Transformers Armada

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Teletran2 Note: Transformers: Armada began with a special 90 minute “movie” consisting of the first 3 episodes on August 23rd, 2002. The first season proper was then broadcast on Fridays from August 30th, 2002.

(52 episodes – first broadcast 1996 – 1997)

Transformers: Armada follows the latest battle in the war between the Autobots and Decepticons as the two sides race to gain the allegiance of a newly discovered race of Transformers known as Mini-Cons. Set in the year 2010 it features old favorites like Megatron and Optimus Prime.

Much smaller than either the regular Transformers, the Mini-Cons can connect to their large counterparts granting them new abilities. Each Mini-Con enhances the power of a Transformer exponentially. If Megatron and the Decepticons collect all the Mini-Cons, Megatron will rule the universe. Our only chance for a peaceful cosmos is for Optimus Prime and the Autobots to defeat their enemies and free all Mini-Cons. But the Transformer God of Chaos, Unicron plans to re-collect them all and then absorb them since they are his cells and rule the universe forever.

01. First Encounter & 02. Metamorphasis & 03. Base

The episode opens in space, with our narrator explaining the history of the race called “Transformers” in brief. After a short intro, the masculine narrator says that the race settled, a planet that was eventually called Cybertron. A war broke out between the Autobots and Decepticons, over a race of what are called “Smart Tools”, Mini-Cons.

The war escalated to a stalemate, and both the Autobots and Decepticons both finally agreed that the war was too costly, and sent all the Mini-Cons away in a large Green Vessel, very reminscent of the Ark from Generation 1. This “Ark” travelled through space for a great deal of time, and landed on a primatvie planet after a damaging collision with its moon.

The Mini-Cons laid dormant in this “ship” for over a million years, until today, where our story begins. Two children race to Lincoln Middle School, Rad on his bike and his friend Carlos who skateboards. Upon arriving they head for their lockers, where they make plans to go to a secretive cave that the Rad found.

They ask Alexis, a somewhat stuck up girl in their school, if she would like to join them on their trip. She turns them down handily, and then heads off down the hall. Two other boys then harass Rad and Carlos, a thin fellow and a obese character by the name of Billy. They bully the main characters, and only the intervention of a teacher saying the bell has rang stopped a fight from occuring.

The next scene picks up after school, where the Rad and Carlos pick up their bike and skateboard and head for the mountains. The two bullies head out in chase, with Billy’s scanner that tracks their movement. Alexis at this point had not joined them, due to their disucssion earlier. Rad and Carlos reach the cave, and then head down, leaving a rope to mark their path.

Billy and his friend then arrive, and follow their quarry into the cave, following the rope-path. Rad and Carlos have come to a fork in the path, and choose to go right... however they are out of rope and thus leave an arrow made of rocks to mark their direction.

After a heated discussion, Billy and the other bully (who seems to be the leader) decide to do down the other path, because they did not see the rock arrow. Carlos thinks he hears human voices (which happen to be the bullies), but Rad assures them it is simply random cave noises, and they continue. After an unstable step, however, the two suddenly end up on a piece of the cave floor that falls away and careens into a shaft below them.

The rock finally crashes to a stop in a large open cavern that their unstable steps have uncovered. The cave is covered in ship-like materials, including cables, bulkheads and other items (that the audience knows as the Mini-Con ship). After a brief exploration, the two find a glowing green “stone”.

Rad takes the stone from the ground, but as he touches it, light fills the cavern, and it shakes the mountain as the ship seemingly comes back to life. The “earthquake” affects the surrounding town, where Alexis is found in her room. A picture falls, and she immediately checks her laptop to review where the earthquake is centered and what it is about.

Information shows her that the ‘quake is centered on the mountain that she remembers Rad and Carlos going to explore, and she sets out to see if they are safe. During her check, three lights shoot out of the mountain, and the light drains the power from the celestial observatory on the mountain (called Cosmoscope Research Center).

The lights travel in two directions, 1 heading for the Earth’s moon, and the two other beams head off into deep space. The moon destination happens to be a large portion of the original Minicon starship, and when the light hits the ship, a large number of smaller green lights shoot out from the wreckage. And the other two lights? They head for a planet known as Cybertron.

As the beams reach planetfall, the inhabitants of Cybertron scramble with urgency. Individual Transformers scatter and transform (including several which appear to be cameos of Generation 1 Transformers) for they appear to know what these lights mean. Rad and Carlos manage to escape the cave as they free the green “stone”. As the lights disapate, the observatory regains power, and we see Alexis ride to the mountain on her foot-powered scooter.

Rad and Carlos make it outside, and as they head for Rad’s bike they are stopped by a vortex. Out of the vortex, a large purple and green robot steps, and growls at the two several times as he steps forward. The two manage to move back slowly... but are then confronted by Alexis, who tells them to stay still. The robot continues to move forward, and when Rad trips and drops the stone, all stop to watch it hit the ground.

As it does, something within the stone activates, and light flashes upward. When the light clears, a smaller robot is left. It beeps in computer like fashion, and it’s head spins around quickly... as it scans the area. The scan comes to a completion when it sees Rad’s bike.... and the robot is reconfigured to have an alternate mode of a bicycle. The robot beeps and motions for the group to get aboard, and they do.

As they head off quickly, the larger robot seems amused by the situation, and continues to move forward. Megatron continues to move foward, and even plays with his prey by flinging a large (in human standards) stone at them. They crash, and he is about to overtake them when a familiar voice interrupts him... the voice of Optimus Prime.

The two bullies remain trapped in the cave as Optimus and Megatron duke it out for possession of the Mini-Con that the children have collected. They run, only to be cut off by two more robots who appear just as Megatron did.

Those two robots are then surprised by two more... both with Autobot symbols emblazoned on them. The children manage to escape, and Megatron is distracted long enough for Optimus to lay a blow on Megatron that knocks him the ground.

The Decepticons retreat from battle, to a crashed ship portion on the moon. Another Decepticon, who is introduced as Cyclonus, is assigned to finding the ancient Mini-Con starship that crashed on the moon.

The children hide in a cave, where they come to realize the robots are after their new friend. After a brief discussion, they follow the Mini-Con deeper into the cave, where they are closed into the working remnants of the Mini-con spaceship.

Rad walks up to the central computer terminal, activating it with a touch... and the computer comes to life. The children then learn about the leaders of the factions from the holographic display about the Autobot and Decepticon factions, as well as about Megatron and Optimus Prime.

After learning about those two robots though, their Mini-Con friend seems to go frantic and rush for a wall. A brief moment later a panel in the wall opens, where the children find two more Mini-Con panels... and they awaken the two dormant ‘cons.

Meanwhile, on the moon, Megatron has found a Mini-Con panel hidden amongst the rocks. He activates it, and to his surprise it is Leader-1, his old personal Mini-Con. The bullies exit the cave as the other children show off their normal vehicles, which the two new Mini-Cons scan and become semi-replicants of.

Demolisher (on of the two original Decepticons that arrived on Earth) reports that there are two more Mini-Cons that have been activated on Earth. Megatron also shows the Decepticons new forms on a computer.

Optimus Prime on Earth states that he cannot find any signs of the other Mini-Cons, but decides it best to continue with a thorough scan. He then scans a truck driving nearby, and takes it’s form as an alternate form.

The children, who appear to be nearby, have taken their Mini-con friends out for a ride. There, they end up stumbling onto the Decepticons, who have taken the alternate forms of that Megatron had shown them earlier.

The villains chase the children, and then surround them until... A truck slams into Megatron, blaring it’s horn. After scrambling the Decepticons, the red truck pulls over near the children and tells them to pull in. With another blare, Optimus rolls right through Demolisher, with a little help from his trailer’s cannon.

When Demolisher tries to recuperate, a yellow sports car arrives and topples him again. The Decepticons begin to regroup, and the Autobots also group up for the fight. Optimus calls upon his trailer, and forms into his towering Super Mode... calling the children’s first friend High-Wire.

The Autobots guard the children and Mini-Cons as the Decepticons arrive.

The fliers surprise Optimus and the other Autobots. The children spot Leader-1 on Megatron’s shoulder as he transforms and powerlinks to Megatron’s cannon. After a super powered blast misses Optimus, the children realize that is the whole point of this battle... for possession of the Mini-Cons to increase the Decepticon’s power.

A landslide caused by the Decepticon’s blasts distracts the Autobots for a few moments as they save the children from the rocks. Not all of the Autobots are held at bay, as Optimus throws Starscream out of his way and grapples with Megatron. They fight while the other Autobots find Mini-Cons of their own to powerlink with, gaining additional firepower which they use to drive off the Decepticons.

Cyclonus manages to capture one of the remaining Mini-Con panels from the children’s discovery, and reports back to Megatron as the Decepticons retreat back to their moonbase. While the Deceptions revel in the find of an additional Mini-Con panel, the Autobots have regrouped back at the hidden base from earlier in this episode.

There, the children tell Optimus about what has transpired on Earth, and he fills them in on what has happened on Cybertron.

Rad apologizes for starting this war... but Optimus tells him that they where all living on ‘borrowed time’... as he knew that someday someone would find the Mini-Cons.

Alexis introduces the children to Optimus as he explains about why the Autobots are on Earth... to destroy the Decepticons before they capture all the Mini-Cons. He explains that they treat the Mini-Cons as equals while the Decepticons treat them as slaves... and thus their difference. The Autobots are peaceful, and Optimus explains that even though the Mini-Cons where designed to be workers, they would never be treated as slaves.

Hot Shot shows his want to learn more about Earth customs as the children slap their fists together.. and the Autobots mimic them with laughter.

The children are next seen at school, where they play basketball with Fred and Billy. After dismissing the earthquake that they where all caught up in as nothing important to them, they leave the bullies in the dust while they ride their Mini-Con friends off down the road.

On the moon, Demolisher and Starscream fight amongst themselves until Megatron breaks them up. As the Decepticons gather on their moonbase, Megatron activates the Mini-Con panel that Cyclonus had found. He offers it’s inhabitant to Demolisher, and admonishes Starscream for not finding a Mini-Con of his own.

The children and the Autobots have gathered at their makeshift base, where Optimus tells Red Alert it was time. He releases Laserbeak, a tiny Transformer, who will safeguard the children as High-Wire beeps in emergency. Rad translates that more Mini-Cons are being activated... and the Autobots and children rush off to a control room deeper in the ship.

On the screen is a diagram of the Earth, and the episode ends with Rad speaking about the many Mini-Cons now waking up.... and their only hope being the Autobots finding them first.

04. Comrade

The Autobots pick up a signal from a Mini-Con, but cant focus enough on the signal to get an exact fix. Alexis and Sureshock manage to help and get an exact location, and the group moves out for an area called Big Canyon. Red Alert warns the children that they shouldnt leave without suiting up, and each of them are ‘teleported’ on padded armor suits with Autobot symbols on their backs. The ‘bots transform, and head for a room in which they “warp” to Big Canyon, an area about 100 miles away. Upon arriving, the group splits up what ends up being 4 teams, Carlos and Red Alert, Alexis and Hot Shot, the Mini-Cons and Optimus Prime and Rad gets left behind in the bustle. On the moon, Megatron, Demolishor and Starscream discuss their goals, and on Earth again Alexis returns for Rad, while the other groups continue their search. Prime and the Mini-Cons sit atop a cliff and overlook the area, Red Alert and Carlos continue the search in a rugged area, while Alexis, Rad and Hot Shot search a canyon area. When they have problems pinpointing the location of the Mini-Con, Rad dispatches Laserbeak for an areal search. The Mini-Cons and Optimus Prime are contacted by Hot Shot when they discover a panel in the rockface shortly thereafter. Again back on the moon, the Decepticons pick up the Mini-Con’s signal and they dispatch Demolishor and Cyclonus to the scene. Cyclonus attacks Hot Shot and the children as Red Alert and Rad has his hands full with Demolishor. Optimus dispatches the Mini-Cons to help the group while he motors off to the location of the Mini-Con to stop Megatron from retrieving it. He is attacked at the scene by Megatron, who fires on him several times during their conversation. The others arent doing much better as Demolishor corners Red Alert (who does manage to escape) and Hot Shot is cornered as the children escape on the Mini-Cons. Megatron has Optimus on the ropes, and powerlinks with Leader-1 in order to finish Prime off. Starscream stops him, and is about to attack him as the children reach the scene on the Mini-Cons, who combine together to for another robot! The gestault manages to distract Starscream and Megatron long enough for Optimus to see the Mini-Con activate. The Mini-Con turns out to be Optimus’s old Mini-Con partner, Leader-1(?!)! The two combine into super robot mode, and fire on the Decepticons, who then are outmatched by his firepower. The Decepticons manage to escape to the moon, where Megatron has Starscream detained for his insubordination... and Megatron says Optimus got lucky this time.

05. Solider

Hot Shot and Red Alert don’t quite get along. Hot Shot is a young warrior and Red Alert is a veteran chief science officer. There is obvious tension between them in the opening scene. The Autobots discover a Mini-Con in the South Pole. However, the (in-fighting) Decepticons arrive shortly after. While Optimus is disabled due to the cold, the reckless Hot Shot denies any problems he has with Red Alert. He drives away as Red Alert stays with Prime. The only Mini-Con-less ‘bot so far, Starscream, is desperate to find a Mini-Con, as his teammates have an advantage over him. Finally, he locates one... Until Hot Shot, with Carlos as his cargo, shows up. He blasts him away as they fall into a pit. Thanks to Jolt, however, there are no injuries. Once Hot Shot gets back up, he discovers he’s surrounded by the rest of the Decepticon forces. Demolishor and Cyclonus begin insulting Starscream, as Hot Shot escapes. While this is going on, Starscream is coming closer and closer to his Mini-Con. The Decepticons have Hot Shot finished off when Red Alert makes the save. Red Alert gets distracted as Hot Shot falls into Megatron’s grasp. Hot Shot insists Red Alert blast himself as well as Megatron. Red Alert, however, is able to make a boomerang save with his disc. Just then, Optimus Prime is back online and ready for action. The Decepticons retreat. Starscream, however, is still inching himself towards the Mini-Con, retrieves it and... loses it to Red Alert. The Autobots bring him back to base and they discover the Mini-Con Jetstorm of the Air Defense Team. Back at the base, Red Alert and Hot Shot make amends.

06. Jungle

The episode opens with Starscream, Demolisher, and Cyclonus fighting the Autobots. Starscream tries to pull off a daring maneuver but ends up endangering all the Decepticons. The Autobots disappear, showing us that it was all a training simulation. Megatron isn’t pleased, and the belittling of Starscream, the only Decepticon without a Mini-Con, begins. Megatron also refers to Starscream as the second-in-command for the first time in the series. A signal is heard and the Decepticons race to Earth – a new Mini-Con has been detected! On Earth, the Autobots are being their usual selves when Rad, Carlos, and Alexis walk in ready for their ‘camping trip’ with the Autobots – pretty much whatever adventure they go on next! The Mini-Con alert activates, revealing the position of a new Mini-Con is in a jungle/forest type of landscape. The Autobots, with their human friends, head out! Once arriving on scene, Prime detatches from his ‘container’ as he calls it, leaving Sparkplug to watch over. Jolt does an aerial scout and the Autobots head off to find the Minicon. Rad has a rather moving speech about the environment, how it’s precious to preserve and mentions the illegal cutting of the trees and forests. Discussions are cut short when the Decepticons and Autobots meet up. Starscream tries the same move only to have Cyclonus get in his way – thus shooting the trees and igniting them on fire rather than hitting the Autobots. The Autobots rush to put out the fires, proclaiming the forest is more important at the moment. The Decepticons take the opportunity to hunt the Mini-Cons, complete with Starscream begging Megatron to let him have the Mini-Con – but with the help of Prime’s “container,” the Autobots are able to return to the battle and stop the Decepticons. Well, all of them but Starscream. The second-in-command Decepticon takes his sword, slicing the tree that holds the Mini-Con. He takes it – Swindle – and combines with him. He uses his new weapon – his Null Laser Canons, and blasts a crater where the Autobots and Decepticons are fighting. The episode concludes with the Decepticons training, and Starscream using his Mini-Con Swindle to blast a hole in the moon, laughing and pondering if he’s the strongest Decepticon...even stronger than Megatron? The image fades to a computer monitor where Megatron watches with a scowl on his face...ending with the image of Starscream laughing...

07. Carnival

The Science Fair has come to town, and while the festivities commence we find the Autobots and children at the Autobot base. While Red Alert and Optimus begin repairs on some equipment, Hot Shot takes a small break with Rad and Carlos to show off his wrench twirling skills, learned from a Western he saw on the human television. They really enjoy his show, but when Optimus berates Hot Shot and tells him to get back to work, the two are left alone. Being bored, they decide to leave their cleaning efforts at the base behind and head for the carnival! Before leaving, Carlos and Rad are confronted by Alexis and Sureshock, and while she works on finding another Mini-Con, the two leave with Grindor and Highwire for the science fair. Meanwhile, the Decepticons are seen fixing up their own base with similiar repairs to that of the Autobots. Upon arriving at the fair, Rad and Carlos find themselves trying to keep the Mini-Cons from revealing themselves to the public, especially Billy and Fred, who are also at the event. They manage to hide for a brief while, but when several of the other Mini-Cons show up at the fair, they can control their friend’s wants no longer. They take a hiding position behind a building to transform and join the rest of the robots, but Billy and Fred manage to spot them... and begin speculation about what is really going on with the group. The decide it’s best to capture the robots, and get to work on that right away. The chase that follows shows Sparkplug hiding in a pile of lumber, and Jolt hiding in a popcorn machine while Billy and Fred simply lose track of their prey. Carlos and Rad are also trying to stop the madness... until Alexis shows up with Hot Shot and confronts them about what is going on at the carnival. She says she was alerted by Laserbeak about the whole mess... and he is also with her. Billy and Fred manage to corner Jolt, who is protected by several children while the bullies imagine Jolt trying to take over the world. Only some quick intervention by a robot mode Hot Shot stops the two, and after some additional showing off of Hot Shot’s Western loving skills with a bunch of high flying balloons does the show come to an end, with a quick “explaination” that the robots need to go home and recharge by Rad. The group heads back to the base, and a brief scene regarding the still dormant Mini-Con panel is shown, with Rad and Carlos discussing the reasons why it hasnt yet activated...

08. Palace

A Tribeswoman legend contains truth about a Mini-Con found in the Sahara desert many years ago, and a race has begun to find it. Cyclonus stands guard in the desert, and accidentally fires on Cyclonus as he comes in to report his lack of success... and when he takes off we find the Autobots in their base leaving from the activation of the Mini-Con alert. After a brief explanation that the ‘bots should listen to the children because of their knowledge of desert areas, Demolishor fires on their position. The Autobots and Mini-Cons cant transform to vehicle mode (no traction in the sand), and when Hot Shot gets cocky and stands up to attack the camouflaged Decepticon, he fires, and Prime only manages to save him by a short second delay. The children find Demolishor as they sneak around from the side, but when Demolishor continues to fire, he loosens the sand in his area and the dune begins to sink into the sand. The children begin to fall in too as Demolishor radios the Decepticon moonbase for help. Just before they are swallowed by the pit, Rad dispatches Laserbeak, but even the other Autobots cannot find their position when the pit closes up on them. The children and Mini-Cons wake up in what appears to be an underground structure (the ruins of a palace), something that appears to be a pyramid. Above, Cyclonus attacks the remaining Autobots while Starscream and Megatron arrive on the scene to challenge the group. Below again, the children continue their trek through the ruins, and find the symbol of the Mini-Cons carved into the wall above an archway. Megatron and Prime square off above, while the children seem to have activated a trap in the ruins... as many red eyes begin to glow all around them. The eyes happen to be from many spider-like robots, and just as the children are surrounded by them and think all hope is lost, Demolishor breaks through the wall and stumbles upon the robots. The children escape in the confusion as the battle rages on the sands above. The children manage to find the Mini-Con panel deep within the palace, in a room adorned with statues and the panel itself laying upon a throne. By sheer luck, however, Carlos activates a second trap... and falling rocks nearly kill the children as Demolishor races past them toward the panel. His weight appears to crush the floor below him, and it crumbles leaving him a tough climb toward the panel on the far side of the room. The statues suddenly open fire on him as the children manage to climb to safety... just in time to be nearly crushed by a falling boulder! The Mini-Cons merge into Perceptor and manage to save them... just as Demolishor grabs the Mini-Con panel and uses his vehicle mode’s enhanced traction to escape the now reopened pit. He rejoins the Decepticons above, and activates the panel as Hot Shot races forward to stop him. That appears to be an unwise move, however, as Demolishor powerlinks with the new Mini-Con Bonecrusher and the Decepticons teleport back to their base. Hot Shot manages to pull himself free from the sandpit, and rescues the children with him. Back on the moon, Megatron demands that Demolishor hand over the Mini-Con, and they get into an argument over that as the episode comes to a close...

09. Confrontation

Billy and Fred argue about the Transformers, and their origin, when they spot Rad, Carlos and Alexa riding off in the distance. They speed off to catch up, but stop short of finding them as the children enter a forest. Cyclonus manages to find the children on what appears to be a survelance run, and corners Rad against a tree. He manages to drive Cyclonus off briefly with a shot from Laserbeak, but Cyclonus finds the two bullies and grabs them, taking them hostage. He yells back to Rad that he will trade the kids for the Autobot’s Mini-Cons. Rad sends Laserbeak to follow them, and the children report back to the base. The Autobots agree they have to save Billy and Fred, and when Red Alert locks onto Cyclonus’s coordinates where the Autobots warp out to his position. They find themselves in a deserted town, were Demolishor, Cyclonus and Starscream are in hiding. Billy and Fred are held captive in an abandoned warehouse, where Leader-1 keeps guard over them. The Autobots arrive in the area where the bullies are being held, and transform to negotiate with the Decepticons. The children take off on their Mini-Cons, while we see Fred and Billy wrestle with their captor. A battle starts between the Autobots and Decepticons, and the kids find the building where the bullies are being held. Their Mini-Cons enter the building while the Autobots take on the Decepticons outside. Sureshock, Grindor and Highwire surround Leader-1 while the fighting continues outside, and Jolt joins Hot Shot to fight Cyclonus. Meanwhile, inside the building, Megatron suddenly transforms from under the rubble in the warehouse and takes the children and Mini-Cons hostage. Megatron demands the rest of the Mini-Cons from the Autobots, and Optimus reluctantly agrees to his demands. He signals Red Alert to send Long Arm and Jolt to the Decepticons. Somehow, a shock from Laserbeak manages to stun the giant Decepticon and the children escape, while Megatron falls to the ground. The Autobots scramble to attack, only to be stopped as Megatron captures Rad and demands that they all stop. Fred realizes that he has to do something runs at Megatron with Laserbeak, and Megatron sends Leader-1 to stop him. A brief pause in the action by Leader-1 was all that necessary for Hot Shot to take the initiative to punch Megatron, releasing Rad and then giving the Autobots the advantage. Knowing better than to face the Autobots and their Mini-Cons without support, Megatron berates Cyclonus for his plan and warps back to base. Rad introduces the Autobots to Billy and Fred, and now the secret is out....

10. Underground

At the Underground base, Hot Shot and Red Alert dig out more of the tunnels below the base as the Mini-Con symbol comes in. The next Mini-Con will be found in a city, so the Autobots warp off to the location in search of their next possible ally. They reach the city and split up, but find out that the Mini-Con is likely underground. They all meet up at the entrance to the city subway system, and drive in to take a closer look. After a short drive into the subway, the group sees a pair of lights off in the distance and the children worry that a train is coming! Quickly Hot Shot and Red Alert get off the tracks, but Prime is too large and cannont make it off the tracks in time. The train rails forward, and just in time Optimus manages to drive backwards into a side track. The group splits up, and Hot Shot drives through a terminal in his search, Red Alert follows a train, and Prime find s a circular switch area for the subway. The children ride their Mini-Cons until they find a set of stairs... The Decepticons are also in the tunnel, but find it increasingly difficult to search for the Mini-Con due to their large, bulky size. They decide instead to send their Mini-Con partners off in search. Meanwhile, the children and Mini-Cons end up in an abandoned subway terminal, and the Mini-Cons transform into Perceptor and jump up to a larger level. The gestalt manages to uncover the panel, but cannot reach it due to his armor... so the children help out by finding a ladder. Carlos climbs up and manages to grab onto the panel, but the ladder falls away... and both he and the panel fall. Alexis manages to catch Carlos and the Min-Con panel still encased in stone falls to the floor. During this whole exchange, a yellow eye watches from a pile of rubble... and as the children board their Mini-Cons to take the panel back to Optimus, an orange vehicle bursts out of the rubble and shoots a tow cable at the group! The children dash off on their Mini-Cons down a tunnel, but end up at a dead end as a train has been disposed of there across the area. They manage to get away from the pursueing vehicle by ducking under the train, but the vehicle persues them thru the abandoned cars. Not only that but the children are cornered by the Decepticon’s Mini-Con partners! The shadowy vehicle and the evil Mini-Cons continue to give chase as the children just barely manage to escape into a portion of the subway that has crumbled... into a water-created tunnel system. Since they cannot escape, Rad sends Laserbeak to find Optimus for re-enforcements. The Decepticons find out about the childrens discovery about the same time as the Autobots catch up with Laserbeak, and the children manage to continue hiding in their hole until the Decepticons blast in! They are cornered until the orange vehicle once again rolls up to the grup, and manages to stop Cyclonus from nearly stomping on them! It uses it’s crane arm to trip up Cyclonus and rocket over the Decepticons. The vehicle transforms into a robot, and manages to save the children from the Decepticons until he is caught in a small cave in with the children and the Mini-Con. The Autobots manage to arrive on the scene, but the group is parlayed by the Decepticons keeping them in place... and the Decepticons taking the Mini-Con and leaving. The rubble manages to shake a bit, and the orange bot stands up out of the rocks, calling Optimus’s name and saying the children are alright with him. The Autobots call him Smokescreen, and as it turns out he entered the warp gate on Cybertron but ended up in these tunnels. He appologizes for scaring the children, and stands at attention... he is ready for duty!

11. Ruin

The Autobots are hard at work at installing some jet-looking devices onto the sides of Optimus Prime’s trailer when Carlos comes running in, frantic about something. He mutters something about a girl, and whether or not it’s time. Apparently a hologram of a young girl has come across the screen at Autobot headquarters, requesting assistance. The Autobots ignore it because they’ve found a Mini-Con signal in the sea and soon take off for action, Carlos hoping that it will lead them to the girl. Once at the bottom of the sea, Hot Shot goes off to do some recon and discovers a sunken city further below the sea. The Autobots make their way down when they’re attacked by the Decepticons. Optimus Prime has Hot Shot and Red Alert distract them while he and Smokescreen make their way to an entrance in the city. Prime’s oxygen bubble around his trailer cab begins to break from Megatron’s blast, and the kids begin to get flooded from inside Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime eventually makes his way inside thanks to Smokescreen’s effort to open the door, and quickly finds an air bubble in one of the larger buildings, dropping the kids off to return to battle. Rad, Alexis, and Carlos make their inside to discover a rather large fountain. We break away to see Megatron have an “evolution” mode where his tank turret flips around to his front side, Leader-1 connects, and he becomes a walking rottary gun, blasting all the Autobots in a manical rage. The ground shakes and when the kids open their eyes once more, there are tons of people dressed in Roman-esque clothing, walking around. They soon discover these people are holograms, walking right through the kids. At the edge of the fountain stands the girl, and whispers that she’s been waiting, leading them to another room. As they get there, she goes into a story about the Minicons and the powers that they bring... Long ago, the Mini-Cons landed on Earth. The people of this ancient civilization were able to utilize three of the Mini-Cons which formed a great sword, and from that sword, the power to conquer other civilizations all around the world. We see a formed Star Saber as well as the shadow of Skyboom which is a shield. The girl goes on to say that this power eventually destroyed everything – including their own civilization. She repeatidly says that to save the world that they must leave now and not let the Mini-Cons fall into the hands of those who would misuse them. Rad and Alexis make a plea that the Autobots are not evil, but the girl does not respond, only to continue saying that if they wish to save the world and themselves that they should then leave the Mini-Con and go. Megatron breaks through the wall, to which Highwire, Grindor, and Sureshock charge forward and form Perceptor and prepare to square off against Megatron, who then releases Leader-1 and Bonecrusher to deal with the Mini-Cons. Optimus Prime walks in and orders all of the Mini-Cons to stand down and gets into a grip-lock with Megatron, who orders his own Mini-Cons to find this new Mini-Con. Leader-1 spots the Mini-Con, to which Megatron takes it. He announces that it’s a Mini-Con that will remain dormant until the other Mini-Cons that combine with it are found. The Decepticons leave, allowing the Autobots time to get away. Once the Mini-Con panel and the Decepticons are gone, the city begins to crumble on itself. Carlos refuses to leave without the hologram girl, but she stands silent, saying once more that the world is forever doomed. Carlos is eventually dragged away by Red Alert, and the Autobots withdraw back to headquarters. The episode ends with three scenes – Megatron informing the Decepticons that they have a piece of one of the most powerful Mini-Con combiners in the universe – Optimus Prime informing the Autobots that they are now in a life and death struggle to obtain the final piece of Star Saber, and the final scene is between Rad and Carlos, as Rad tries to comfort his friend on the apparent ‘loss’ of the hologram girl which Carlos seems to have fallen in love with. A touching scene between the two kids saying they’ll always be best buds is the end of the episode.

12. Prehistory

Rad stands alone in contemplation of the destruction of the sunken city that was found out in the last episode... while Megatron in his base tries to activate the second of the Air Defense team Mini-Cons to no avail. When the scene shifts back to the Autobot base, the children and Autobots discuss Cybertronian history. Optimus explains that in times long past, the Autobots and Decepticons fought to control Cybertron, and the Autobots managed to spring into action to stop them. The two sides fought to a stalemate, until the Mini-Cons mysteriously arrived. The Decepticons used their power to enhance themselves and attack, and it was only by teaming up with several other Mini-Cons to defend themselves and the planet where they even able to keep the odds even. The remainder of his conversation followed the explanations in the early episodes of the series, with the Mini-Cons being sent off planet and ending up on Earth after crash-landing there. While talking, the Mini-Con alert rings, and the screen comes to life, showing a volcanic island as the group’s destination. When they arrive, the group discusses the use of Mini-Cons in this battle, until suddenly Megatron attacks! The other Decepticons appear and together fire on the Autobots as the children and Mini-Cons run for cover. After the children and robots manage to reach cover, they decide to leave in search of the Mini-Con panel as the Autobots fight... but the Mini-Cons have another idea. They rush forward and arm Optimus’s trailer, manning the weapon stations and fighting back against the entrenched Decepticons. As the mini-Cons fight, the children send Laserbeak to explore a cave in which they find the hidden Mini-Con panel. Optimus calls for cover fire and sets off in search of the now located panel. As the Mini-Cons and Autobots fight, the volcano suddenly begins to erupt, causing Optimus to fall into a pit! The children watch from their shelter in horror as the lava from the volcano begins to flow down the mountain, washing out buildings and bridges. With only little time to spare, Red Alert sends Hot Shot to protect the children and Smokescreen to dig a ditch for the lava to flow through. The children spot the Mini-Con panel in the lava flow, and Hot Shot dashes for it... only to be fired upon by the waiting Decepticons. Only an unexpected blast by Optimus Prime manages to distract the Decepticons, but Cyclonus manages to grab the Mini-Con panel and begins to fly off. High Wire, Sureshock and Grindor would have none of that though, as they fire on Cyclonus from Optimus’s trailer. The children cry for them to take cover, but the Mini-Cons hold their ground... and their shots manage to blast the panel free from Cyclonus as he flies away. With a quick grappling hook blast, Red Alert manages to catch the falling panel. Back at the Autobot base, the children and the Autobots discuss the Mini-Cons. It is believed that the Mini-Cons are the only Transformers in the universe to that can bring peace to their race, as Red Alert puts it. The children renew their commitment to the Autobots cause to find and protect the Mini-Cons... but on the moon Megatron forcibly activates the lone Mini-Con panel from the trio of Air Defense panels. When it awakens, he tells it of it’s future... to seek out the other Mini-Cons and form his saber sword.

13. Swoop

The episode starts with Cyclonus and Blackout searching an area of mountains and forest for the Autobot’s base, with Megatron and the other Decepticons communicating with him from their moonbase. After he finds a signal, the group prepares for an attack. Carlos, Alexis and Rad stand outside the Autobot base with Fred and Billy, showing them the base when the alarm sounds. The children leave Billy and Fred and run off for the Command Center... and the two take off on their own to search the base. Optimus and the children review a map of the base when Optimus says that a warp gate has opened within a tunnel... and on-screen they watch Megatron and the other Decepticons warp in! Optimus has Red Alert activate Hot Shot’s Internal Defense System when Carlos finally realizes that Billy and Fred are not with them. We then find the two lost within the base as the Decepticons walk by. They continually mispronounce the Decepticon’s names and run for cover as the defenses activate. While the Decepticons shield themselves, Alexis notices Billy and Fred in the background, and asks the Autobots to stop firing. The Autobots realize that the Decepticons are tracking the signal of the two dormant Mini-Con warriors, and move out to lure their enemies away from the Command Center. While the Autobots leave, Alexis finds the two bullies and the children decide to try and help them. Meanwhile, the Decepticons detect the Mini-Con’s movement when Hot Shot confronts the group. He rushes forward, only to be caught by Megatron’s “horns”. Only a scream by Optimus Prime manages to distract Megatron and drop him. With the Decepticons confronting the group, Smokescreen activates, well, a smokescreen and the Autobots escape through a closing door. Optimus orders Hot Shot to hide the Mini-Con Panels as Megatron and the other Decepticons pound on the door to follow the Autobots. Megatron manages to blast the door open, only for the group to find Hot Shot waiting in vehicle mode. He rushes off with Megatron in hot pursuit. The other Decepticons are caught behind another closing door while they scramble to follow as well. Demolishor is left to blast open the door that closed when Smokescreen surprises him from behind and immobilizes him with his grappling hook. Starscram manages to find Red Alert within another portion of the base, and enters what ends up being a hall of mirrors on which he fires at every sight of Red Alert. All this nets him, however, is a trip down a ventilation shaft in which he has to transform to vehicle mode just to not crash and burn. He eventually crashes at the bottom of the shaft, and Red Alert seals him in. In another part of the base, Rad, Alexis and Carlos find Billy and Fred, only for the group to be find by Cyclonus! They run away from him and manage to dash into the Warp Room, and Cyclonus follows. Rad manages to get to the controls, however, and activates them... sending Cyclonus to a mountainous area where “he can cool off for a while”. Hot Shot has managed to lure Megatron into a trap where he and Optimus attack... leaving Megatron grasping onto two electrified conduits. He manages to endure the torture howerver, and fires on the group continually until the poles malfunction, leaving him standing over Hot Shot. Sonar is unleased and the two other Minicon panels are activated... leaving Runway and Jetstorm to combine with Sonar to form the Star Sabre! Megatron takes control of it for a brief moment until Hot Shot manages to surprise him and take the sword. After a brief Evolution Mode volley from Megatron the children show up and convince Hot Shot to powerlink with the Star Sabre and attack Megatron. He rushes forward and deflects Megatron’s attacks and attack the Decepticon leader, leaving a tread slashed and horn damaged. With that the Decepticons retreat, and Hot Shot falls exhausted. As the Autobots regroup from the attack, Optimus puts Hot Shot in charge of the Star Sabre and everyone celebrates their victory over the Decepticons and the protection of the sword from the Decepticons. On the moon, Megatron is repaired and vows to seek his revenge on the Autobots once and for all...

14. Overmatch

A lone cloaked figure sits on top of a rocky spire in the moonlight while Starscream blasts overhead and Demolishor scrambles across the rugged landscape below. Starscream transforms and tries to grasp onto a nearby rocky spire, and Cyclonus finds a green glow in a cavern above him. While he climbs up to what appears to be a Mini-Con position however, Hot Shot appears, and calls up on the Air Defense team to form the Star Sabre. Using its power, he confronts Starscream while Smokescreen climbs up after the Mini-Con. Hot Shot disables Starscream with a slash of the Star Sabre and tosses him off the spire, and then leaps after him, slicing Starscream’s sword in two. Cyclonus attacks Smokescreen, who has reached the Mini-Con panel, only to be hit by the remnants of Starscream’s sword. Megatron watches from below, scowling about the Star Sabre beating him again. He urges Demolishor into battle with Hot Shot and Optimus Prime tackles Megatron from above. The Autobots have the upper hand, and in the usual fashion the Decepticons retreat. The Autobots regroup, with Smokescreen announcing his new Mini-Con partner Liftor. As Hot Shot is confident about the power of the Star Sabre that lone figure is seen again in the distance. Meanwhile, back at the base, Alexis and Sureshock have gone to the grocery store, with Sureshock in disguise. They bring back some groceries for the children to put in the base’s refrigerator, and then discuss defending the base with Red Alert. He stayed behind while the remainder of the Autobots went off in search of the newest Mini-Con alert. Red Alert shows the children Laserbeak, and said that the little friend has had an upgrade and now can hear them from much longer distances. The Decepticons regroup on the moon, with Megatron planning to attack the Autobot base again, when the figure appears at their base! He is introduced as the mercenary Scavenger, and he scolds Megatron on his team’s battle skills. Starscream challenges him to a fight and he agrees after the warrior’s arm has healed he will challenge him. He then leaves. Back on Earth, Scavenger (still in his cape) finds a yellow Mini-Con under a rock while we see Laserbeak fly nearby. Meanwhile nearby, Hot Shot faces off against all of the Decepticons! Optimus and Smokescreen stand back, watching and cheering the warrior on. Suddenly, Scavenger appears and interrupts the battle! He calls down to Optimus, and Prime explains to the group that Scavenger was the one who taught him how to fight.... but now is a mercenary. Hot Shot attacks Starscream and the two stand off, both using their swords to clash. In a final set of blows, it appears that Starscream has the upper hand... but Hot Shot manages to break free and destroy the Decepticon’s sword again. Scavenger then interrupts the battle, and challenges Hot Shot to battle. He charges into battle, and Hot Shot’s skill is not enough to defeat the warrior. In fact, he is barely able to hold his own, and is eventually overwhealmed by the powerful mercenary. Megatron sees an opportunity to grap the Star Sabre, but Optimus moves between the Decepticon and his quarry. The Decepticons retreat as the opportunity to capture another Mini-Con is revealed. Back at the Decepticon base, Megatron tries to unlock the gold panel, to no avail. Demolishor speculates that the Minicon may be similiar to the Star Sabre team, and Scavenger chides the two for not knowing that this Mini-Con is part of the legendary shield that can block the Star Sabre as the episode ends...

15. Gale

A blast hits down on a busy highway, and a purple motorcycle rushes out of it and into traffic.... Hot Shot trains in the Autobot base, and remembers the fight with Scavenger in the previous ep. Rad, Carlos, Billy and Fred watch on as he trains, until a Mini-Con alert comes in and the group assembles in the Control Room. The signal is coming from a highway tunnel, and the group (including Billy and Fred) head out to the scene. Demolishor, Blackout and Cyclonus watch over a tunnel in the road as the Autobots drive up. Nearby, the same purple motorcycle pulls over, being ridden by a black driver. The driver jumps the side and onto a path to the side of the road. Meanwhile below, Scavenger digs for the Mini-Con panel and Megatron gets word from Cyclonus that the Autobots are on their way. Above, Cyclonus knocks out a tractor and it starts a traffic jam. The jam forces the Autobots to stop, but Hot Shot powerlinks with Jolt to take off over the congestion. Optimus lets Billy and Fred out (who happen to be in Autobot jumpsuits like the rest of the children), and as he pulls away saying they would be safe there the purple bike pulls up. It (the bike) says it has room for one of them to come with him... and the children ask if he is an Autobot or Decepticon. Meanwhile, Hot Shot is driving along when Scavenger confronts him. The two face off and Rad links Red Alert into the battle via Laserbeak. Meanwhile overhead, Cyclonus has a lock and Hot Shot and he fires... only to miss! The purple bike suddenly makes an appearance in the ensuing cloud of dust and rushes down the moutain carrying Billy. Scavenger tries to stomp on him while Optimus calls over the radio saying he doesn’t remember a motorcycle Transformer. The bike stops near Rad and Carlos, lets Billy off and takes off again. This time it and it’s rider race toward Cyclonus, and manage to knock him out of the air with a well placed jump. This allows Hot Shot to focus back on his battle with Scavenger, and Alexis shows up with the children’s Mini-Cons. Hot Shot and Scavenger face off again, and Hot Shot again takes the fall... much like thier previous fight. The motorcycle and rider sit atop a nearby rock outcropping, and watch as the two robots race toward a nearby bridge. At a junction, Hot Shot makes the turn and heads toward the tunnel, with Scavenger and the Motorcycle in chase. He enters the tunnel, and passes Optimus and Red Alert, who were engaging the Decepticons. When Hot Shot leaves the tunnel, he jumps off the uncompleted bridge, and powerlinks with Jolt to “vanish” from the persueing Scavenger. As the mercenary and Cyclonus show up on the scene, Hot Shot jumps down from above the group and chops the bridge down and they fall... leaving Hot Shot to talk with the Motorcycle... who claims he is on the Autobot’s side. Meanwhile, inside the mountain, the other Autobots have surrounded the Decepticons who promptly retreat. Hot Shot and the motorcycle appear and the ‘cycle introduces himself as Sideways. As the group finds the Mini-Con, Alexis worries about Sideways... as if there is something funny about him. Back at the base, Billy rides on Sideways and Fred manages to catch a ride on the Mini-Con (Oval) while in the base Rad and Alexis worry about who Sideways really is...

16. Credulous

Hot Shot and Sideways guard a canyon from the Decepticons, with Optimus and Smokescreen in a backup firing position. Hot Shot rushes the ‘Cons position, and manages to make Starscream retreat while the other Decepticons wonder where Scavenger is. The Decepticons manage to run off, but a rush by Hot Shot and Sideways surrounds them. Back at the base, Red Alert, Alexis and Rad monitor the situation. While the Decepticons are surrounded, Sideways find the Mini-Con and Hot Shot activates a new mode, Hyperdrive. He rushes the other Decepticons while Megatron and Sideways wrestle for the new Mini-Con panel. The two Autobots manage to grab onto Megatron when he activates his teleporter, and the group are teleported off. Scavenger was indeed at the scene, looking on as the group warps out. Megatron and the group warp into the moon, and Megatron tries to activate the Mini-Con panel... to no avail. When he cannot, he crushes the panel... and Hot Shot has a flashback over what Sideways has told him about the power of the Star Sabre. Back at the Autobot base, the children and ‘bots worry about their friends. They want to persue, but do not have the location of the Decepticon base. Optimus asks Red Alert to try and triangulate the location of the Decepticon fortress while we see Scavenger warp into the moonbase. He sees the destruction caused by the battle at hand in another part of the base. The Decepticons retreat out of the base while firing on the pinned down Autobots. The two persue, the whole while Sideways worrying about a trap. When the reach the center of a crater, Megatron calls out from a hidden position... claiming that the two are surrounded. Shadowy figures of robots indeed surround the group’s position... and the duo rush their oppressors... only to find Optimus Prime as their opponent! In a small reprieve, we see the Autobots at their base. Red Alert searches a gridfield with Optimus and Smokescreen watching on. Back on the moon, Optimus begins to fire on the group! Sideways and Hot Shot take cover behind a rocky outcropping while a group of Optimus Primes manage to advance on their position. Sideways is dispatched to find the hologram power core, and Hot Shot slices and dices his way through the training field. Meanwhile, Megatron and the Decepticons regroup and they are all told to retrieve the Autobot’s blade. As the entire evil army attacks the two, Hot Shot takes out the majority of the group with the Star Sabre while Sideways goes after Megatron. He and his Mini-Con take on the Decepticon leader, but as Hot Shot and Starscream fight he gets captured... and Hot Shot is forced to a decision... give up the Star Sabre or face Sideway’s demise. He decides to give up the blade to save his partner, and Megatron reaches for the blade as Hot Shot calls for it. Just as he does, however, Sideways kicks it away from him! Starscream takes the blade from the air, and claims it as his own as Sideways shows his true color as a Decepticon! Hot Shot cries out in fury over his loss and betrayal, and the Decepticons en mass attack him. Megatron orders Starscream to finish him, but Scavenger calls from above that there was no need... Hot Shot is allowed to leave and manages to make his way back to the Autobot base... where the others grant him emergency care. On the moon, Starscream trains with his new sword, and Sideways watches on in the Decepticon throne room...

17. Conspiracy

The Autobots are being repaired by their Mini-Cons while the children watch on. After losing the Star Sabre to the Decpeticons, they have begun losing battles left and right. When Billy and Fred make note of that, the other children scold them, and the Autobots moral continues to drop. The Decepticons rally at their moonbase, and gloat over the consistant gain of new Mini-Cons (of which the Street Speed Team, the remaining Destruction Team, Swindle and what appears to be Rollbar are shown) due to the Star Sabre. When Starscream gets overconfident and cocky against Demolishor, Scavenger comments on his lack of respect. Demolishor asks Scavenger to share with him some strategic info on how to defeat Starscream, but he would have nothing of it... and when the other Decepticons are asked about the matter, they dont want to take sides in a conflict amoungst the group. Back on Earth, Hot Shot is feeling pretty low about the loss of the Air Defence Mini-Cons as he sits near the Autobot base. Instead of letting him suffer alone, the kids all come and make funny faces to help cheer him up. Their plan makes him laugh, and when a Mini-Con alert comes in, the group rushes back to base. The Autobots take off to find the Mini-Con in a fog filled forest. In the same forest, the Decepticons have deployed with the same goal. When Demolishor and Starscream get into a heated debate over the recent infighting, Megatron demands they stand down and focus on the mission at hand... to which they reluctantly disarm and fan out to find the prize. At that point, Megatron is left alone with his Mini-Con, and he dispatches Leader-1 to handle the first part of his “plan”. Leader-1 fires into the distance, startling both Starscream and the nearby Autobots... but Starscream goes on a rampage, destroying trees and giving away his position to Scavenger and the other Decepticons. They watchin his unusual behavior and Megatron warns him to be less careless. Leader-1 then returns to Megatron, and they agree to start phase 2 of their plan. Optimus and Hot Shot search for the Mini-Con in a nearby part of the forest when Hot Shot gets too far behind and loses his leader. Instead of finding him again in his search, the Autobot is confronted by Sideways... and the two of them transform and take off into the forest. Optimus is surprised by Cyclonus, Red Alert and Smokescreen by Starscream. Sideways and Hot Shot race through the forest and suddenly the bike downshifts and vanishes into the foliage. When Hot Shot hits the brakes and turns around to chase the Decepticon, he runs into Scavenger, who confronts him on his lack of fighting skills. A brief battle between the two shows Hot Shot is severely overmatched by the former Autobot... who seemingly offers fighting tips to the warrior. In another part of the forest, Optimus easily dispatches Cyclonus, and Red Alert and Smokescreen use their towropes to tie up Starscream... until Demolishor interrupts the battle and frees his Decepticon cohort. Megatron looks on from a secluded nearby position and dispatches Leader-1 to complete another part of his plan. Scavenger is also nearby, and notes Leader-1 leaving the scene. When the Mini-Con fires on Starscream, he again lashes out in anger at the first robot he sees... which just happens to be Demolishor. At the last moment, Megatron manages to block a blow by the Star Sabre, saving Demolishor. The Decepticons all talk about Starscream’s recklessness, and the group agrees to take the Air Defense Team away from the jet. Megatron offers to take the sword to help stop the infighting, and Starscream gives it up to his leader. During the conversation, Blackout calls Demolishor, letting him know hes found the Mini-Con. The group heads to the mountain area where they confront the Autobots, who are also trying to retrieve the panel. Hot Shot and Sideways square off and race into the forest, and Red Alert manages to get the Mini-Con panel. Just as he manages to get ahold of the Mini-Con panel, however, it is blasted away into Scavenger’s awaiting hands. The Decepticons retreat to their mooonbase, and Megatron commends Scavenger for his work in capturing another of the Skyboom shield Mini-Cons. But Scavenger seemingly blows off the compliments and tells Megatron that he is leaving. When Megatron asks him where he will go, Scavenger only comments on how quickly Megatron’s wound had healed... and leaves. In the Autobot base, a security alert goes off as Scavenger races toward the group! Optimus asks to have the doors opened for him, and welcomes the Decepticon with open arms. The Autobot Lader tells the group that Scavenger was working undercover as a spy amoungst the Decepticons. Scavenger flashes his Autobot Insignia... and the group is once again filled with hope. Even though they are outnumbered, the Autobots still have a chance in this war.

18. Trust

Carlos, Rad, and Alexis are in the kitchen area of the base, presumably eating breakfast. Carlos asks what is up with Hot Shot lately, as he has not been hanging out with them much at all. Rad tells him that Hot Shot has been training hard with Scavenger all week. The kids run off to see how the training is going... The kids run into a large warehouse like area of the base. A loud snoring sound... what could that be they ask? Scavenger is lying atop a few of the large crates, snoring, sound asleep. Hot Shot is seen between two crates, presumably lounging has well. Hot Shot is now practicing several karate style moves, while Scavenger still snoozes, nodding halfway in agreement. Carlos questions Scavenger’s allegiance... cut to Red Alert and Smokescreen doing some repairs inside of several circuit panels. Red Alert and Smokescreen are discussing Scavenger as well, questioning many of the same things Carlos is questioning, which Carlos is overhearing the whole time. Decepticon base- Starscream and Megatron are discussing the events of Scavengers abrupt leaving. Demolishor and Cyclonus back Scavenger’s decision, saying that he is only a bounty hunter who’s allegiance is to whom ever is paying him at the time. Sideways steps in and says he hopes that Scavenger gets what he deserves, Megatron orders Sideways to bring him Scavenger’s head. Megatron the slaps Starscream, knocking a piece from him to the ground, Sideways mentions that Scavenger maybe intending to spy on the Autobots for the Decepticons. Autobot base – The kids are questioning Prime about Scavengers allegiance and his motives. Prime backs up Scavenger, stating the Mini-Con he gave to the con’s has a reason. -ALARM- Hot Shot, Smokescreen, and Red Alert rush in... Scavenger is late, still yawning from his napping. Scavenger offers to stay, but Prime says they need him in the field. Prime also says no to the kids coming along, saying that with the Star Sabre in Decepticon control, it is no longer safe. Red Alert stays behind at the base as well. -Warp Out- The Decepticons are already present at the location of the Mini-Con, awaiting the Autobots arrival. Megatron forms the Star Sabre right away... causing Prime to combine into Super Mode. Cyclonus calls for Crumplezone... but actually its Drillbit... and lynx up to his arm. He runs at Scavenger, drill spinning, but gets grappled down. Cyclonus then quickly transforms and flies off, causing Scavenger to call for ROLLBAR! Rollbar lynx up... DOZER CANNON! Cut to Prime and Megatron battling. Megatron is slashing at Prime with the Star Sabre, pushing him further and further back towards the impending ledge to the riving below. The other Autobots are engaged in Armada grappling.... Hot Shot with Starscream and Smokescreen with Demolishor. The kids are watching from the base, spotting Scavenger sneaking up on the other side of the ravine, questioning his intentions, believing him to be setting up an attack on Prime. Megatron now has Prime pinned against the edge of the ledge, with no where to go. Prime then leaps up and disconnects from his “pants”, sending the trailer flying into Megatron’s chest, tumbling him towards Prime. Prime grabs Megatron and drags him over into the ravine with him..... loud rumbling..... Scavenger is quickly approaching.... Scavenger leaps the ravine, saving Prime at the last second, scooping him up in his front loader, and flipping him to safety. The Decepticons rush to the edge for Megatron. The kids comment on the events, and Red Alert reflects on the events of the past between Prime and Scavenger, stating how they fought for many years, ultimately deciding to fight side by side. During this flashback, we get our first glimpse at Scavenger’s Cybertronian mode... and Prime is wielding G1 Prime’s Rifle! Down inside the ravine, Sideways is lifting Megatron out with a set of chains, Star Sabre still intact and in Megatron’s hands. Sideways roars over the ledge, flinging Megatron high into the air, attempting to strike Scavenger for his leaving the con’s side. Prime blasts Megatron out of the air with his “Sparkblast” that he forms from his smokestacks on his wrist. The Autobots then apologize to Scavenger has the Decepticon’s regroup and warp out. The Autobots decide to finally find the Mini-Con they have came to look for. Back at the base, Hot Shot is training even harder, while Scavenger still snores close by, and the kids comment on his loud snoring.

19. Vacation

The Channel 4 Weather crew is reporting from a camping/forest recreational area. A noisy kid runs through the cameras view...... cut to “intro” Alexis riding Sureshock to the base presumably, commenting on how a vacation and some R & R would be nice. Cut to the base.... Scavenger and Hot Shot are engaged in training, Scavenger easily pins Hot Shot.... ALARM! Could it be a Mini-Con? The Autobot crew rushes to the launch gate. Optimus then announces there is no Mini-Con to be found, but they are going on a camping trip for some R & R. Alexis had not been notified, and arguing ensues amongst the kids. Alexis chooses to stay behind instead of going with her friends. Cut to the Decepticon Moonbase – Megatron insists on starting Decepticon 1 on 1 training, while he wields the Star Sabre. He searches for a volunteer, but chooses Sideways after he makes a comment about he should have stayed with the Autobots. A chase ensues.... Red Alert and Smokescreen are creekside, while the kids play in the river basin. Long Arm attaches to Red Alert so he can swing the kids out into the river via his crane. The Weather 4 News Van drives by up ahead, and slows down when the reporter spots the kids playing and the vehicles that they are with. The reporter gets a glance at Grindor and Highwire in Red Alert’s cab before having to drive off, but her driver doesn’t seem to notice. While a storm approaches on the horizon, the child from earlier in the episode joins the kids in their play. When the rain starts coming down, the kids camp out inside Red Alert and Smokescreen’s cabs. There is a flash flood alert and if the flood rises, the damn in the distance will overflow into the area. The kid from earlier is across the basin, and Red Alert and Carlos rush across to save him. They are too late, and get caught up in a landslide caused by the downpour. The two children are buried underneath the mud inside Red Alert. Prime and Alexis are in the base, and radio to Red Alert... once they find out about the accident, Optimus, Scavenger, and Hot Shot rush to the rescue. The Weather 4 team is back on the scene, trying to uncover the Autobots secret. The reinforcements arrive, with the Scavenger and Smokescreen beginning to uncover Red Alert, Carlos, and the kid. The father of the guest child arrives and is ushered inside Hot Shot. Red Alert is freed! Laserbeak flies out and attacks the reporter, causing her to drop her camera. The nearby damn’s floodgates have opened, and floodwaters race toward the group. Prime blocks the river using his trailer, while Scavenger braces behind him. Red Alert, Smokescreen, and the others escape using Red Alert’s grappling line, scaling up the ravine to safety. The skies clear, the child is returned to his parents, and the Autobots disappear from the scene. The weather reporter returns to her van with footage she taped of the scene... claiming that she has proof of giant robots. There is no real evidence that the driver sees however, as both do not note the rather poorly shot footage of the Autobots escaping from the flood. Sureshock and Alexis are fussing at the base when the Autobots return. Alexis and Carlos fuss, before Carlos jokes on Alexis and is chased off through the base.

20. Reinforcement

The episode starts with confrontation from the start.... Megatron is wielding the Starsabre, with his troops backing him up. Demolishor is hastily digging, searching for the Mini-Con to be found. Red Alert sneaks off behind the Decepticon defense, hoping to use his grappling hook to grab the Mini-Con from Demolishor. Before he can, though, Cyclonus blasts Red Alert, causing him to misfire and Demolishor grabs the Mini-Con! Just as soon as Demolishor grabs the panel, a blast shoots from a nearby ridge. It hits Demolishor, and he drops the Mini-Con just as the Decepticons retreat via warp. The unknown assailant leaps from hiding and transforms mid-air, grabs the Minicon, and lands on the ledge above. Optimus announces this new Autobot is Blurr, a reinforcement called in by Scavenger, who trained him. The Mini-Con is Incinerator, Blurr’s Mini-Con. Back at the base, Blurr is introduced to the kids, who question him, but are blown off none the less by the new recruit. Back at the Decepticon base, Demolishor begs for forgiveness while facing Megatron and the Starsabre. The kids approach Blurr yet again with their quesitons, and they still do not get a response. Hot Shot enters as Blurr gets up to leave... but his presence is also ignored. Several of the kids run off behind him, deciding they should sneak up on Blurr. Rad and Billy indeed manage to surprise him, but Blurr turns around and pulls his cannon! He tells them it is a serious time and they should act their age. Hot Shot confronts Blurr, who informs him that he is not here to make friends, just to look for a few good bots to trust in battle. The rest of the Autobots get a laugh at Hot Shot’s expense. Near a racetrack, a falling rock breaks on a mountain side, causing a Mini-Con to break free and activate on it’s own. Downshift is the new Mini-Con, the final piece of the Skyboom shield. The Decepticons warp to Earth to begin the search, and they beat the Autobots to the area. They begin chase, this time at the nearby track. The Autobots arrive shortly thereafter, and Laserbeak flies ahead to get a fix on the Mini-Con. The Decepticons have destroyed a large piece of the track, leaving a rivine running through the ground. Blurr and Hotshot take off after Downshift, battling each other for possesion of the Mini-Con, while Swindle has been momentarily captured by the group. Red Alert contains him until Starscream powerlinks with while flying overhead. Megatron and Demolishor confront Optimus Prime, Scavenger, and Red Alert. Smokescreen has gone to give Blurr and Hot Shot back up. He powerlinks with Liftor, and blasts an attacking Cyclonus out of the sky, but the Decepticon manages to shoots him on his way down. Downshift jumps the rivine, grabbing onto the rocks on the other side. Hot Shot and Blurr both powerlink, flying over the rivine and landing on the other side, chasing Downshift into the stands. Blurr attempts to shoot the stands from out underneath Downshift, causing him to fall.... Hot Shot busts through the stands and saves him before he crases to the ground. Cyclonus flies in and scoops him up, claiming the final piece of Skyboom for the Decepticons. Back at the Autobot base, the kids confront Hot Shot about racing and fighting Blurr for the Mini-Con. Blurr is outside of the base, on a ledge, talking to Incinerator about the events of the day. Hot Shot approaches him, and the two discuss the day’s events. Hot Shot offers his apology, and Blurr accepts. In response to Hot Shot’s appology, Blurr tells him about how he considers Incinerator his partner now, as he has had a change of heart about the Mini-Cons and the Autobots. Back on the Moon.... Skyboom is formed before the Decepticons. Back on Earth, Scavenger, Optimus, and the kids look up at Blurr and Hot Shot has they touch fists in a show of frienship.

21. Decisive Battle

A meteor approaches the moon... and Megatron is ready for it. He calls upon the Skyboom shield and raises it in defiance against the huge rock. As the rock hits the shield he forces the shield against it, defending himself and his nearby Decepticon warriors. After the rock hits the shield it isnt long before the Decepticon warlord is triumphant... and is confident in the fact that it is time to stage one final battle against the Autobots. He shares this news with his warriors, but Sideways protests, saying that maybe they arent ready. Of course, Megatron takes offense to this and continues with his plans anyway. Back at the Autobot base, Hot Shot and Blurr are training by running an obsticle course of steel beams and Mini-Cons throwing debris. Blurr manages to reach the end of the course first, and Hot Shot protests... Until Smokescreen enters the room and tries the course himself, and he also smokes Hot Shot to the flag at the end. The children look on as Optimus calls over the intercom that there is an incoming signal from Megatron. In the Control Room, Megatron is on screen calling for Optimus Prime to face him in one final, decisive battle for the fate of the Earth. Rad protests noting the Decepticons have the Skyboom Shield and the Star Sabre, but Optimus states “No matter what the odds are we have to stop Megatron at any cost.” Blurr and the rest of the group cheer him on (even after a bit of scolding of the reluctant team player Blurr by Scavenger) and the group hightails it for the Warp Room. At the coordinates provided, we see the Decepticons waiting for their rivals to arrive... and see the Autobots rolling in to face them. Megatron calls for the Star Sabre and Skyboom Shield, and prepares to face the Autobot Leader. He jumps down from his post, and is confronted by Hot Shot and Blurr... who’s shots could not break through the Skyboom. The entire Autobot crew attacks after this... and the entire barrage of shots by are no match for the power of the Decepticon Leader’s shield. When Optimus finally faces Megatron on his own the other Decepticons join the fray and attack the Autobots. Megatron and Optimus face off, with Optimus not even scratching the Decpticon’s defenses. The children watch the battle from the base, and realize that the Autobots need to gain the Star Sabre or the Skyboom Shield in order to even have a chance in this war. Meanwhile, back on the battlefield, Hot Shot and Blurr take off to draw fire from the rest of the group... with Cyclonus and Starscream in hot pursuit. The two Autobots alternate taking cover and firing on their enemies until they have managed to pull the two fliers far away from the ongoing battle. Finally the two manage to both attack Starscream, but the flier powerlinks with Swindle to fire his Null Laser Cannons against them. Sideways and Demolishor are hidden behind a rock outcropping and see Starscream attacking the two now defencelsess Autobots.. and Sideways attacks the remaining Autobots by rushing them... until Red Alert shoots him and the bike crashes. Starscream continues the strike against Hot Shot and Blurr... until Smokescreen finally has enough of the situation and powerlinks with Liftor to form an artillery cannon! He shoots Starscream out of the sky, and nearly does the same for Cyclonus until Demolishor manages to knock a boulder out to chase the Autobot artillery. Cyclonus continues his assault until suddenly a single blast from an unknown assailant takes him out of commission as well. Sideways seems to be the source of the blast, and he remains hidden as he says that the rest of the battle is up to the Autobots. Hot Shot and Blurr, now free from airial assault, race to help Optimus Prime... but a quick swipe of the Star Sabre makes them keep their distance. This distraction manages to give Optimus a brief reprieve, and he uses it to grab ahold of the Skyboom Shield... until Megatron turns on him and the shield is knocked into a nearby ravine. The Decepticon cries out for the shield, and then turns on Optimus, who is now defended by Sparkplug... who also calls out for the shield! Megatron raises his sword for the final strike, but the Skyboom suddenly flies forward and blocks the blow, defending Optimus... and a light flashes up into the air when the two Mini-Con teams connect in combat. The children, back at the base, see the beam and liken it to the original set of beams that flashed when they met High Wire. The Decepticons manage to retreat upon realizing they can only hope to have a stalemate in this battle, and the Autobots rally around their leader. They also cheer on Smokescreen and celebrate their victory as Rad comments on the light that raced off into space upon the clash in the desert.

22. Vow

The Skyboom shield saves both Optimus and Sparkplug from certain demise by Megatron. Back at the Autobot base, Rad, Alexis and Carlos are blocked from entry by Blurr and Hot Shot. They tell the children that Optimus has ordered that the children remain away from the base until the Autobots have figured out an attack plan to stop the Decepticons... for their own safety. On the moon, Megatron is going through fighting drills with the Decepticon Captured Mini-Cons. He powerlinks with many of them, and switches into Full Blast Mode against a hologram of Optimus Prime. His training goes well, until Sideways blasts him, stating he should watch out for other Autobot fire on the real battlefield. The Autobots sit at a console discussing strategy as well... with Optimus laying out a plan to utilize Smokescreen’s launching arm to get the Skyboom Shield to anyone who needs it on the battlefield. During the discussion, Sureshock, Grindor and Highwire interrupt, asking why they wont be a part of this mission. Optimus tells the group that the Mini-Cons should avoid the battle because it will be too dangerous. In the nearby forest, the children are discussing how they want to be a part of the upcoming battle when their Mini-Cons meet up with them. Sureshock intercepts a transmission from the moon... a message from the Decepticon-held Mini-Cons. The message? Fred speculates that the Mini-Cons want peace, and the rest of the children agree. Megatron and the Destruction Team talk on the moon, where Megatron praises them for contacting the Earth-based Mini-Cons. It seems that the signal was just a ruse to get the Autobots out in the open! While the children head for the rondeveux point, Megatron prepares his soldiers for the battle, saying he will be the bait for Optimus and the Autobots. When he gets them in position, the other Decepticons should beam down and surround their opponents. Rad and Fred have returned to the cave containing the Autobot base, and radio (via Laserbeak) to tell Optimus about the peace transmission. He and Hot Shot head out to meet the children, but do not listen well to what the two have say. In fact, when the group returns to the clearing in the woods that the signal spoke about, the Autobots come prepared for battle. Just as all of them arrive at the scene, the Destruction Team warps in and then out, followed by a taunting Megatron. Anyone who steps into the clearing seems to fall into a “Warpgate minefield”, ‘Bots and children disappearing via the Decepticon warp technology. Neither side (at their bases now) can get any trace of the group that was lost in the minefield, while we find the whole group teleporting into a remote forest area. The Decepticon controlled Mini-Cons and Megatron fire on the Autobots and children... and the warp gate teleporting continues. The group ends up on the moon, followed by mountainous area. During their trip, Optimus explains about why he will have a hard time convincing the Decepticon-controlled Mini-Cons to join them... they consider Megatron a father figure, and will not leave his side so easily. Another warp takes the group to a farmland... where Megatron taunts Optimus into following him through a final warp. Optimus, Fred and Rad end up in a desert area, trapped by Megatron and his Mini-Cons, who seem reluctant to fire on the enemy. A short bit of fire from the ‘Con leader convinces them to fire on Optimus, whlie Rad and Fred try to convince the Autobot leader to not fire on them. While Megatron and the Mini-Cons fire on him, Optimus chooses not to fire back. He advances on their position, the whole while Megatron taunting him and Fred and Rad lamenting over their advice. Optimus finally gets through to the Mini-Cons... who give him a brief reprieve to the fire... until Megatron whips them back into action. In the end, the Mini-Cons again give him reprieve, and Megatron attacks the weakened leader. In a surprise move, the Mini-Cons defend Optimus... but are nearly all overpowered by the Star Sabre-wielding Megatron. At the last moment, the rest of the Autobots manage to warp in, and engage the plan that they discussed earlier in the episode. Hot Shot races forward, and Smokescreen launches the Skyboom shield to him. The brash warrior uses the shield to defend Optimus... and Megatron retreats, leaving his Mini-Con warriors behind. Back at the Autobot base, Optimus discusses what really happened between the Mini-Cons and the Decepticons, and the Autobots appologize for holding the children away from the battle. With the new additions to the Autobot crew, Rad is confident they can continue to turn the tide of this war.

23. Rebellion

The episodes starts with Sideways making a log entry on the moon. He discusses how the Decepticons are losing the battle for the Mini-Cons, or even keep their valued Mini-Cons in their possession. Back at Decepticon base, Sideways sits slumped in the corner as Megatron and his crew returns from a mission. He claims his leg has been damaged... to which a small fight breaks out over the moral of the team. Starscream asks Megatron where the group is headed when the two head into a locked room... and Megatron punishes Starscream for their loss in the previous battle. He attacks the Decepticon warrior, and nearly destroys him, until Demolishor and Sideways blast their way into the room and stop the beating. Starscream manages to survive the punishment, and leaves the base. Demolishor and Sideways follow Starscream out onto the moon’s surface, and when Starscream blasts off to spend some time alone, Sideways asks Demolishor why he is still loyal to someone as deranged as Megatron. With that, the cycle transforms and rides off after Starscream. Starscream, meanwhile, has managed to find some solitude, and lashes out in anger to the silence. Sideways arrives and comments on how Megatron has gone off the deep end, and should not be in charge if he is going to damage his warriors for his own shortcomings. He insinuates that Starscream would be a better leader, and that Megatron is afraid of him... and then rides off to let Starscream contemplate his own actions in private. Sideways is next seen talking with Megatron in his throne room. The discussion goes over why Megatron let Starscream live, and the audience gets the idea that Sideways is trying to play on both Starscream’s and Megatron’s pride. When Sideways implies that the Star Sabre holds the key to the leadership of the Decepticons, Megatron takes offense, and the two finish their conversation with a threat from Megatron. In another part of the base, Starscream laments over this war... he does not see a reason to continue fighting, and when Demolishor confronts him about his “quiet-time” the jet leaves in a huff. Demolishor goes after him, and the two talk while walking down a hallway. They are interrupted by Sideways, however, who gives Starscream orders to guard the Mini-Cons while he goes on a mission. Starscream doesnt understand the reasoning for the order, and because of his pride and hurt over his treatment by the Decepticon leader rushes off to destroy the warp-gate. Back in the throne room, Starscream rushes in to confront the Decepticon leader. When he arrives, he finds that Sideways has arrived ahead of him... and the cycle-bot tells him that Megatron is waiting for him... as if to insite a battle. Indeed it does, and Starscream rushes off to find Megatron where he stands in a desolate part of the moon. When Starscream arrives, Megatron tells him that he will give up the Star Sabre if Starscream can defeat him, which he doubts. The fight begins, and Cyclonus, Sideways and Demolishor arrive to watch. The battle does not bode well for Starscream, however, as he is extremely outmatched by his leader. During the fight, Megatron continually tries to goad Starscream into fighting harder, but the warrrior truely is no match for Megatron. Several punches hit their mark, but Megatron stops the fight and tells the whole group that he intends to make an example of Starscream. Sideways, to himself, realizes that his plan to cause problems amoungst the ranks may not have worked as well as he thought... as Megatron doesnt choose to use the Star Sabre to destroy Starscream. But when a final blow knocks Starscream down, Megatron grabs the Star Sabre and holds it to the jet’s head. The Decepticon leader continues to make an example of Starscream, by telling him why he won... by using the warrior’s weaknesses against him. Sideways realizes Megatron’s weaknesses from the battle... that he left Starscream alive... and he knows that it will eventually lead to his defeat. Later, the Decepticons and the Autobots face off... and Sideways provides commentary. During the fight, Starscream is given the opportunity to strike at Megatron’s undefended back.... but as he decides he is attacked by Blurr with the Skyboom as he heads to defend his leader. The battle ends while Sideways closes with more commentary about how it is good to be a solid unit again... but it is still the Decepticons verses the Autobots for surpremecy.

24. Chase

Red Alert has left the children to patrol nearby the base, while the kids argue about not being able to go out with him. They speak about a new shield used to protect the base, so attacks on the base itself by the Decepticons are unlikely. Optimus Prime and the other Autobots fight Megatron and the Decepticons on a plain while Alexis searches via Laserbeak. Carlos says that Sideways has disappeared from the battlefield, and Rad starts talking to Alexis about the security of her link with Laserbeak. Her computer seems to have allowed someone to hack into the Autobot System, and has implanted a virus in her system. The nasty virus begins attacking her computer, wiping it clean... and then attacking the rest of the Autobot Mainframe. Alexis has some serious problems with trying to shutdown her computer, and while she and the Mini-Cons work, an image of a robot appears on the Main viewer. A stream of light flows from the screen, and a holographic image of Sideways appears in front of the group! Instead of attacking the hologram, the kids pick up pipes and attack the Mainframe, attempting to shut down the virus at the source. The Mini-Cons try to attack the hologram while the kids end up trashing the computer... causing explosions to rack the base. The hologram, in the meantime, screams out asking the kids to stop... until the light becomes a vortex and the hologram explodes! A rainbow light fills the room and the Mini-Cons and children seem to be sucked into Cyberspace! Back on the battlefield, Laserbeak falls from the sky, and ends up getting crushed by Megatron. Hot Shot notices the fall, and yells out to his teammates that something must have happened to the kids. Indeed it has, because back at the base, Billy and Fred run to the control room. They enter in, and see the whole room’s occupants colored with static and alternate colors... a very strange occurrence. The two remaining children begin to freak out until Fred sees a vortex on the main viewer... The children wake up in a “weird fourth dimension” as Rad puts it. They float around strange spinning grids and planets... and not even the Mini-Cons know where they are. Rad and Carlos make fun of the situation they are in by swimming and dancing, until Sideways shows up! He tells them that they are trapped in Cyberspace, and tells them that he hacked into the computer to gain access to the Autobot’s database. He took them out of the picture so he could continue his work, and demands that the children turn over the Mini-Cons to him. He races around the group in a circle, and before he races off he manages to chase the group quite a ways the Cyberspace wasteland that they are trapped in. The children and Mini-Cons manage to lose him and end up flying through what appears to be Outerspace... and worry about their predicament. After a short bit of floating, Highwire points off into the distance toward a bright light. Rad notices it as Cybertron, the home planet of their friends. The group flies toward it, and we are treated to another view of the robotic planet while two lights blasted toward the surface. Various buildings and a shadowy jet are shown amongst the surface as the group rushes toward the planet’s surface! They end up flying right through the planet, and guess that the planet was another hologram! Just as they are home free, Sideways shows up and grabs Sureshock! The children confront him with no fear, and he gets quite irritated. Back at the Base, the Autobots, Billy and Fred are looking over the consoles searching for info on what happened while the children protect their Mini-Con friends and disbelieve the illusion they are trapped in. This all irritates Sideways even more, as Alexis realizes that Sureshock (called Grindor) is told to not believe Sideways is real. He fires on the group, but the lasers just fly right through them, causing no damage. Just as he fires... a weird metallic bending sound is heard. He begins to apologize to some unseen force... while Red Alert analyzes the data found on Alexis’s terminal. Just as he accesses that data, the children see the light from the screen and rush toward it... only to be chased by a HUGE planet with horns and yellow glowing eyes! A weary Rad wakes up on the floor of the Autobot base... with the Autobots and children cheerful and happy. The ‘Bots had returned to the base to save their friends... and Carlos, Rad and Alexis relate their experiences to the Autobots. Rad wonders about the whole experience, asking if what he saw was a dream... or not...

25. Tactician

The episode starts off with the space shuttle exploring space near an asteroid field... where it has a ‘unique’ experience. A bright light seemingly flies out of nowhere, and scans the shuttle, only to appear as a near replica of the shuttle a moment later. Back at the base, the kids were talking about this, unsure of what to make of it. On the moon, in the Decepticon base, we see a figure land and walk through the base... down a hallway toward a storage room. The figure appears cloaked, and it is difficult to tell who, or what it is.... only a ripple in space seems to show it’s presence. It opens the door to the room, and talks to the Mini-Cons who are being held (in the dark) within. The Mini-Cons (including the Air Defense team, the Air Military team and also Inferno) all look up to the hidden figure, who chooses Inferno for his personal Mini-Con, and takes the robot with him on his way out of the room. Meanwhile, a battle between the Autobots and Decepticons rages on Earth. The children and Red Alert watch from the base, as usual, when they see Sideways on the battlefield. The discussion notes worry about him hacking their system again, when Alexis mentions that Red Alert has installed a new firewall. Back at the battle, Laserbeak finds the Mini-Con and Scavenger heads for it. Megatron sends Cyclonus after the bulldozer. The Autobots attempt to cover Scavenger, but Megatron calls on the Star Saber and the Decepticons charge the Autobots. Smokescreen passes the Skyboom Shield to Prime in an attempt to defend his leader. A fierce battle rages on between the two leaders as their warriors pair off in a skirmish. On the cliff, Scavenger continues to climb the cliff when we hear the voice of the hidden figure appear on the nearby bluff. He complains that Megatron is not using the sword to it’s full capacity. Down below, Smokescreen manages to get the best of Megatron, and when Scavenger announces he has the Mini-Con, the Decepticons retreat. As they retreat, however, Scavenger sees a wisp of dust fall where the hidden warrior was standing. Back at the Decepticon base, the Decepticons fight amongst themsevles, only for the hidden warrior to announce himself by tripping up Demolishor and mocking the other Decepticons. The warrior is called Thrust, and rumor has it that he has never been defeated in battle... a grand strategist. Back on Earth, the children greet the new Mini-Con, Dunerunner, and the Autobots talk about their position in the battle with the Decepticons. The Decepticons practice for battle at their base, Sideways taking time to himself... while Thrust notes his ‘private time’. A short time later, Megatron consults Thrust about battle plans, during which Thrust asks for the use of the Star Sabre during his battles with the Autobots, to which Megatron grants him after a bit of convincing. The Decepticons meet up in the Throne room, and Megatron commands them to follow Thrust in battle this day, with Starscream as his second in command. Megatron demands nothing but victory from his troops, and Thrust assures him of such in the fight. Back at the Autobot base, the alarm goes off and the Autobots race to the Warp Room, leaving Red Alert behind to watch over the children. The Decepticons seem to be a step ahead of the Autobots, and Thrust commands the troops to be prepared at their posts for his command. When the Autobots arrive, Starscream calls over the intercom and the Decepticons begin their attack, pinning the Autobots down in a gully. Smokescreen manages to shield the Autobots with the Skyboom Shield, until Optimus decides that they need to get out of the gully. He transforms and rushes the front line, until Megatron blocks his path. Just as Scavenger rushes forward to take the Skyboom Shield to Prime, Thrust, Starscream and all the jet Mini-Cons rush their position, keeping the remaining Autobots pinned in their position. Optimus retreats into an open area, and Megatron, with the Star Sabre manages to knock him down... until a light suddenly appears in the sky, and the space shuttle seen at the beginning of the ep races in, taking out the airial attackers! It transforms into robot mode, and calls himself Jetfire while shooting down Starscream, and then he takes on Thrust in the skies overhead. Meanwhile, Optimus gets a much needed repreve and the other Autobots manage to back up their leader while Megatron calls for a retreat after seeing he is completely outnumbered. Above the battlefield, Jetfire stops his assault as Thrust warps out... and he lands next to the other Autobots and the whole group rejoices in his presence as the episode ends.

26. Link Up

A fierce battle has left Optimus Prime in need of repairs, and Red Alert has him docked in the repair bay awaiting repairs. The medic tells the children that his hope is that the Autobot Vice Commander can take off some of the heat until Optimus is back on his feet... and when Hot Shot comments on Jetfire’s sense of humor, the children laugh. At the Decepticon’s Moon Base, Demolishor insults Thrust’s previous battle plan, and how they lost. It seems that all the Decepticons have an issue with the prior battle, but do not take it to heart, all that is... except Demolishor. Thrust convinces Megatron that his next plan will not fail as a meteor shower helps him emphasize his point. Back at the Autobot command center, Smokescreen and the other troops talk about the last battle, and how Thrust’s presence made all the difference in that skirmish. When Hot Shot claims he hasn’t heard of him, Blurr explains about battles on planet Vector, planet Orga and planet Duke... in which the Decepticons where lead by Thrust to victory. The children are confident, however, that Jetfire can even the odds. Just as the conversation takes an upswing, High Wire chimes in saying that a mysterious jet has been flying overhead for quite some time. Jetfire leaves immediately to face Thrust, and tells the Autobots not to tell Optimus about his brash decision. Jetfire quickly catches up to Thrust, but he leads the Autobot VC into a trap! The Decepticon fliers and their Mini-Cons all begin to attack him. Jetfire manages to get a shot out at the incoming Decepticons, but does not hit any of them as they surround him. The children back at the base cheer him on, but the Mini-Cons fly strafing runs around him, with Cyclonus and Starscream firing on him as well. Starscream lets loose a blast from his Null Laser Cannons, and thankfully Jetfire manages to dodge the blast. Back at the base, the Autobots realize that Jetfire needs help, and they search for a way to warp in and help their VC. They find their way in via a nearby island, but when they arrive they are ambushed by Demolishor and Sideways, who pin them down. Scavenger and the children realize that the Autobots and Jetfire cannot hold out in this battle, and call down to the repair bay for Red Alert to hurry his repairs on Optimus. On the island, Hot Shot tempts Megatron into battle, who powerlinks with the Star Sabre and rushes prepares for a strike against the Autobots. Smokescreen stands ready for battle, but Blurr convinces him that it is best to retreat... and the group rushes off in vehicle mode to a more secure location. Back in the air, Jetfire dives in an effort to ditch the Mini-Cons and avoid a strike from Starscream’s cannons. His manuever ends as he realizes he has to take out Starscream before this battle is over... and he flies up to meet him... only to get surrounded once again by the Mini-Con warriors. Red Alert contacts the Command Center, in hopes of getting a report on the battle.. and he rushes out of the room without noticing the wires suddenly disconnect from Optimus! A warning from the launching dock brings the Autobots’ attention to their leader on the launchpad... who demands to be warped to Jetfire’s location above the ocean! Scavenger reluctantly agrees, and initiates the launch. Optimus warps into the battlefield above Starscream, and begins a rushed decent to attack Thrust, who dodges the diving Autobot Commander. As Optimus passes Jetfire, he gives him a glance, and the Autobot VC gives chase.... catching up to him just above the ocean as Starscream fires his cannons once more! At the last moment, Jetfire powerlinks with Optimus to form a new configuration with the Autobot Leader... Jet Convoy! The duo quickly dispatch of Starscream, then race down to the island below, where they quickly take out the Decepticons there as well. Sideways and the other Decepticons manage to retreat, and Thrust watches in secret from the clouds until he transforms and takes off to regroup with the other Decepticons. Back at the base, the children, Scavenger and Red Alert comment on the battle, and how Optimus and Jetfire are true heroes. The other Autobots talk on the now calm battlefield about Jet Convoy and Jetfire’s rash decision to chase Thrust as the episode ends.

27. Detection

Within the Autobot base on Earth, Jetfire and Smokescreen are in the midst of several arm wrestling contests. While the bots test their might, the kids and Hot Shot look on. Jetfire comes away with the final victory. As Alexis reflects on the lightened mood since Jetfire has arrived, Jetfire cracks a few cocky jokes amongst the group. At the Decepticon moon base, Thrust confronts Megatron and the rest of the Decepticons about the recent lack of teamwork. Megatron grows angry at Thrust, and threatens a slash with the Star Sabre before being stopped by the revelation of Thrust’s newest plans... to acquire the Skyboom shield and add even more Decepticon reinforcements. Thrust then speaks of another issue at hand... and walks over and faces Sideways. In space, a large battleship, shadowed against the stars passes in front of a planet. Back to the Autobot base on Earth, Red Alert is giving instructions on tech repairs and upgrades to the rest of the Autobots. Hot Shot is just not getting the instructions, so he leaves to find Jetfire. While Hot Shot is looking for Jetfire, he mentions to the kids that once all the Mini-Cons are found, the Autobots will return to Cybertron. When Hot Shot locates Jetfire, he is in the process of reviewing previous battle data. Several clips from the previous episodes are shown here, starting at the begining of Armada up untill the appearance of Sideways. The group then discuss’s how Sideways turned on the Autobot’s. Demolishor and Sideways are meeting deep within the Decepticon base, discussing how Thrust is attempting to overthrow Megatron and does not have his interests in mind. Sideways convinces Demolishor to take out Thrust, but then decides to do so his self. Jetfire has found some very interesting battle footage that shows Sideways attacking Cyclonus during battle. The group then questions Sideway’s true intentions, and just why Sideway’s helped the Autobots in battle if he were a Decepticon. Thrust is searching for Megatron outside the Decepticon base when he is ambushed by Demolishor from underneath a pile of rubble. Demolishor grabs Thrust by his feet and proceeds to sling him into space has Sideways watches on. Sideways is now shown deep within the base....reporting to an unknown entity via a communicator that the Autobots are now even with the Decepticons in terms of power. Starscream walks into the room and catches Sideways in the act, followed by the remainder of the Decepticons. Thrust confronts Sideways about being a spy, causing Sideways to escape through a hidden door that forms through a splitting wall inside the base. Thrust gives chase through the air. Back at the Autobot base, Jetfire and the kids discuss trusting Sideways, and his true intentions. Fred mentions his hunger several times, which is followed by Jetfire stating that Sideways should never be discussed again. Back to the moon.... Sideways has turned invisible as Thrust searches for him amongst the rubble...Inferno, Thrust’s Mini-Con, has invisibility has well. Sideways reappears and grapples with Thrust, causing Sideways to form into a digital static form and morph to another location, then regain his form, while still staticy to the eye. Megatron leaps into battle from a cliff above, slicing the digital Sideways in half with the Star Sabre. Sideways reforms, and is promptly blasted by the Decepticons on the cliff above. Megatron calls them off however, and proceeds to slice Sideways through and through, time and time again, till he is left in a pile of digital “goo”. Several tenticles rise up from the goo... forming the Rider head of Sideways. The head informs Megatron that “I am one virus you will never be able to elimnate, I can change my appearance as I please, and I can fight at any power level. There are millions of Mini-Cons out there to be found – let’s see who wins that race!”... then flies off into space, leaving a trail of digital static behind. Flash to a battle on Earth between the Autobots and Decepticons. The shadowy ship approachs, entering the Earths atmosphere as the battle begins.

28. Awakening

The episode begins by returning to the battle on the beach of the previous week. As battle is being engaged, Tidal Wave storms across the battlefield, knocking away all in it’s path. Tidal Wave slides across the beach and into the ocean, where upon Thrust’s command, he begins to fire on the Autobots, pinning them on the beach in defense. Inside the Autobot base, Red Alert and the kids watch has Tidal Wave unleashes on the Autobots. Smokescreen attempts to get a crane cannon shot off, but is blasted by Starscream. Jetfire gives chase, transforming and flying into the sky. Hot Shot and Blurr have formed a plan of their own, and powerlink with their Mini-Cons, racing across the beach, avoiding the fire of the Decepticons has Smokescreen gives cover fire. Hot Shot and Blurr dissappear into the waters beneath Tidal Wave, while Red Alert theorizes they are going for an attack on Tidal Wave’s blindside, underneath him. Jetfire and Thrust grapple above, but Thrust uses his invisibilty to break free. Jetfire opens fire on Tidal Wave, causing him to turn his attention away from the Autobots on the shore. Thrust engages Jetfire has well, along with his Mini-Con Inferno. Hot Shot and Blurr unleash several torpedo like shots from below, slamming into the side of Tidal Wave. Hot Shot and Blurr race up to the sides of Tidal Wave, overturning him in the process, and standing atop his overturned hull in triumph. They then turn their attention to Thrust, whom they refer to has “conehead” in this instance. Back inside the Autobot base, Red Alert and Alexis have detected three new Mini-Cons, one they are on top of, one above them, and one in yet another location. One seems to be frozen. The street team inform the group that the frozen one is inside the Autobot base. The street team, along with Rad, Carlos, Fred, and Billy go in search of this Mini-Con, while Red Alert and Alexis stay put. Each of the three Mini-Cons begin to activate. Tidal Wave begins to sink, then sinks to the bottom of the ocean has battle continues. A flash of light from the bottom.... Tidal Wave has transformed and is rising again. Back at the Autobot base, Alexis figures that one of the Mini-Cons, the one in the sky, is actually on the moon above them. Sideways appears on the screen, and informs her that she is correct. Deep within the base, Carlos theorizes that these three Mini-Cons may be a combiner like the Star Sabre or the Skyboom shield. Sideways continues to give information to Alexis and Rad Alert, telling them of the great Requiem Blaster, a weapon so powerful that it can shoot clear across space itself, and it is the Autobots only hope in this battle. The battle continues on shore, Tidal Wave rises out of the waters, fully transformed. Tidal Wave begins assault on the Autobots at Megatron’s command, pinning them in defense again with the ‘Laser Cannonball’ attack. Back at the base, the kids continue to search for the frozen Mini-Con. Fred discovers the Mini-Con as he falls through a hole in the floor. Tidal Wave continues to unload on the Autobots with the Laser Cannonball attack. Jetfire and Optimus Prime powerlink into Jet Convoy mode, and begin assault on Tidal Wave, but much to no avail has he continues to advance on the Autobots. Sky Blast is discovered to be the Mini-Con within the base, has the group stands around him, admiring this new Mini-Con. Jet Convoy is blasted from the sky during battle, loosing his rifle....he gives chase, almost catching it again before it splashes into the ocean below. Tidal Wave hits Jet Convoy directly, blasting him into the shore. The Autobot races up the shore, seeking cover from the ever advancing Tidal Wave. Back at the base, Sky Blast attacks Highwire has he is approached. Sky Blast runs in an effort to escape the search group, but is quickly chased after.

29. Desperate

Desperate opens to the Autobot’s has they are pinned down under heavy fire from the Decepticons and an advancing Tidal Wave. Flashback to last episode – Carlos is stalking over the flashback, mentioning the new Mini-Con, and the Requiem Blaster weapon that Sideways mentioned last episode. Inside the base, the kids and the street team are trying to convince Skyblast to join them in helping the Autobots. Skyblast fires off several shots at the group, prompting Perceptor to combine and approach Skyblast, causing him to hide behind Rad. Back to the beach battlefield, Tidal Wave is still advancing on the Autobots. Hot Shot attempts to stop or atleast stall him with the Skyboom shield. While Tidal Wave is focusing on the Sky Boom shield and Hot Shot, Jet Convoy flies in, kicking Tidal Wave in the throat and knocking him to the ground. Jet Convoy then flies into the sky and above the clouds.. where he is met by Thrust and the Air Military team. Back at the base, the kids are discussing finding the other 2 Mini-Cons to form the Requiem Blaster. Back to the battle, Jet Convoy is under serious fire from the Air Military team. Tidal Wave combines with Megatron, allowing Megatron to fly up over the clouds to confront Jet Convoy. On the beach, the Autobots are ambushed from behind by the decepticon ground Mini-Cons. At the base, the kids continue to try and coerce Skyblast into helping them help the Autobots. Skyblast finally agrees, and the group leaves with Red Alert. Red Alert warps onto the battle field, and immediately encounters fire from the Decepticons. Hot Shot runs to their aid, but encounters Cyclonus. Thrust flies in, attempting to ambush Red Alert. His effort is quickly thwarted by Blurr. Thrust tells Blurr that he knows of the weapon that Sideways has spoken of, and knows that is what they are after. Red Alert transforms and engages Thrust, causing Blurr to chase him from the scene. Flash to the ongoing air battle with Jet Convoy and Megatron, who is now wielding the Star Sabre. Smokescreen loads the Skyboom shield and fires him into the sky, where Jet Convoy uses it to shield himself from the fire of the Air Military team and Megatron. Back with the kids and Red Alert, Carlos and Rad are discussing the past and why the Mini-Cons are reluctant to fight for either side. The group comes under attack.....and Red Alert is hit directly. Red Alert is now down, unable to move. Hot Shot rushes onto the scene, blocking the next attack from hitting the kids or Skyblast. In the aftermath of the attacks, Skyblast goes forth and begins to call the other Mini-Cons. In the air battle, the Star Sabre and Skyboom shield begin to glow and pull towards each other... clashing together, sending off a signal to the ground and one all the way to the moon. The signal activates both of the Mini-Cons, Payload first on Earth and then Astroscope on the moon. Thrust dissappears and gives chase to Payload. Megatron slices at Jet Convoy, slicing him in half at the waist, causing Prime and Jetfire to disconnect. Skyblast calls again to the others, causing the three to form the Requiem Blaster in mid air and to fall into the falling Prime’s hands. Thrusts reappears and try’s to gain control, but is kicked away by Prime. The falling Prime then uses the Requiem Blaster to brace himself as he is falling, blowing a huge lasting hole in the water landing inside of it, Requiem Blaster in hand.

30. Runaway

The battle fought recently has brought forth the Requiem Blaster, and the accompanying Mini-Con team, but some of the Mini-Cons in this battle do not want to fight. On the moon, Mini-Cons work on Megatron and Tidal Wave while the other Decepticons look on. Thrust visits him in the throne room, and promises he will not fail in their most recent plan. Back at the Autobot base, Alexis comments on how the Autobots are now fighting over the use of the Requiem Blaster. Jetfire and Hot Shot convince many of the other Autobots that they should use the blaster to defeat the Decepticons. Meanwhile, Rad, Billy and Fred walk with the new Mini-Con team, speaking of running away. Rad comments on how the Mini-Cons don’t want to be used in this battle, and the children are helping them escape both the Autobots and Decepticons. Carlos and Alexis wait outside with their bikes, and the group leaves together. Thrust stands at a computer terminal, and uses the earth based satellite system to search the planet for the Mini-Cons that form the Requiem Blaster. Cyclonus and Demolishor meet him at the computer, and Thrust enlists their help to search for the team. Optimus discusses the issues at hand with the other Autobots in the command center, and he decides he will make his final ruling on the matter after talking with the new Mini-Con team. But when he sends Sparkplug to search for the team, the Mini-Con returns saying the team has gone missing! The other Autobots note that the children are missing too, and they all decide to go in search of them. At the nearby bus terminal Fred writes a letter to his mother and Billy confronts him about it while the Mini-Cons (in disguise) wait for the bus. Carlos and Rad return with the tickets, and note one of the Mini-Cons talking (as much as a human and Mini-Con can talk). Alexis calls out from nearby that their bus was leaving, and the group rushes off to the platform to catch their bus. Back at the Autobot base, Hot Shot and Blurr finish their search of the base and report back to Optimus. They realize that they must be in the city, and the group heads out in search. Optimus, Smokescreen, Blurr, Red Alert and Hot Shot leave in search, but Jetfire and Scavenger stick around back at base because their alternate modes would stand out too much to the humans. Meanwhile, on the moon, Thrust spots Optimus Prime on the highway and notes that he is up to something. The children are still on the bus with the Mini-Cons as they ask questions about the landmarks they pass. Hot Shot manages to catch up with the bus, but as he does the Mini-Cons onboard note his presence. Hot Shot radios the other Autobots on the road, and they discuss why the children would sneak the Mini-Cons off like they did. Hot Shot keeps pace with the bus until it crosses a set of railroad tracks, and the signal closes the crossing gate behind the bus. Hot Shot is stuck behind the gate, but Optimus manages to beat the train and chase after the bus. Back on the moon, Thrust notes that Optimus is now chasing the bus and formulates a plan. The bus continues onto the highway, and Hot Shot continues to wait at the track crossing. Sideways is caught in traffic along with Red Alert, but Blurr makes the decision to use the side streets The children and Mini-Cons get off the bus in front of a cornfield, and they all make tracks for a nearby secluded cabin. They begin to fix up the old house with a can tripwire, a mirror to view through the window, a rope to climb to the rafters and then they begin to chop wood for a fire. Billy manages to find a set of western-style clothes in a nearby pile and Carlos grabs a hat. In the Decepticon base, Demolishor walks toward the computer room, talking ahead of himself to Thrust, asking when they will go into battle. But when he arrives in the room, Thrust is gone. Back at the ranch, the children and Mini-Cons are having a few minutes of fun, resting on the broken down fence and playing with the nearby wildlife. But when the cans suddenly rattle, the children look up to see Thrust looming over them! They run to the cabin, with Thrust walking over and opening the roof! Alexis manages to blind him with a mirror and the sunlight, and they all get away (for the moment). The leftover logs from the fire manage to slow Thrust down for a moment, but Billy and Fred’s attempt to slow him down more backfires and Thrust nearly killed them if it was not for a lucky shot with a wheelbarrow. The children and Mini-Cons make it to the barn, and run inside. When Thrust arrives, they throw debris through a nearby window at him. Thrust decides to let loose on the now trapped Mini-Cons and children, and demolishes the roof of the barn they where hiding in. Just as they finally feel that the situation is hopeless, Prime blares his horn and runs over Thrust while in his truck mode. This knocks the Decepticon off balance, but he transforms to jet mode and fires on the Autobot leader. Prime falls back into a grain silo, and Thrust blasts forward, only to be blinded by a great deal of flying grain. The jet flies upward to get a good view of the battlefield, and Optimus calls for his Super Mode. Intimidated by the lack of chance he has in winning this battle, Thrust teleports away, leaving Prime with the runaways. After the children and Mini-Cons are safe, the remainder of the Autobots show up on the scene, and they all talk about why the Mini-Cons ran away. Rad explains that the children only wanted to help their new friends, and that the Autobots sometimes only consider the Mini-Cons as tools. Optimus realizes their actions where in fact no better than the Decepticon’s, so he makes a promise that any Mini-Con that does not want to fight will not have to. The other Autobots understand their leader’s decision, and agree and the Autobots, children and Mini-Cons head back to their base.

31. Past (1)

Hot Shot begins having a flashback. We see Hot Shot trying to save Wheeljack’s life. Amidst the fire we see Wheeljack telling Hot Shot to not leave him. But Hot Shot says he’ll be back with help. When Hot Shot tries to get back through to help Wheeljack he was punched out by another Autobot. Sideswipe arrives and reports in to commander Blurr. Blurr, seeing Sideswipe and hearing �Commander Blurr’ can’t remember him. Hot Shot is angry with all this flashback business. Sideswipe is still trying to get Blurr to remember him. He tells the kids and other Bots present that Blurr was aiming a rifle the ropes he was tied up in. But Sideswipe is obsessed with getting Blurr to remember. Blurr keeps trying to get away from Sideswipe which to no avail fails. We see a flashback to Cybertron where Blurr is aiming and preparing to fire at the ropes. But Sideswipe bugs Blurr to the point where he is almost left there. When Blurr frees Sideswipe he leaves and Sideswipe tried to thank him but Blurr was gone and says that it was his mission to find Blurr. Sideswipe makes up a request to go to Earth. Fred and Billy are playing games but get caught by Alexis who says that they shouldn’t. Sideswipe sees Blurr and walks and says that he wants to help him. Blurr is really annoyed by this. Blurr keeps saying “Oh brother.’ Sideswipe trips on something in the floor and falls. Blurr wants Hot Shot to watch over Sideswipe. Optimus agrees with Blurr that Hot Shot should teach Sideswipe the tricks. Hot Shot goes out to talk to Sideswipe. Sideswipe shows that he is really a military type of guy but is weak. Sideswipe exited that Optimus has given him under the command of Hot Shot asks who Hot Shot is. Infuriated by this Hot Shot gets mad and yells at him saying, “I’m Hot Shot!”. Sideswipe is kind of touchy since he gets upset at a lot of things. But Hot Shot is not impressed at all. Sideswipe can’t even fire straight at a target but fires wide. Out on the road Hot Shot tries to teach Sideswipe how to transform and get into an attack posture. But Sideswipe in all his glory transforms and doesn’t prepare while Hot Shot had transformed and aims his gun at Sideswipe. Sideswipe says he tries too hard and Hot Shot said he needs a little practice. We see a black car with an Autobot symbol that has a slash through it. It’s Wheeljack and he has a flashback of seeing Megatron coming to his aid. Sideswipe admits he has a tendency to let his emotions get in his way. Sideswipe tells Hot Shot of how Blurr helped and saved his life and how he owes his life to Blurr. Sideswipe wants to change but Hot Shot tells him it’s not easy to change. He tells him that he must get a goal and work towards that. And he must forget about the past that he needs some fine tuning. Fred, Billy and Alexis play games while Alexis takes off the tank’s head. Sideswipe tries to act tough and not listen to Hot Shot and goes ahead. But Hot Shot quickly gets him under his control and back to his side. Sideswipe sees a black car coming up fast and Hot Shot thinks it’s someone from Earth that is as much of a show off as he is. But Sideswipe’s emotions come into play and he becomes nervous. Sideswipe having fallen behind due to Wheeljack’s moves, and has to play catch up. Wheeljack greets Hot Shot with an evil laugh and shows Hot Shot the scar on his hood. Sideswipe combines with his Mini-Con Nightbeat. Back to another flashback on Cybertron shows us Hot Shot was given the orders by a Transformer that looked like Fortress Maximus that he had Wheeljack as a trainee, the same as now with Sideswipe as his trainee. Hot Shot falls behind as Sideswipe catches up and pursues Wheeljack. Surprisingly Wheeljack uses a cloak and some kind of hologram technology confusing Sideswipe and running him up against the guardrail. Wheeljack successfully knocks Sideswipe off the cliff. Wheeljack and Hot Shot meet each other for the first time since that miserable day on Cybertron... Wheeljack says the Wheeljack that Hot Shot abandoned is dead. Hot Shot begins to apologize to Wheeljack, but finds out that Megatron saved Wheeljack’s life, and now he is devoted to the Decepticon leader. Wheeljack says that he is stronger than ever. The episode ends with Wheeljack aiming his gun at Hot Shot.

32. Past (2)

The show starts off with a flashback showing us that Megatron comes to Wheeljack’s rescue. Wheeljack shoots Hot Shot as an act of revenge. He cloaks and leaves. Hot Shot asks, “Why Wheeljack, Why”. At the Autobot Base, Hot Shot is in the repair room. Sideswipe enters the room, and explains that he carried Hot Shot back to the base after the Decepticon left. Changing rooms, we see Blurr talking with Optimus. He says whoever did that to Hot Shot was not skilled in firing at close range. Optimus is shocked by what Blurr said. Back to the repair room, where Hot Shot disbeleives that Wheeljack is a Decepticon. Hot Shot has the vision of Wheeljack and his past. He was going to get help during the inferno, but he didn’t go in to rescue Wheeljack. Back to a different room, Optimus says that he took Hot Shot into his group because of what happened with Wheeljack. Prime said that Hot Shot has to face his past head-on. At the repair room Sideswipe tells Hot Shot the same thing Optimus said to Blurr. Hot Shot said that he should have stayed with Wheeljack. A different flashback shows Hot Shot going to rescue Wheeljack, but an Autobot orders him not to go. But he got there too late. In the other room Blurr says that they should keep an eye on Wheeljack when Sideswipe runs in and reports that Hot Shot is gone and that he can’t contact him. Outside we see Thrust is on patrol. He notices Hot Shot in vehicle mode racing across the landscape below and follows him. We jump to the kids continuing to play the game from the previous episode. Alexis, Fred and Billy are now playing, with Alexis seemingly winning. Hot Shot arrives at a run down building where Wheeljack should be. They meet eachother and Wheeljack says they need to have a little talk. Wheeljack says that the Transformers and humans have one thing in common. War. And with the Mini-Cons the Transformers will fight more battles. But the two of them are different. So Wheeljack challenges Hot Shot to a fight. Sideswipe is out looking for Hot Shot on the highway, racing toward an unseen goal. Wheeljack says that Hot Shot is hung up on the past. Wheeljack cloaks and comes up behind Hot Shot and attacks him. Hot Shot falls to the ground but manages to get up and fight back. Wheeljack accepts Hot Shot’s moves against him. In the air Thrust sees the fight and decides to just stay and watch. We see that Wheeljack is aiming his gun at Hot Shot, and he says that Hot Shot brought this on himself. Hot Shot walks up and grabs the gun and aims it at his chest, telling Wheeljack to get it over with. But during this fight, Sideswipe comes in and warns Wheeljack to to get away from his partner. Wheeljack says that Sideswipe is out of his league, and welcomes the extra opponent. He blasts Sideswipe, making him fall to the ground. The Decepticon pulls the downed warrior up for protection and blasts the building, which causes a set of explosions. Wheeljack asks this brings back old memories. Sideswipe asks Wheeljack to get off of him because he’s being crushed. There’s an explosion and we see that entire building complex is on fire. Wheeljack traps Sideswipe in the midst of the fire like he was trapped long ago and tells the imprisoned warrior that Hot Shot won’t help him. Sideswipe calls Wheeljack a coward for leaving. In the air, Thrust says it’s time for him to really heat things up. He fires at Hot Shot, but is blasted by Wheeljack for interfering in the fight. We see Wheeljack climbing a tank in the burning factory, and at the top he sees Megatron waiting for him. Megatron says it’s been a long time since he had seen Wheeljack, and the discussion seems cut short by a scene change. Sideswipe calls for Hot Shot to help him, as he is tied to a post atop one of the factory’s silos. Hot Shot says he’s on his way. but Sideswipe tells him to leave because the tank is going to explode. Hot Shot continues to move towards Sideswipe. Waiting as the area around him begins to explode Sideswipe gets frightened. Hot Shot arrives and they manage to escape just as the tank explodes. Lying on the ground, Hot Shot gets up and walks over to Sideswipe and is thanked for saving his life. Sideswipes emotions get the best of him and he grabs Hot Shot and whimpers. At the Decepticon Base, Thrust objects to Megatron for letting Wheeljack join their forces. But Megatron counters Thrust’s objections... saying that Wheeljack should consider himself part of the family. Back at the Autobot base, the kids continues to play the game. Sideswipe says that Hot Shot is like his brother and that “somebody needs a hug”. Alexis says she is playing the game too much and Billy says they told her it was a fun game. Host Shot continuing to run from Sideswipe eventually loses and is caught by Sideswipe and yells, “He Got ME!” as he receives a hug from Sideswipe.

33. Sacrifice

The Autobots and The Decepticons battle in a forest, which is part of Thrust’s plan. His plan is to get the Requiem Blaster from Optimus, but they have to draw the Autobots out of their hiding spot in order to get it. But Thrust and the other Decepticons didn’t know that the three MiniCons that make the Requiem Blaster is in the Autobot Base, where Smokescreen is guarding them. As the children look at the screen, the camera seems to be going crazy, caused by...Sideways. Holding the Star Saber, Starscream tries to get Optimus out, but Optimus and Jetfire powerlinks into Jet Convoy mode. Starscream yells for Cyclonus and Shockwave (or Tidal Wave) as backup, but he later knows that the Decepticons abandoned him. The Children later know that the Decepticons are invading the Autobot base again, this time...To get the Requiem Blaster. They knocked down the door that leads to the room where Smokescreen and the three Mini-Cons are in. The Autobots were busy with the other Decepticons, they didn’t know Smokescreen is fighting Megatron. Optimus heard Smokescreen’s cry of pain, and Megatron weilds the Requiem Blaster. The other Autobots try to get to the room, but they were late. Smokescreen tries to get the Requiem Blaster back, but with a pull of the trigger, Megatron blasted Smokescreen into a wall. Smokescreen is injured, and there was a big hole in him. Still trying to get back the Requiem Blaster, the Decepticons retreat just in time. Smokescreen falls on the ground, and dies.

34. Regeneration

The episode starts when the Autobots, the children, and the Mini-Cons are watching Red Alert repairing Smokescreen’s body. They worry if he will live again... Later, Starscream entered the Decepticon Base, and made Thrust guilty because he closed the warp gate. Megatron stopped Starscream into attacking Thrust. At the energy vat (energy recovering machine) Demolisher tells Starscream to give him the Star Saber. But Starscream refused. When he began drawing the sword from his shoulder, Demolisher changed his mind with fear. After hearing Megatron and Thrust chit-chatting about didn’t believing Starscream would survive, and insulting him, Starscream charged after Megatron. He swung his Star Saber at him, but missed. The other Decepticons heard the noise of the top-half of Megatron’s throne fall on the ground. Looking at Starscream as a traitor, they attacked him, but with Starscreams Null Laser Cannon and the Star Saber, he defeated all except for Thrust and Megatron. Starscream goes into another room, hopefully finding an esape door. But Megatron follows him, holding the Requiem Blaster. Starscream blocks Megatron’s blast with the Star Saber, and escapes in the nick of time. Being chased on Earth by Tidal Wave (or Shockwave), the Autobots detect them flying around Earth. Hotshot and Sideswipe goes after them by themselves, not knowing that Starscream is not invading the Autobot base. Tidal Wave shot Starscream on the left wing, and landed on the ground. He tries to run and hide from the large Decepticon, but he saw the two Autobots going after him. Starscream tries to avoid them, but he can’t. Now Hotshot and Sideswipe were in the chase. But when Jet Convoy appears, Starscream helped him by tossing the Star Saber at Jet Convoy. Jet Convoy caught it, and slashed at Tidal Wave. His second slash missed because of Tidal Wave’s retreat. Back at the Autobot base, Scavenger told the Autobots the reason why he ran away from the Decepticon Base. Hotshot didn’t trust Starscream. Starscream insisted the Autobots to analyze his data. Knowing several codes, Sideswipe volunteered into breaking them to analyze the data. But Hotshot called Starscream on a rocky area, and fought. They were exhausted, but the fight broke up when a boulder came clashing onto the ground. A strange figure was on a bigger boulder. It got down, and charged after Starscream and Hotshot. But the strange Transformer defeat both Hotshot and Starscream, and Hotsot finally knew...It was Smokescreen.

35. Rescue

In the Decepticon Base’s Warp Room, Demolisher curses Starscream while he cleans a mess, only for Starscream to startle him. Before the two can truely settle their differences, however, Starscream mentions to Demolishor that he hopes that he doesnt mind a little company... and opens the Warp Gate for the Autobots to arrive! Optimus Prime, Perceptor, Jetfire, Hot Shot Sideswipe, Scavenger and Smokescreen / Hoist now stand behind Starscream, and Demolishor makes a run for it to warn Megatron of an enemy invasion. The problem with that? Hot Shot blocking his path, and then Starscream using the Star Sabre to attack him. With what appears to be his last bit of energy, Demolishor hits a red button, which activates a warning siren. Megatron Cyclonus, Thrust and Tidal Wave and Wheeljack stand in the Decepticon Throne Room, and hear the klaxon. The Decepticon forces head out to face the Autobots, and Optimus orders Starscream to go with Perceptor and free the Mini-Cons in the base. The Autobots manage to break into the Throne Room... and Starscream draws the Star Sabre with the intent of attacking Megatron. When he disobeys orders, Megatron takes the opportunity to fire the Requiem Blaster at the traitor, but Smokescreen manages to knock him out of the way and deflect the shot with the Skyboom Shield. During the distraction, Megatron escapes at Thrust’s request and the other Decepticons attack the invaders. The children realize that Perceptor is not around in that room, and ask Laserbeak to find him... while Hot Shot is ordered to do the same. Wheeljack tries to impeed him, but a quick blast from Hot Shot’s powerlinked cannon knocks him out of the way and allows Hot Shot the opportunity to continue on with his mission. In a corridor of the base, Perceptor is seen running (skating?) from Demolishor, who chases him quickly and manages to pin him in a dead-end corridor. Demolishor charges up his cannons, and nearly manages to fire on the Mini-Con team until Laserbeak flashes by and slashes his optic sensor, causing him to miss and cause a minor roof collapse. Hot Shot arrives ont he scene and knocks Demolishor down... and the group heads out to find the Mini-Cons. The chidren, back at the Autobot Base, try to track their movements using Starscream’s map, but realize that the base is much different than what was shown. Just as they realize this, however, Perceptor dashes off down a corridor on his own... only to run into Tidal Wave! The group manages to avoid his shots, and Hot Shot distracts the behemoth while Perceptor heads off to find the captives. Perceptor and Laserbeak maange to dash down another corridor , and find a huge room full of Mini-Cons building a spaceship! Apparently, Megatron is forcing them to build this ship for him... and while Perceptor tries to convince them to escape with him he is confronted by Megatron! The Decepticon Leader tries to attack the Mini-Con gestalt, but is eventually overpowered and held mid-air to show the Mini-Cons the Decepticons’ power. When Megatron holds Perceptor in the air, the Mini-Cons all begin to sing. The song is heard all over the base, and back at the Autobot base, the children realize when it happpened last... when Sky Blast called on his teammates during . The Mini-Cons all stand up to Megatron, and surround him... all except Leader-1, who Megatron uses as a gun to shoot off a warning shot. That is... until Hot Shot attacks him! While the Autobot racecar distracts Megatron, all of the Mini-Cons manage to escape up the passage, and Jolt tosses Hot Shot his gun. Hot Shot transforms and takes off down the corridor with Megatron and hte newly arrived Tidal Wave in persuit... only for Tidal Wave to get stuck in a small entrance. Smokescreen shows up on the scene, and hits Tidal Wave with his shovel-arm... only for Tidal Wave to break free and attack him. Back at the Warp Room, Sideswipe organizes the Mini-Cons while they head off to the Autobot base, and the children welcome them with open arms. Hot Shot, meanwhile, faces Megatron on the moon’s surface, and ends up directly in front of Megatron’s cannon... until Starscream slices the end off with his Star Sabre! He and Hot Shot double-team Megatron, and manage to knock him into a pile of debris. Optimus praises their victory, and orders them to fall in and get back to the warp gate. Starscream, however, has other ideas, and stands with the Star Sabre drawn... growling over the thought of leaving his business with Megatron unfinished. Back at the Autobot base, the Mini-Cons continue to warp in and we see Optimus greeting them while Starscream is seen in the background. The Decepticon turncoat is intensly aggitated, and screams that his choice to go with the Autobots was no more right a decision than staying with the Decepticons... and walks out of the room. Optimus hopes that Starscream will eventually come around, and lets him leave for the solitude he is looking for.

36. Mars

Starscream takes out his aggression in a rock field, slicing through rock after rock in an effort to relieve his anger while the children look on from a nearby bluff. Starscream knows that he is wasting his time amongst the Autobots, and has to get to Megatron soon. Later, Starscream sits on a rock, flanked by his Mini-Con partners, Swindle and the Air Defense Team. Alexis visits and tries to comfort him, but is shunned as he walks off. She worries that he will do something drastic� On the moon, Megatron also takes out his anger on some nearby rocks� blasting several formations with the Requiem Blaster. Demolishor, Cyclonus and Wheeljack gossip about the situation, until Thrust shows up on the scene and demands that they continue building the spaceship that the Mini-Cons were working in the previous ep. When the three leave to go work on the ship, however, Thrust hears a familiar voice coming from the nearby trash piles. As he recognizes it to be Sideways, the traitor tells Thrust that the three Mini-Con teams that make up the Skyboom Shield, the Star Sabre and the Requiem Blaster would be much more powerful if they worked together� and that puts an idea in Thrust’s processor. He plans to take the Skyboom and the Star Sabre to destroy the Autobots. At the Autobot base, a Mini-Con alert tells the group that a new Mini-Con has been found on, of all places, Mars. Starscream and Jetfire are assigned to the mission, but Jetfire protests and heads off for the warp room with the Skyboom Shield alone. As Carlos, Fred and Billy ask to leave on the mission too, Starscream rushes forward and blasts off first for the red planet ahead of his assigned partner. On the moon, Thrust and Megatron discuss what has happened. Thrust says he has dispatched Tidal Wave to attack Starscream, and the two discuss the power of the combined three teams of Mini-Cons. Jetfire lands on Mars, and dispatches his partner Commetor to seek out the Mini-Con, while the children try to stay in contact from Earth. While they try in vain, Starscream has also landed on the planet and seeks out Megatron� only to be watched over in a storm above by Tidal Wave. Jetfire weathers the storm behind the Skyboom Shield as he is suddenly blasted from the sky above by Tidal Wave. Starscream notices the commotion, and takes off to face the threat, who he thinks is Megatron. Instead, he is attacked by Tidal Wave, and crashes to the ground below. As he recovers, he contemplates what he really wants until Jetfire comes to his aid. Until that point, however, Jetfire realizes he wont cooperate� so he produces a set of handcuffs, and binds himself to the former Decepticon. The two leave the planet, and head back to Earth, with Starscream under arrest. They fly back through space, and Jetfire tries to explain how the Autobots operate to Starscream. He seems not to get the point of the lecture, but does manage to spot the Mini-Con on the nearby moon. The two head for the Mini-Con panel, and Starscream manages to activate the panel to reveal Firebot! They think everything is going their way until suddenly Tidal Wave attacks! Back a the Decepticon Base, Megatron and Thrust head for the teleporter� Jetfire and Starscream have a hard time defeating Tidal Wave, and only manage to get out of the line of fire� without saving Firebot. The Mini-Con is pinned under Tidal Wave, until Starscream calls out to it, telling it that the Decepticons will only use him as a weapon and slave� but that he and the Autobots will protect him from their tyranny. The Mini-Con fires on Tidal Wave, and the blast manages to knock out Tidal Wave and give the team a chance to rescue Firebot. As the duo escape, they encounter Megatron! He squares off against the Autobots with the Requiem Blaster, but Jetfire wants to turn back. Starscream would rather stay and fight, and before Jetfire could convince him otherwise their Mini-Con weapons begin to glow. The three teams all glow a bright yellow, and the groups are pulled together until a bright light flashes forth! Back at the Autobot base, the children and Autobots watch their terminal screen and try to contact their allies. They speculate for several moments, until Jetfire’s voice comes over the intercom. He tells the group that they have rescued the Mini-Con and jokes about Starscream. In space, Thrust seeks out Megatron, who is floating in space. He, along with Tidal Wave, find their leader and group up with him to head back to their base. The Autobots also meet up with their teammates, and the children talk to Jetfire about him returning with souvenirs. When he tells them he did not the children talk with Starscream, Alexis thanking him for saving Firebot. When he walks off, Alexis finds a rock that Starscream had brought back with him, and she shares it with the other children who all rejoice in their present.

37. Crack

In an unknown location, Thrust listens to Sideways about the combined power of the Star Saber, Skyboom shield, and Requiem Blaster. On Earth, most of the Autobots are on Starscream’s case about his work ethic and not being a regular team player. He re-iterates he joined them to defeat Megatron. Optimus Prime tells Hotshot to first understand their differences with Starscream then procede from there. The kids throw Starscream a surprise party as thanks for his souvenir Mars rock. They give him a hand-made polishing shammy, and he’s humbled by their appreciation as he’s never recieved a gift before. Later outside, Thrust approaches Starscream and tells him to return to the lunar base with the Skyboom shield so they can conspire against Megatron (which is just a ruse). Starscream doesn’t bite but the Autobots treat him like a (re-)traitor. Their accusations cause him to conclude the alliance as a failed experiment. Amidst a Decepticon attack, Starscream tells Thrust he’s staying with the Autobots whom he trusts; Thrust tries to convince him otherwise. Surprising everyone, Starscream grabs the Skyboom shield and joins Thrust as his only chance for revenge on Megatron! He regrets leaving the kids and vows never to forget them before he warps back with the Decepticons, leaving the Autobots in shock as the shammy floats down through the air...

38. Threaten

Starscream brings Megatron the Skyboom Shield and Star Saber, completing the 3 Mini-Con powers (with the Requiem Blaster). Thrust proposes the Hydra Cannon (as Sideways put it). Fred convinces the other kids to skip school to see an approaching comet that has the human population abuzz. Prime hasn’t lost hope in Starscream since he is a Transformer and can still do the right thing. The Decepticons leave the moon in their completed spaceship and test the Hydra cannon on the comet, blowing it up. Megatron then tells Starscream to target the Earth!

39. Crisis

The Decepticons continue to move the Hydra cannon into range of the Autobot base on Earth, and Optimus Prime and Jetfire mobilise to stop them. Before departing, Prime attempts to give Hot Shot the Matrix of Leadership, but Hot Shot does not feel he is worthy. As the Hydra cannon powers up, Optimus and Jetfire attack the Decepticon ship in their combined form, and disengage as the individual Decepticons strike back. The battle lasts long enough for the cannon to be recharged, and Thrust hits the firing control – but Optimus leaps in front of the blast, and uses the power of the Matrix to nullify it. In the process, however, he sacrifices his own life, and as the Decepticons retreat into space, his body disintegrates into space dust, leaving only the Sparkplug and the Matrix.

40. Remorse

In their Spaceship, the Decepticons congratulate themselves on defeating Optimus Prime, They then decide to go straight to Cybertron where Megatron says he will become the ruler of the planet. In the Autobot Base, all the Autobots except Jetfire are carrying on building their spaceship, but Hot Shot decides that it’s a waste of time, so he goes off wandering around the base, he stops at the Warp Room, where he waits for Jetfire to return, when he does Hot Shot tells him to take him into space, but Jetfire refuses. The Other Autobots appear behind him and Hot Shot explains to them what he wants to do, Scavenger comes forward and pull him forward and Warps to the abandoned highway where Scavenger first fought Hot Shot, Jolt follows them, Scavenger starts fighting Hot Shot, while the children and Autobots watch from the base, Hot Shot Transforms and Jolt combines with him and they fly to the other side of the hole in the highway. Meanwhile the kid notice the Autbots have all gone. Back on the highway, Hot Shot is driving along and Blurr suddenly comes up behind him (As a car) and slams him into the side, the a truck comes along in front and they dodge to opposite sides, Hot Shot goes off down a sliproad, then Hot Shot sees Sideswipe parked sideways in the road, Hot Shot continues and Sideswipe transforms and points his gun at him, 5 mincons stand in the way. Hot Shot finally decides to give up and the other Autobots and the children appear behind him, Hot Shot apologizes and the others forgive him, saying that he should become the new leader of the Autobots, then Scavenger holds out a hand as if to punch Hot Shot, but he stops before he hits him, exclaiming that Hot Shot didn’t even flinch, back at the base, Hot Shot decides that he doesn’t want to hold the Matrix and they decide that as soon as the ship is finished, they will find all the other Mini-Cons and then go to Cybertron.

41. Depart

The Autobots are preparing to return to Cybertron and will have to leave the kids behind. Feeling loyal to both his home and the Transformers, Rad tells his parents about the Autobots. His mother reacts coldly, but his father later confides about his own dreams of space exploration when he was Rad’s age. Although he doesn’t believe his story, he tells his son to follow his dream and to promise to return home someday. All the Mini-Cons volunteer for the return mission to Cybertron and the kids have decided to join, but Commander Hot Shot doesn’t allow the humans to come, for their own safety. Perceptor leads the other Mini-Cons to stage a protest until the Autobots give in. All the kids board the ship and Alexis tells Rad she’s sending her parents an email, but she really alerts his father at the Cosmo Scope research center! The Axalon surfaces from the river and blasts off. It’s detected at the research center where Rad’s father considers the authenticity of Rad’s story. In space, the Decepticons spot the Autobots’ ship approaching, but Megatron decides to ignore them.

42. Miracle

Aboard the Axalon, the Autobots bid farewell to Earth, their 2nd home, and the memory of Optimus Prime. Smokescreen has a new name “Hoist” to fit his new reformatting. The Mini-Cons broadcast a signal to some “friends”. Hundreds of glowing, space-travelling Mini-Cons show up to battle the enemy. With the Street Action Team’s help, the kids remember their journey through cyberspace and identify the enemy as Unicron! Blurr pilots the ship through an asteroid field and the Decepticon ship attacks. The Autobots and Decepticons head outside to fight, while the Mini-Cons hurry to battlestations. Out in space, Megatron is taking out the Autobots (and some Decepticons) with the requiem blaster. Sparkplug heads out with the Matrix, and Perceptor summons the glowing space Mini-Cons with the Mini-Con music. The light beams converge in the Matrix and power Sparkplug to knock down Megatron. The glowing energy then takes on form, resurrecting Optimus Prime, who blasts Megatron away.

43. Puppet

The Decepticons notice that Megatron is acting a little crazy. The Autobots and humans salute Optimus Prime’s return outside the Axalon, surrounded by the mysterious space Mini-Cons’ light beams. A black hole suddenly appears and pulls Red Alert and Hotshot to a distant planet, where the Decepticons follow. Nemesis Prime, a black clone of Optimus Prime, attacks them all and seems indestructible with his static reforming power, leaving everyone injured. The Mini-Con lights lead the Axalon to the planet where 5 of the mysterious Mini-Cons reformat the injured with a powerful light beam. Optimus Prime appears, powerlinks with Overload, and teams with Megatron (now called Galvatron) to blast away Nemesis Prime as a static form of Sideways. The planet begins to self destruct and Galvatron disables the Axalon, before leaving to conquer Cybertron.

44. Uprising

The Decepticons have returned and conquered Cybertron. The Autobots repair the Axalon and return to Cybertron where the Mini-Cons freak as they spot the black hole nearby and head out into space, followed by Carlos. The Street Action team warns Optimus Prime of Unicron’s impending doom. Sideways briefly appears in space, angry at the Mini-Cons for spoiling his surprise. The Autobots land on Cybertron and are ambushed by the Decepticons. Prime powerlinks with Overload, and the surviving resistence ralleys up against the Decepticons. Prime goes 1 on 1 with Galvatron and tells him to join forces to fight Unicron, but Galvatron thinks it’s just a false ploy. The blackhole’s gravity begins to tear up Cybertron’s surface and pulls in the Decepticon ships. The Mini-Cons form a shield that both overpowers the force field/black hole and sends rays to protect the Transformers below on Cybertron. Later on the Axalon, Grindor warns that Unicron will destroy space. At the Decepticon base, Thrust’s thoughts reveal his allegiance to Unicron!

45. Dash

Hot Shot attempts to convince Galvatron to join forces with the Autobots, until they discover the true intentions of one of Galvatron’s most trusted soldiers...

46. Drift

Thrust has stolen the Requiem Blaster and Skyboom shield, and escaped into underground tunnels, with Starscream, Hot Shot and Wheeljack on his trail. Galvatron has the Decepticon forces after Thrust too, but Demolishor reports that they’ve lost him. As Hot Shot and Wheeljack venture down a passage Hot Shot discovers, the Autobots are working their way across the planet, getting the other Autobot forces to withdraw. Hoist and Scavenger have to deal with a particularly obstinate group leader, who thinks retreating renders all the sacrifices made meaningless. Carlos finds Rad taking a shower on the Autobot ship. The two boys look down on the planet, and Rad wonders if their meeting the Mini-Cons was just coincidence. Rad says that somehow, somewhere, he thinks he met High Wire before... A Decepticon reports the Autobots’ pulling back to Galvatron, but is ordered to put every last bit of power into finding Thrust. Hot Shot then reports to Optimus about Thrust’s treachery, and how they’re tracking him down. Carlos is distressed to see Wheeljack, but Alexis assures him that it’s okay. Then, High Wire speaks up – he recognises the tunnel Hot Shot and Wheeljack are in. It’s where the Mini-Cons were created. While scaling down a wall, Hot Shot slips and falls, landing next to a hunk of odd, glowing material. He looks around, to see a bizarre, twisted tunnel, and realises that it’s made up partially of ORGANIC matter. Elsewhere, Thrust calls out to Sideways, telling him he’s brought the weapons, but then Starscream emerges from the shadows. Up on the surface, the kids, riding their Mini-Cons, arrive at the mouth of the tunnels, and their Mini-Cons go nuts, and drive down into the tunnel. Rad lets Laserbeak loose to go and find Hot Shot. Starscream demands to know Thrust’s intention, and they’re the oldest of reasons – power. He suggests Starscream could join them, but he’s having none of it, and Thrust targets him with the Requiem Blaster. The kids suddenly arrive, and Thrust turns the blaster on them, but Starscream lunges for him, and Thrust fires at him. High Wire’s eyes glow as the beam rips through Starscream, blasting him in two, but then, bright light flood the tunnels, and images from the first episode, where Rad and Carlos find the Mini-Con panel, play in reverse, and we suddenly cut to a young Rad, waking up in the back of a car, as he and his parents arrive at their new home, driving past the mountain where the Mini-Con ship is buried. We’ve gone back into the past. High Wire’s voice is heard, and things fade to black again, only this time, when Rad comes around, he’s his regular age, but he and the kids are in the bowels of Cybertron, where they discover Hot Shot, his colours faded, his voice weak, bound to the ground by tendrils of the techno-organic matter which appear to be fused to him. He babbles about being betrayed, about how they thought they were using them, but in reality, they were the ones being used. He can’t believe it. He can’t believe the Mini-Cons were created by Unicron. The kids look around, and see the lifeless, desiccated bodies of the other Transformers strung up on the walls in the same manner. Rad realises that they’ve gone back in time, as the light fades from Hot Shot’s eyes, and the tendrils cover his body, and he glows with the same orange light that the chunk of material Hot Shot found in the present day did. Another flash. The room changes, as time winds back further. Pulsing, glowing green sacs line the roof, and as the kids watch, one splits open... and the first Mini-Con is born. Many more follow, all lining up and marching with purpose out of the tunnel. Rad sees High Wire, and calls out to him, but he stares back with a black, empty visor, and turns around and walks away. Rad continues to call out to High Wire, telling him that he has to escape to Earth, to get off of Cybertron – that they’ll be waiting there. High Wire’s familiar white eyes appear in the blackness of his visor, and he bleeps at Rad. Another flash. Starscream getting blasted by the Requiem Blaster plays in reverse, and returns to normal just before Thrust fires. This time, however, the Mini-Cons form Perceptor and distract him, allowing Starscream to grapple with him, as the shot goes wild and rips through the ceiling, drawing Hot Shot and Wheeljack’s attention. Starscream protects the kids from falling rubble, as Laserbeak reaches Hot Shot and Wheeljack. When the cave-in is passed, Alexis thanks Starscream, but he just grunts and runs off after Thrust. High Wire tells Rad “We met each other a long time ago,” and Rad realises the truth. During that time slip, they had met the Mini-Cons when they were created, and after all the battles for many years, the Mini-Cons remembered Rad’s words, and set out for Earth, to win their freedom from Unicron. Hot Shot and Wheeljack arrive on the scene, but can’t believe it when the kids tell them that the Mini-Cons are Unicron’s cells.

47. Portent

Optimus Prime allows the kids (Rad, Carlos and Alexis) and their Mini-Cons to go with Hot Shot and Wheeljack underground Cybertron in pursuit of Thrust. The Autobots wish to focus on Unicron so they pull their troops from Decepticon battlefronts. Galvatron considers an alliance. Starscream follows Thrust through an underground warp gate to Sideswipe’s lair in some large technorganic chamber somewhere. Starscream refuses to join with them, so Sideways summons a swarm of bot-spiders. Hot Shot and Wheeljack’s team shows up and the kids and Perceptor try to awaken the Skyboom Shield and Requiem Blaster’s Mini-Cons to liberate them from Thrust, but to no avail. Hot Shot and Wheeljack “link up” and spin away the technorganic defenses. Sideways and Thrust flee to a glowing core and Starscream joins Hot Shot’s coalition in their pursuit, but the organic defenses are too much and they must escape. Alexis runs back for her necklace and Starscream goes back to get her and Sureshock. The coalition exits topside from a rocky ground which is shown to be Cybertron’s moon! Jetfire picks them up as part of the ground is breaking apart and metallic surfaces emerge revealing some of Unicron! Back on Cybertron, Sideswipe and Starscream return to the Decepticons, despite Hotshot and the kids urging them to rejoin the Autobots.

48. Cramp

Starscream struggles to convince Galvatron of an alliance with the Autobots, but is adamant about not betraying the Decepticon leader. The Autobots confront the Decepticons, but Optimus Prime has issued a ‘no harm’ order as he just wants to talk, so they purposely miss their targets in blaster fire. Galvatron’s hostility tests Prime’s patience and he fights in defense. Galvatron has the upper hand, wielding the Star Saber, until Starscream shows up and challenges him. More of the moon’s surface breaks away, exposing more of Unicron, as blasts begin to strike Cybertron. In a dynamic sword fight, Starscream allows Galvatron to slay him, then reveals he never intended to break his oath to Galvatron, but he respected Optimus Prime as a better leader. His desperate ruse was to show Galvatron the severity of Unicron, and his last request is for the Decepticons to join forces with the Autobots. A dying Starscream pushes himself and shoots a final blast at Unicron, then he crumbles from the return blast. Immediately, Alexis’ necklace crystal cracks. A tribute to Starscream is shown of past Armada footage. Galvatron ponders for a moment, then hands the Star Saber to Prime! Sideways appears through sudden static, snatches the Star Saber, then retreats underground to the warpgate. The kids are left with questions as they mourn Starscream’s death.

49. Alliance

Galvatron decides to join forces with the Autobots. He shows no tolerance for dissent among Decepticons on the subject, and praises the fallen Starscream. Inside Unicron’s core chamber, Thrust and Sideways fuse the 3rd Mini-Con weapon, the Star Saber, into the ground, awakening Unicron and blowing off the rest of the moon’s surface to reveal his full planet mode. Its gravity pull on Cybertron increases, drawing shards of debris up into Unicron’s maw. The Autobots and Decepticons evacuate Cybertron in their space ships, protected by the glowing space Mini-Cons. The Autobots, humans, and Mini-Cons from the Axalon board Galvatron’s ship. After a brief face-to-face pause, Optimus Prime and Galvatron share an historic handshake “to Unity”, joined by Perceptor representing the Mini-Cons. Unlikely Autobot-Decepticon pairs share further handshakes including Hotshot & Demolishor, Cyclonus & Sideswipe, and Tidal Wave & Jetfire. Prime and Galvatron command all their ships toward Unicron then give a simultaneous order to fire; but witness no damage. Hotshot, Sideswipe, Demolishor, and Cyclonus lead a small landing party to Unicron for reconaissance. They encounter trouble with laser defenses and Unicron’s surface begins to reconfigure! Aboard the command ship, Galvatron is willing to sacrifice troops by firing on Unicron while he’s transforming, but Prime insists they send a rescue team. The landing party eventually work as a team, with cross-faction rescues of Blackout (Demolishor’s Mini-Con) and Sideways. Jet Optimus appears, dodges Unicron’s lightning blasts, and saves the surviving members of the landing party from laser defenses, only to be targetted himself. Galvatron appears and destroys the laser defense unit, then can’t believe he just saved Optimus Prime! They both grab their troops and escape the planet in its final transformation sequences, then witness from afar, the gigantic Unicron: robot mode!

50. Union

The combined Autobot-Decepticon fleet is in full attack on robot mode Unicron, but cannot penetrate his hull. Thrust hopes to replace Sideways as Unicron’s top advisor, but Sideways isn’t worried. On the Transformers’ command ship, Demolishor heads the tactical meeting but has not yet discovered a weakness in Unicron’s armor. Unicron turns his attention from the fleet and blasts Cybertron, much to everyone’s shock. Hotshot & Wheeljack lead an assault team of jet fighters against Unicron. Wheeljack targets Thrust on the surface, and Unicron defends him, drawing his attention from Cybertron. Demolishor discovers a weak spot in Unicron: his neck! Galvatron orders the assult team to this new target and the rest of the fleet fires on Unicron’s head for distraction. Unicron ignores the fleet and Thrust begins to second guess his betrayal of the Transformers, but then concludes it was the best way to power. Optimus Prime and Galvatron realize they must wake up the Mini-Cons inside Unicron to rebel, and the kids come up with the same idea. Unicron blasts a hole in Cybertron with his chest’s plasma cannon. Prime combines with Jetfire & Overload, while Galvatron combines with TidalWave. They fly off to Unicron and leave Hotshot in command, who forms a multi-ship shield against the plasma burst. On the surface, Galvatron confronts a confident Thrust, who accidently gets caught in Unicron’s shifting ground. Thrust desperately grovels for help but Galvatron leaves him to get crushed in the surface gears! The space Mini-Cons form a better shield and Unicron shuts his plasma cannon, allowing Prime and Galvatron a way inside the planet: through the cannon’s vacuum! The Street Action team realize the Mini-Con weapons inside Unicron have lost their consciousness and will need their help to awaken. The kids take them into Unicron through the underground warpgate. Prime and Galvatron overcome mechanical and organic defenses on their way to Unicron’s core chamber. Outside, the space Mini-Cons form into a glowing likeness of Unicron and engage the real Unicron in a test of strength, while Hotshot leads the other Transformers in jet fighters to attack his neck.

51. Origin

Red Alert emerges from below Cybertron; damaged, but functioning. The planet’s surface appears trashed with debris from buildings and structures. Inside Unicron’s core chamber, Optimus Prime and Galvatron notice the 3 Mini-Con weapons are linked to Unicron, wrapped under organic tendrils. Sideways exits Unicron’s heart and he adopts the planet’s voice as he tells his origin. Sideways is a shell of Unicron and he’s been on Cybertron for eons, observing (and encouraging) the Transformers’ war. Able to absorb their negative energy from fighting and hatred, Sideways powered Unicron enough to grow into the planet, now strong enough for total domination! Outside, the Armada is suffering losses, but then Sideswipe successfully blows up a hole in Unicron’s neck. The jet fighters enter, dodging internal planetary defenses. Meanwhile, Galvatron and Prime are captured by the organic tendrils, which bond to Galvatron, putting him in suspended animation. With the matrix inside him, Prime is able to resist, and Sideways offers to allow Prime to merge with him. The jets blast Unicron from inside, then exit, destroying much of his head. But Unicron instantly repairs himself with his enormous power, still being fed by the Transformers’ hatred. Inside the core chamber, the kids and their Mini-Cons show up and Sideways tells the Mini-Cons they weren’t programmed for peace and are part of him. Highwire resists but Unicron manages to possess all the Mini-Cons. Outside, the glowing Mini-Cons disperse from their Unicron-form, giving the real Unicron direct access to Cybertron. Inside, the kids get captured and suspended by the tendrils, while Sideways offers to battle Prime, winner takes all. Unicron shows what’s at stake by approaching right over Cybertron, ready to crush it. The kids seem to appear in Galvatron’s throne room with his top Decepticons, and realize they are in Galvatron’s fantasy, in a collective dream state. Alexis quickly pulls them out, and into her own forest fantasy, where they’re surprised to see Highwire in the distance. They call out to his true consciousness, which angers Unicron, who threatens them. They’re suddenly pulled into a peaceful fantasy with glowing Mini-Cons in the sky. Highwire has regained his will! Awakened, Highwire again stands up to Unicron and tells him the Mini-Cons believe in peace and will oppose him. United again, they begin to resonate the Mini-Con music! The glowing Mini-Cons pass through Unicron’s body, disabling him and releasing all the captives in his core chamber. The 3 Mini-Con weapons finally disband and Prime and Galvatron are re-colored. With Unicron dormant again, Sideways exits his heart (in motorcycle mode), angered at the Mini-Cons, and tries to run down Highwire. Prime fatally blasts him with the Requiem Blaster. Sideways vows (a seemingly hollow) revenge and dies. The victorious coalition is ready to exit Unicron but Galvatron surprises Prime by telling him it is now time they battle!

52. Mortal Combat

Powerlinx Optimus and Galvatron begin their final battle inside Unicron. The battle is soon interupted, as Unicron revives from their hatred for each other! Because the Autobots and the Decepticons hate each other from the war, his power continues to grow, and he comes back to life to fill the world with his evil and torment. The others are awaiting Optimus’s safe return from his mission, but Hot Shot must make a command: attack the revived Unicron, or wait for their leader to come back. He decides to mobilize the troops for one last attack on Unicron. Optimus and Galvatron continue fighting to the death, but honor each other as equal Transformer Warriors. But Unicron is starting to break apart! In his last resort attack, Unicron opens up a large black hole within his body. Galvatron wants to let go, but Optimus wants to save him. Galvatron sacrifices his life and he says just as his life ends, the Autobots have won the war, and Unicron can not return from the loss of evil in the universe. As Optimus floats in space amongst the remains of Unicron, he says he doesn’t deserve to wear the Matrix. Back on earth, Rad, Carlos, Alexis, Billy & Fred have at last returned home. Hot Shot and Jetfire say goodbye and thank you, and Optimus Prime says some last few touching words...but let me tell you this: TRANSFORMERS ARMADA is not over yet...

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