alpha Q, he also learned that that Unicron might be splited into 2 parts now with one control by the Decepticons and other by Alpha Q, this will explain the 2 coordinates they detected previously.

18. A Tale Of Two Heroes
After failing to reach an agreement between Optimus Prime and Rodimus, Rodimus left Miranda II, overhearing the conversation between Rodimus and Prowl, Ironhide and Kicker learnt that Team Rodimus is planning to meet up with Alpha Q. Believing this will be the chance to learn the truth about the mysterious Alpha Q. Ironhide tried to stowaway on Rodimus’s ship, little did he know that Rodimus knew about him all along but decides to allow him to tag along, saying “Sometimes those that change the future are the young people that everyone think they are naive and rash.” Meanwhile, Rodimus’s ship arrived at the Alpha Q’s hideout, Unicron’s head. Miranda II arrived at the coordinates where the Decepticons’ part of the Unicron is, Megatron however, welcome their arrival, saying the Unicron is ready to be awake and the Autobots arrived just in time to become it’s first victim. Before Unicron is fully activated, Megatron sent all the Terrocons and Decepticons to engage the Autobots. Under the watchful eyes of Alpha Q and Rodimus, Ironhide made his way to Alpha Q. Rodimus assured Alpha Q that Ironhide is one that will understand his cause if he meets Alpha Q, he also believed Ironhide will be a worthy warrior. Alpha Q, not really convinced, prefers to test the potential of Roadbuster and sent Scorponok after him. Realized by now he is exposed, Ironhide continued on and faced the first obstacle, the Cruellocks. In space, Kicker asked Mischa to launch all the remaining Energon in reserve, though not enough to power the Energon grid. Kicker instead used the framented pieces as explosives, hurling them towards the advancing Terrocons, and Inferno detonating them with his sniping. They continue to fight back the overwhelming Terrocons. Meanwhile, Ironhide, drawing strength from his beleives that Kicker will not give up so easily, cleared the Cruellocks, only to meet Scorponok. Putting up a good fight but eventually knocked out, Ironhide managed to reach Scorponok and convinced him that he is a worthy warrior.

19. Battle Stations
Arriving at the Unicron where the Decepticons are, the Autobots launched an full assault and attempt to fight their way into Unicron’s core area, activate the Energon blaster and hopefully destroy Unicron from within. However, Megatron having full control on the planet, was able to manipulate Unicron’s interior, forcing Miranda II to retreat. Unable to make any significant damage on Unicron, Optimus Prime ordered Miranda II to retreat, activating the wormhole, they raced towards it with Unicron and the Decepticons gaining on them. Megatron, assured that he can crushed the Autobots now, ordered the Decepticons to attack the ship, while the Autobots, trying to defend the ship as it make the jump, as both “bulks” battle in their alternate form, the ship entered hyperspace, but Unicron and the cons were able followed them into hyperspace. As both parties come out of hyperspace, thinking the Autobots would flee to Earth, Megatron was surprised to find that they have arrived on Cybertron. Optimus Prime actually wanted to lure Unicron to Cybertron all along, into the firing range of Cybertron’s planetwide Energon towers. Against the combined power of the Energon Towers, Unicron took alot of damage and in the end Megatron have no choice but to make an hasty retreat.

20. Alpha Q: Identity
Before meeting Alpha Q, Kicker has learned from Rodimus Convoy that Alpha Q’s home world was attacked by Unicron, desperate and believing Team Rodimus has lied about coming to their aid, Alpha Q blew up his planet hoping to stop Unicron. Rodimus arrived only to find the whole plant gone along with all lifeforms on it. As Kicker meet with Alpha Q, Kicker surprised everyone that he wish to speak only to the real Alpha Q, the one that has been hiding behind all the masks all this time. Alpha Q, taunted by Kicker, tried to attack him, Kicker fought back and said he will keep beating Alpha Q until the the core personality of Alpha Q is willing to come out. The fifth and true personality (a child like voice) of Alpha Q finally emerges, although still hiding behind his faceplate, he spoke to Kicker and recounted the last moments of his home planet, too afraid to do anything against Unicron’s attack, Scorponok asked that Alpha Q blew up the planet so Unicron can be stopped, indecisive and afraid, Alpha Q refused. Running out of time, Scorponok took the matter in his own hands and initiated the planet’s destruction, killing everyone but did not cause any damage to Unicron. After the destruction of Alpha Q’s home world, his spark was trapped in Unicrons, alone and helpless for millenniums, until the day Unicron went dormant and he was able to use Energon and recreate his body and muster his Terrocon army. Instigated by Megatron’s attack, the Decepticons on Cybertron revolted against the Autobots and started the war again. When the excited Snowscat and Demolisher report this to Megatron, he was not amused and believed the Decepticons on Cybertron is of no use to him (properly compare to the power of Unicron), however he suddenly remembered someone might still be of use. He commanded the Decepticons on Cybertron to concentrate their assault on the prisons, intending to free Shockblast!! In spite of Tidal Wave’s protest. Seizing the chaos, Shockblast broke free of his prison himself and quickly disposed of anyone that stands in his way, friend or foe.

21. Laser Wave (Shockblast): Rampage
WingDagger and group continue to track down Shockblast, however they do not have clearance to enter restricted area (where Primus resides). Shockblast, hiding nearby was intridged by the restricted area and blasted his way into Primus’s chamber, however was attacked by Primus. WindDagger and Patrol arrived shortly before Optimus Prime and the others, Shockblast was able to use Patro as hostage and escaped, but before he make his escape, he killed the hostage. WingDagger, shocked at the loss of his team, “cried”. Shockblast contacted Megatron and informed him that he has learned that a powerful Energon energy source (Primus) is powering the Energon towers, coordinating an attack both within and without the energon grid, Galvatron drawing the Autobot’s attention with his attack, Shockblast attempted to take out the grid. The Decepticons managed to punched a hole in the grid and the Terrocons poured in. Making the Divebombs as shield, Shockblast proceeds to take out the main energon tower, but as the Autobots begin to take out the Terrocons, Shockblast commanded Tidal Wave and the others to become his shield, but Tidal Wave refused stating he only take command from Meatron. Enraged, Shockblast climbs on Tidal Wave, creating an exchange of fire between the Decepticons. Optimus Prime, armed with an Energon Star, tackles Shockblast, allowing the nearby Energon tower to hit Shockblast with an Energon blast. Trapped in Energon, the rest of the Decepticons looked on until Megaatron arrived, commanded them to help Shockblast, Tidal Wave stepped in and freed Shockblast. Seizing the opportunity, Shockblast managed to get a shot at the tower before he goes into stasis. Seeing one of the main Energon Towers destroyed, Megatron ordered a tactical retreat. Recieving a transmission from Kicker, Ironhide and Mischa), Optimus Prime and others ride out to meet them, facing Rodimus and Unicron’s head, Optimus Prime asked that Kicker be returned, Rodimus plainly refused (saying Kicker should stay with Alpha Q for now, not with a stubborn bulk that can only think of destroying Unicron), the already volatile tension between the 2 Convoys exploded and got into a fist fight. Kicker intervened and explained that for now they should allow Alpha Q to help and restore Unicron, with Ironhide and Mischa’s pleas, Optimus Prime agreed not to destroy Unicron until they have neutralize Megatron’s threat. To this, Rodimus agreed it will do for now. At the end of the episode, Team Convoy finally meets up with Alpha Q, however, inside Unicron, Grand Convoy “heard” a thump coming from somewhere deep within Unicron. This small scene would properly path the foundation for the development in the next episode.) Back on Decepticons’ Unicron, Shockblast complains that some of the Decepticons were useless to him including Tidal Wave. Tidal Wave looks on, angry but helpless, sensing the anger in him, Megatron urged Tidal Wave to give in to hate and anger, these will make Tidal Wave strong and remain of use to Megatron.

22. Survival Instincts
Following Shockblast’s successful escape, the rest of the Decepticons on Cybertron also attempted to join up with Megatron. While more than half of the Decepticons were unsuccessful while trying to leave orbit, a significant force was able to break the Energon net and left Cybertron. Drove by low Energon level (hunger), both parts of Unicron have reacted on instinct to feed. Turning to the inflitrators inside of him, many Decepticons fell. As Megatron fight to regain control, Tidal Wave blamed Shockblast for all this and fired on him, before Shockblast retaliate, Megatron stopped them and vowed that he will bend Unicron to his will!! On the other end, Alpha Q also lost control of Unicron’s head unit, too afraid to escape, Alpha Q was caught in Unicron’s tentacles with Scorponok remaining at his side. As the Autobots fight their way back to the ship, Optimus Prime gave Rodimus the “I told you so!” speech, while Rodimus replied “Oh Shut up!!”. Before they can make it back to the ship, Rodimus’s ship was destroyed long with the way to Miranda II cutoff, Optimus Prime asked that Miranda II waited them on the surface, as they make their way to the surface. Mischa figured out that Unicron’s attack is purely instinct reaction based on hunger, realizing this and having something in mind, Rodimus asked that Optimus Prime assigned the Omnicons on Miranda II to him which Optimus Prime agreed. While Grand Convoy, Jetfire and Inferno returned to Cybertron to inspect the damage (and report back to Primus), Team Rodimus and Kicker with Ironhide will protect the Omnicons and proceed to the internal parts of Unicron to try and stop the attacks. Hot Shot and Mischa will remain on the surface in Miranda II to provide any support. After several narrow escapes inside Unicron’s head, the Omnicons refused to proceed on and argued that they should retreat back to the surface. Just as Rodimus and Kicker are about to run out of options, Optimus Prime and Inferno returned with Arcee, assigned by Primus. Origin of Omnicons was explained by Primus to Optimus Prime, just as the Origin of Arcee, the first female Omnicon to be evolved with the power of Energon. Understanding the hardship of Omnicons working nonstop in various parts of the universe, sometime alone and helpless. Arcee was “born” as an embodiment of kindness and hope. With Arcee’s appearance, she quickly rallied the Omnicons to follow her, with Kicker guiding her to the core inside Unicron’s head, she led the Omnicons and have them released the Energon Stars to the core. With Energon feeded directly to the core, the “hunger” instinct was interrupted and the attacks were stopped.

23. Each One Fights…
Megatron commanded Shockblast to lead an assault on Cybertron to take out the Energon towers, in order to allow Unicron to “feed” on Cybertron. Shockblast already had a plan to get pass the Energon grid and presented the attack plan to Megatron. By stationing Unicron just outside of the range of the Energon blast, Cybertron’s Energon towers blasts could not harm Unicron, and was able to provide cover fire for Shockblast’s ship as he led the Decepticons towards Cybertron. With Alpha Q going back into hiding in his shell from last episode’s incident, Kicker was jumping about determined to bring Alpha Q out of hiding. While Mischa, believed instead of force she can convinced Alpha Q to come out of hiding by talking to him, in a more peaceful approach. As she made her way to Alpha Q, Alpha Q tried to give her a hard time by sending the new Terrocons Insecticons as obstacles. Untaunted Mischa continued her way towards Alpha Q, stopping Kicker from helping her out, she was able to reach Alpha Q and shared her feelings with him. Shockblast’s forces penetrated the grid and begun attacking the towers, Wing Dagger came to apprehend Shockblast and managed to keep an energy leash on Shockblast, but at the same time he was pulled along with the leash. Refused to convince Wing Dagger to let go, Optimus Prime ordered Jetfire to assist Wing Dagger. As Jetfire comes to tackle Shockblast (with WingDagger hanging on), Megatron commanded Tidal Wave to support Shockblast, as Tidal Wave moved in to intercept Jetfire, he was caught in the collasping Energon Tower caused by Shockblast in order to break loose Wing Dagger. As the tower crashed on the 3 of them, Megatron came in time to have Tidal Wave retrieved before his spark was lost while the damaged Shockblast was screaming to the rest of the Decepticons that he did not sound the retreat yet (even though Megatron already commanded they bring Shockwave back). Meanwhile, among the debris, Optimus Prime holds the broken body of Wing Dagger.

24. Unicron Unleashed
Megatron uses the Energon to revive Tidal Wave into Mirage. Mirage leads an attack on the Energon Towers to draw away the Autobots’ attention while the true intention of the Decepticons was to get into Primus’s chamber and harvest his energy, with hoards of Terrocons swarming on to Primus, they were able to suck a lot of energy from him. Instead of preserving remaining power, Optimus ordered Rad to increase the power output from Primus to the Energon Towers, trusting Prime’s judgement, Primus allowed Rad to tap more power from him, who allow Prime to activate Energon blast that force the Terrocons and Decepticons to retreat from Cybertron, but much energy has been drained from Primus, using some of his reserve energy he assisted Rad to start work on Wing Saber. Having replenished with Energon from the raid, Megatron was able to repair Unicron and even activate the transformation, meanwhile the Autobots launched a counter offensive to try and infitrate Unicron, hoping to destroy him from the inside and stop Megatron. After the incident on Mars where Hot Shot drew his arms on Rodimus, disagreeing with Rodimus’s action to help Alpha Q, he has been uncomfortable and felt guilty towards his hero. However, after rescuing each other once both on Cybertron and on Unicron, they have come to terms and for the first time in the series, Team Convoy superlink with Team Rodimus! After convincing Dr. Jones to transfer all the Energon reserves on Earth to Alpha Q’s Unicron part, Alpha Q joined the Autobots on the attack on Megatron. Alpha Q drove the head unit and rammed into the body part, creating an opening for the Autobots to penetrate into the internal parts of Unicron.

25. Open Fire!
As the Autobots fought their way to Megatron within Unicron’s body and with Megatron throwing everything at them, Alpha Q provided support by fighting for the control of Unicron. Meanwhile the Autobots continue to move towards Megatron. Before Wing Dagger went offline, he asked that he will be activated to be of help to Optimus Prime. Granting his wish, Primus transferred his spark into a new body and was reborn as Wing Saber. Sensing Optimus Prime in peril, Primus sent Wing Saber to his help. With Dr. Jones transferring all of Earth’s Energon to Alpha Q (in spite of the objection by some of Earth’s alliance), the energy was sent via a space-bridge towards Unicron’s head unit. Meanwhile, after crippling Optimus Prime (against the wishes of Megatron), Shockblast confronted Megatron and asked he gave the control of Unicron to himself, as he can close in on Megatron only to find Starscream’s sword on him. Just then, the energy reached Unicron’s head and powered it (and Alpha Q within) with Energon. Filled with Energon, Alpha Q initiated the program to reconstruct his homeworld, while Kicker was saying to Mischa that it’s too soon, while sparks(?) and energy began to pool into Unicron’s head unit.

26. Ripped Up Space
Limping to join with the rest of the Autobots, Optimus Prime was confronted by Shockblast, who planned to take out Optimus Prime so as to prove that he is more superior than Megatron, only to be stopped by Mirage and Starscream. Wing Saber arrived in time to aid Optimus Prime, with the new combination spark awarded from Primus, Optimus Prime and Wing Saber combined to become Wing Optimus, who quickly defeat the Decepticons and went after Megatron. Wing Optimus joined up with Rodimus and gang, realizing they should be united against Megatron. Rodimus willingly submit himself under the command of Optimus Prime, ending the bitterness between the 2 of them after many millenniums. As Team Rodimus is now under Team Optimus, Optimus Prime instructed everyone with orders and continue to go after Megatron based on the direction provided by Scorponok and Ironhide. Scorponok and Ironhide were the first to arrive at where Megatron is. However, Megatron easily defeated them and even “destroyed” Scorponok!! As energy continue to gather by Alpha Q in order to initiate his homeworld creation, Megatron tries to absorb that energy by integrating himself into Unicron. Realizing if Unicron awakes now, everything would be lost, Alpha Q decides to detonate the energy pool so they can stop Megatron. As both massive energy collided, it creates a rupture in space, sucking everything into the lighted unknown!! As the rupture continues to suck everything in, including Demolisher and Snowcat. The Autobots tried to pull themselves out of the rupture. However, Landmine was caught in a debris and was hurled into the rupture. Trying to save him, Hot Shot and Prowl powerlink and went after him, into the rupture. As Scorponok’s body was been sucked into the rupture along with the gathered energy, devastated, Alpha-Q decides to move into the rupture too in order not to lose the energy (and perhaps to go after Scorponok). Inside Unicron, Wing Optimus and group finally confronted Megatron, who was backed by Starscream and Mirage. As Wing Optimus and Megatron prepare to go on a one to one duel, it was interrupted by Shockblasts’s entrance and comical exit….also into the rupture. Losing interest in Optimus Prime, Megatron said he will rule unchallenged on the other side of the rupture, fearing nothing he sped towards the rupture, with Starscream and Mirage following faithfully. Taunting Optimus Prime that if he wants to defeat him, he has to go into the rupture to get him. Although they made it out of Unicron before it was too been sucked into the rupture, Optimus Prime was determined to pursue Megatron into the unknown. Knowing Optimus Prime, Rodimus and others assured they will join him in the pursue. Even though eager to go, Ironhide reluctantly remain behind to report all this to Primus, as ordered by Optimus Prime. With that, Team Optimus sped into the rupture. Kicker yelled at Ironhide to carry his order and made the report quickly so they can move in to join Optimus Prime too. Just then, the Omnicons led by Arcee joined them and together, they too make their way into the unknown.

27. Team Optimus Prime
This is a simple recap of episodes. Jungle City is rebuilt, too. It’s a clip show! The clips are voiced a little different and tweaked.

28. Protection
After entering the rift, the Autobots find themselves in a new solar system with Unicron’s head (within a sphere of energon) acting as a sun. Within Unicron’s body, Megatron plans to rejuvenate the fallen Scorponok, and erase his memory of his loyalty to Alpha Q. The Autobots encounter Shockblast on one of the new planets and Wing Saber, driven by the memory of his fallen friend Padlock, fights Shockblast one on one and defeats him. Shockblast is chained up just as the Decepticons with Scorponok arrive. Ironhide tries to talk to Scorponok but is attacked by him. The Autobots try to fight back, but are unable to stop the Decepticons from stealing a large amount of the planet’s Energon.

29. Imprisoned Inferno
This episode starts with Inferno at iron planet and Optimus Prime, Wing-Saber, Kicker, Mischa, Iironhide and Jetfire at jungle planet and Rodimus searching for Landmine, Prowl and Hotshot in the void. Shockblast is chained on to rocks on iron planet and Inferno is standing guard. Shockblast tries to talk to Inferno but is ingored. Meanwhile, Megatron and the Decepticons insult Shockblast. Shockblast fakes forgiveness to get freed by Megatron so Megatron, Starscream, Demolisher, Snowcat and Mirage can rescue him and attack Inferno. Optimus and the Autobots on jungle planet go to iron planet while Kicker and Mischa stay at jungle planet. Optimus and Wing-Saber powerlink into Wing Optimus and Mmegatron tells Snowcat to get Scorponok to stall the Autobots. Starscream and Shockblast attack Inferno and Megatron joins them and does what he did to Scorponok to Inferno. Eventually, Inferno is rescued and is going back to jungle planet when his insignia changes to Decepticon because of Megatron.

30. Jungle Planet

31. Bulkhead

32. Farewell Inferno

33. Scorponok’s Scars

34. Crash Course
Kicker is viewing a message from his parents from Cybertron along with Mischa. Seeing that his parents are telling him to be careful and all, he switches off the television when Sally enters the room. Kicker is surprised but when he sees Hot Shot at the entrance of the room he realizes. Ironhide is in his room thinking about how the other Autobots know how to handle themselves in battle. He still feels like a rookie. Hot Shot enters the room and together they go off to another planet via a warp gate. Jetfire and Kicker follow the too. This leaves Mischa and Arcee at the base. Meanwhile inside Unicron, Megatron blames the Autobots for all failures. Shockblast retorts saying that Megatron was the one at fault. Megatron hears this and they begin a fight, winner become leader of the Decepticons. When Hot Shot and Ironhide reach Circuit Planet, Ironhide finds out that they were going to have a race and that this would improve Ironhide’s concentration and this would be good for him. The other Autobots including Prowl, Landmine, Cliffjumper and Downshift mock Ironhide and say that he doesn’t stand a chance against them. Sally and Skyblast are the commentators for the Autobot Grand Prix as it was called. The race began and what the other Autobots said came to be true, Ironhide did not even stand a chance. He went staight a hit the first curve and was stuck until Kicker arrived with Jetfire and agreed to help Ironhide learn how to drive properly. Bulkhead and Jetfire spoke to each other for a while and agreed to make the race tougher by providing obstacles. Bulkhead blasted the road ahead and the racers stopped. Cliffjumper said he did not mind a little off-road and went ahead in a different direction. The other Autobots crossed the damaged area and continued the race with Hot Shot in the lead followed by Downshift and Prowl. Ironhide with Kicker’s help gained positions quickly until there was an accident on the track involving Downshift, Prowl and some others. Downshift and Prowl took off after seeing that everything was all right. Ironhide caught up and overtook both Downshift and Prowl by banging into Prowl. Back at the Autobot base, Optimus Prime asked Rodimus where all the others were. Rodimus said that they were racing and this order was given by him. Optimus Prime left for the race track saying that he could use a little fun as well. Back in the race, Hot Shot was in the lead followed closely by Ironhide. Jetfire unleashed a volley of missile fire as their next obstacle. Optimus arrived with Wing-Saber an they powerlinked into the Wing Prime Cannon mode and took off to become the last obstacle. When they encountered Optimus on track, both Hot Shot and Ironhide were surprised, but Ironhide let Hot Shot go through to win the race while fighting Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime beat Ironhide and Hot Shot stoppped on seeing this. A black rider riding Arcee went past them and won the race. The black rider was none other than Mischa! At the Decepticon base inside Unicron, Shockblast got beaten badly by Megatron, but Starscream intervened and said they neede Shockblast to finish the project. Megatron left them and went away as Shockblast complained about how dark it was. On Cyberton, Dr. Jones comes across a strange temple and realizes that this temple housed the ancient guardian of Energon…Omega Supreme.

35. Omega Supreme
The episode starts with Dr. Jones discovering a temple where an ancient warrior who protected Cybertron is stored. Suddenly before his eyes, Omega Supreme is activated to protect everyone from evil once more. Rad and Dr. Jones contact Optimus Prime and inform him of this and also tell him that Omega Supreme is heading their way. Wing Saber also reports in saying that he found Unicron’s body. Optimus Prime asks Dr. Jones to build a lot more Energon Towers. The Autobots head off to destroy Unicron on the Miranda II. Meanwhile Scorponok, the Terrorcons and the other Decepticons destroy another one of Alpha Q’s planets and steal all the Energon so as to feed Unicron with more energon. Shockblast hides and escapes doing this as he wants to fight one on one with Megatron. The Autobots find Unicron’s body and think of a strategy to destroy him. Megatron powers Unicron up and his body is fully functional and under the control of Megatron! Optimus Prime orders all Autotbots to go down to Unicron and start blasting. He powerlinks with Wing Saber and head off to find Megatron. The Autobots on the surface encounter Snowcat, Demolishor and Mirage who do not let them through. Hot Shot powerlinks with Downshift, Ironhide does so with Cliffjumper and they head off to find an opening. The Terrorcons attack and Scorponok battles with Wing Optimus as Omega Supereme enters the battle and destroys all the Terrorcons with one shot! He then defeats both Scorponok and Starscream easily. Wing Optimus meets Omega Supreme and together they provide cover as the other autobots evacuate Unciron. The Energon towers arrive with Roadblock at the head. Roadblock informs Kicker that he is the upgraded and reformatted form of Inferno. All firing on Unicron is stopped and Omega Supreme thrusts all the Energon Towers into Unicron. It looks like the plan worked but Unicron revives and Megatron mocks their attempt. This leaves the Autobots wondering what to do and Megatron starts to go after Unicron’s head.

36. A Heroic Battle
Megatron broods over his succes over reviving Unicorn’s body and begins to move across towrds the Energon orb to get his head. Optimus deploys the Energon grid in an attempt to stop Unicron. Megatron mocked this move saying that nothing could stop him. Meanwhile, Alpha Q sends Kicker to a planet which reminds him of the planet he grew up on. He says that they must come to terms with their destiny and accept the consequences for trying to revive Unicron. On Unicron, a huge battle is being waged, with the Autobots on one side and the Decepticons and Terrorcons on the other. The Autobots with the help of Omega Supreme take care of the enemy easily and Roadblock saves Downshift by defeating Starscream. Ironhide finds the entrance into the Decepticon throne room where Megatron is, but Optimus orders a retreat as Unicron is trapped in the Energon grid and may destory all of them. The Energon grid seems to hold Unicron for a while, creating damge all over, but just when the Autobots think everything is safe, Unicron passes through the grid and continues heading towards the Energon orb. Optimus heads down to the entrance but his Energon supply gets depleted and he drops down and enters sleep mode. Omega Supreme comes to the rescue and saves Optimus. On the planet, Kicker keeps warning Alpha Q to run but they do not listen and a blast of light they get destroyed and Megatron gets posession of Unicron’s head which he attaches to complete Unicron. But something goes wrong and Unicron remains stationary. Meanwhile, Skyblast revives Optimus with and Energon star and they all plan an attack on Megatron and Unicron. Just then Optimus’ spark of combination begins glowing and Omega Supreme informs him that Optimus is the only one he can link up with. They link up to form Omega Prime. Kicker heads back to the thick of the action feeling devastated at the loss of Alpha Q. He does not want to believe the obvious truth and insists that Alpha Q is still alive and that he will find Alpha Q.

37. The Power
While the autobots continue their attack on unicron while kicker, arcee, and ironhide find alpha Qs body, shockblast tricks megatron and attempts to become one with unicron. However, this ends up with shockblast growing twice his size, and being possessed by unicron! Shockblastthen attacks optimus supreme, while megatron attempts to regain control of unicron. Optimus attempts to reason with shockblast, who manages to remove unicrons spirit from him. But it all goes horribly wrong, and shockblast is crushed by unicrons fist. Megatron absorbs shockblasts spark and is also possessed by unicron, who declares that the autobots are finished.

38. Optimus Supreme
Unicron had just destroyed Shockblast and started to devour Blizzard Planet, and everyone attacked him, Optimus pushed at Unicron to move him away, but Downshift was being sucked up as well! Bulkhead and Cliffjumper was able to rescue him, when Hot Shot lost his gun and swapped positions on powerlinx with Roadblock, and Rodimus (combined with Prowl) came to help him but they were hit by an ice chunck form Blizzard Planet. But then as Optimus was trying to push Unicron away and he stopped devouring the planet, only to blast it away just before Landmine, Wingsaber, and Jetfire attacked. Now Wingsaber, Prowl, Rodimus Bulkhead, Downshift, and Roadblock needed repairs and everyone retreated. Meanwhile Megatron was fighting over Unicron for control, and Snowcat, Mirage, and Demolishor ran away and Starscream helped but they were pinned down to Unicrons body with glowing cables, but Starscream ghosted away. Ironhide tried to convince Scorponok that Alpha Q was his master at his grave, but he still was brainwashed and Kicker and Mischa and Ironhide left. Optimus and Omega Supreme left to stop Unicron from destroying Circuit Planet and Optimus said no one else was to follow him, and Ironhide dissagreed and got a punch for it. At Cybertron Dr. Jones and Rad convinced Primus to help Optimus and he launched a powerful energon beam to them. The team followed Optimus anyway and Omega Supreme powerlinked with Optimus and along with Cliffjumper, Landmine, Jetfire, Hot Shot, and Ironhide. They did some impressive attacks but Unicron still stood and shot at everyone and created a blast that blew up Circuit Planet and fatal damage on everyone was so bad until Primus’s blast reached Optimus and hit him, creating a huge white sky with glowing orbs and a huge white energy orb around Optimus, and the others got new armor with new colors and a gigantic Optimus Supreme threw Unicron far out and the last scene showed the two facing each other as the lights faded.

39. Unicron Perishes
This episode starts with everyone geting upgrades from the end of episode 38, and then Optimus Supreme blasts an atmosphere of energy hurting Unicron. The others use their new powers and They begin a final battle against Unicron. Snowcat, Mirage, and Demolishor are still stuck to Unicron, Starscream and Scorponok won’t fight, Megatron keeps shifting from himself to Unicron, Jetfire and Ironhide combine, and Unicron is killing the planets! He uses his wings to stab Optimus, and he gets hit with his own blast. Roadblock, Rodimus, and Wingsaber com out of sick bay to help in the fight and organize the energon grid for Alpha Q’s planets, and Unicron and Optimus fuse and start heating up as Unicron uses his chest attack constantly on Optimus. Arcee says the combined internal heat is way too high and they will explode, and Rodimus orders to increase power for the grid, as Kicker and Mischa are worried about Optimus and he speaks to them about how good they have been a help to him. He uses ”Maximum Fire” (just like the name from Armada) and really hurts Unicron, and the Energon Grid is set to full power as Megatron is in the throne room and a shield is produced around him, and Omega Supreme says some wise words and a final impact blast is used on Unicron, destroying him! Optimus then dematerializes and Kicker tells Micsha to track him and Landmine and Cliffjumper rescued Snowcat, Demolishor and Mirage, and Alpha Q thinks how they can restore their planets, and Megatron and Unicron’s essence were still alive as Unicron’s spark was created.

40. Ambition
The Decpticons have been locked away until Starscream frees them. Snowcat finds out about Sixshot, Shockblast’s brother who is told by Snowcat that he bought the farm and Optimus Prime is to blame. He joins the Decepticons and they find out Megatron survived. They make a clean getaway and Megatron is guided to the Super Energon chamber by the spirit of Unicron. He sees a mural with the combiners on it. He sees them in stone form and gets rid of Superion’s brother, waking up the other 3. Superion says that he is upset at Megatron about killing his brother. Bruticus and Construticon join Megatron, and now the Powerlinx Battles have started!!!

41. Wishes
Megatron unleashed the Super Energon last episode and woke up the combiners. He jumped into the pool and became Galvatron, when Superion Maximus fired deadly amunition that deflected off his armor and he left the chamber when Contructicon Maximus and Bruticus Maximus followed him to destroy him. Meanwhile, Optimus Prime was insiting to powerlink with Omega Supreme but he warned Prime it could deactivate him if they combined. Back where Superion Maximus was, he was attacked by Contructicon Maximus and Bruticus Maximus and kept going to surface until they met with the Autobots. Meanwhile, Mirgae, Snowcat, Demolishor, and Six Shot started taking over Cybertron when Galvatron informed Starscream to come to where he is. He came, and Galvatron wanted Starscream to enter the Super Energon pool, and he did, upgrading him. The other Decpticons found Cental City and took control of the base where Kicker’s family and Rad were, and the combiners fought as well. The Autobot fired at Galvatron and Starscream, but the shots failed and a tower was knocked down, realeasing an atmosphere of Energon Gas on the planet. Kicker wanted to help his family and Rad, and ran out of sight when Starscream blocked the path and Kicker was about to fight when Optimus Prime said he would take care of Starscream. Superion Maximus swooped in and got Kicker when Jefire came to get a damaged Optimus Prime and they went back to the Miranda II after the Decepticons left, where Superion Maximus joined the Autobots, and Ironhide and Kicker are talking about defeating Galvatron and Kicker said that the two of them make a good team and they can beat him at the end of the episode.

42. Galvatron!

43. Break Through

44. Distribution
This episode is a rare special made for celebrating the 500th episode of Transformers! It takes place out of the energon continuity and may not make it to the U.S.A. or Canada.

45. The Omega Train
Galvatron orders Six Shot to take Cybertron through the Warp Gate, while Optimus makes his way to Central City to rescue Dr Jones and the other humans…

46. Deception Army
Kicker takes Arcee to find his sister, while a wounded Optimus Prime is forced to fight Galvatron…

47. Ironhide Team
The Autobots are in disarray trying to avoid detection from Galvatron, while Ironhide faces a showdown with Scorponok.

48. Formidable
The Autobots try to break into the control room to stop Cybertron getting through the Warp Gate, while Optimus looks for Unicron…

49. Galvatron Terror
With Optimus Prime’s power at its peak, Galvatron plans to use the super energon pool to fight him. However, Six Shot has other ideas…

50. Destructive Power
A band of super energon causes Galvatron to grow bigger and more powerful than ever, while the Autobots formulate a plan to bring him back down to size.

51. Spark As Optimus Prime realized the Unicron might be the one in control of Galvatron’s body now, deciding to stop him no matter the cost, Prime too tapped into himself and enlarged to the size proportion of Galvatron. As Optimus tackled Galvatron, he taunted him and hope to wake up the Galvatron personality inside. As the fight continued on Jungle planet, Optimus continued to challenge Galvatron in a one to one duel, something the real Galvatron will not refuse. As planned the personality of Galvatron started to emerge but was quickly taken over by Unicron again, and without any choice, the 2 giants engaged, unable to do anything, as the rest of the Autobots and Decepticons watched. But as the battle raged on, the Autobots realized that their commander, Optimus Prime is now also under the control of Unicron. Little did they know, the strong willed Optimus Prime has not totally lost control, while he stopped any of the other Autobots to help, he continued to duel Galvatron alone. Meanwhile on Cybertron, the 3 ancient Combiners go head on for a final showdown, but even though outnumbered, Superion Maximus was able to deactivate Construticon Maximus but it gave Bruticus a chance to take out all of Superion’s limbs. As Bruticus Maximus was about to finish off Superion Maximus, a blast came out of no where and helped Superion, who saw the origin of the blast and was shocked to see the other combiner, the one that was destroyed by Galvatron in the Super Energon chamber, was the one that fired the shot. But as he called out to his brother, the combiner disappeared into thin air, this bought a chance for Superion, as he took control of the limbs of Constructicon Maximus and took on Bruticus Maximus, delivering a deadly strike. Back on Jungle Planet, the 2 giants continued to fight each other. Optimus managed to fought through Unicron’s rage and talked to Galvatron. Tthis time, the true Galvatron was able to resurface, now fully in control. He took over the power of Unicron and was enlarged to an even greater size. Yet Optimus Prime, undaunted, was also able to become Optimus Supreme (although not powerlink with Omega Supreme), and Galvatron laughed at this fine moment as he engaged his worthy adversary. Later, a cel animated sequence battle had Galvatron stab Optimus Supreme but he had a plan to activate his spark and tried to combine and seal Unicron’s power in him, but they got weak and shrank, vowing to battle yet again.

52. The Sun