They were a dream, a dream given form...
Robots who could transform their bodies into vehicles, machinery and more.
A dream that had been obscured by eons of destructive warfare.
They are The Transformers, Robots in Disguise.
After Generation One, After Generation Two, there comes...

Generation Three

Planet Cybertron: Homeworld of The Transformers. A planet disputed by two factions, the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons.

About four million years ago the planet was being decimated by a civil war that had drained the planet’s resources, in search of new sources of energy, the Autobots, led by their greatest leader Optimus Prime set off aboard the massive starship The Ark. In an effort to stop them and turn the tide of the war, the Decepticons under the maniacal Megatron followed them. Both giant ships were caught in an asteroid collision and crashed on a small unknown planet in an out of the way corner of the universe.

On Cybertron their loss was mourned by both sides, however the war continued, the Decepticons led by the calculating and ruthless Shockwave and the Autobots by the ancient and wise Alpha Trion.

Millions of years passed with neither side gaining the upper hand until suddenly about a million years ago the Decepticons rediscovered the ability to reproduce using a process of cell division. However these new Decepticons were devoid of basic morality, wholly ruthless, they held nothing but distain for their older fellow Decepticons, thus after laying waste to the bulk of Autobot forces these second generation Decepticons departed Cybertron for the depths of space.

As they went they converted more and more planets into the image of Cybertron, and populated them with their own off-spring, they continued for millions of years before returning to Cybertron to discover that their forbears had been reawakened and restarted the Great War, this time dragging the planet Earth into the fight.

The fight had begun anew. Autobot against Decepticon, Autobot against second generation Decepticon, Decepticon against second generation Decepticon...

But, on the planets populated by the second generation Decepticons something unusual was happening. The new Decepticons were becoming more and more unstable, both mentally and physically, to combat this they began to bond their bodies with those of organic lifeforms on nearby planets.

On several of the New Cybertrons these new Transformers found through their bonding that they rediscovered the qualities that had been lost through the reproduction process and followed a different path, naming themselves Autobots after their once enemies they lived in harmony with their world and their neighbours.

These new Autobots however, retained the ability to reproduce, passing on their values and qualities to a whole new generation of Transformers.

Centuries past without incident, then suddenly an accident happened and the third generation Autobots vanished, never to be seen again, save for a dozen left alone on the planet Cybertron 97 dormant in stasis lock.

Back on Cybertron and Earth, the second generation transformers and the first generation transformers fought and died, defeated the menace that had formed by the rediscovery of the reproduction process, gave it new life by the sacrifice of the great Optimus Prime.

In the fight, an Earth Orbit Satellite was knocked out of orbit heading into deep space, on a direct collision course with Cybertron 97...

The Third Generation Transformers are about to reawaken...

Prepare for war, but strive for peace.
- Fortress Maximus