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Teletran2 Note: Beast Wars: Neo was a Japanese only cel-animated series of the classic Beast Wars series. It stars a news set of Maximals and Predacons led by Big Convoy and Magmatron. The series is very rare and it will likely never air in USA or Europe.

(35 episodes – first broadcast 1996 – 1997)

Although Lioconvoy managed to stop Galvatron’s plans for exploiting the powerful Angorumoa energy, the Destrons refused to be deterred. Rallied by their new leader, the Destrons are attacking entire galactic quadrants in a hunt for the scattered capsules of Angorumoa. In response, the Cybertron elders appoint a powerful leader gather a team of heroes and stop the Destrons’ plans. However, both sides of the conflict are being manipulated by the agents of Unicron, who desire the Angorumoa energy in order to revive their fallen master.

01. Move out Big Convoy!

Somewhere in the universe, a force of Cybertrons try to infiltrate a heavily armed fortress. Inside – the Destron leader Magmatron! He laughs as one by one, Cybertrons are blown away by his weapons. When all hope seems lost, a lone warrior appears on the horizon. Dodging the dangerous weapons, the warrior crashes into Magmatron’s control center. Magmatron is surprised the warrior has come alone, and the Cybertron explains he prefers working solo – he is the “One man army” Big Convoy! The powerful warrior charges up his “Big Cannon” and fires! The base is destroyed, and Big Convoy walks away victorious. Afterwards, Big Convoy is flying solo when he receives a communique ordering him to report to Cybertron Camp – a space station that provides supplies for Cybertrons engaged in space operations. He turns off the transmission at first, but then the base appears right in front of him! His ship is brought in and he is not too happy about this interruption. Big Convoy is brought before the Convoy Council, a group of Cybertron leaders who all have a resemblence to the original Convoy. The council orders him to take charge of a group of new soldiers and trian them. Big Convoy protests, saying teaching is not in his nature. However, the council insists, explaining that these orders are from the super computer of Cybertron Vector Sigma itself. This is sufficient for Big Convoy who decides to take the mission. At the Cybertron Camp spacedock, the starship Gung Ho is ready to launch. It’s crew of five trainees has already been gathered. Each has already obtained a beast mode. The first to transform to robot mode and introduce himself is Break – the penguin. A nearby rabbit seems terrified of everything around him. He transforms and introduces himself as Stampy, claiming he’s not scared, just shy. Next to transform is Cohrada, the snake, who quickly points out he does not want to cooperate with the rest of the crew. Longrack, the giraffe, transforms and tells Cohrada to curb his language. Finally, Heinrad the tanuki transforms and tells everyone that they should try to be friends since they’re all going to have to work together for a long time. Break has other concerns. The crew does not yet know who its instructor will be, so they decide to play at trick on him to test his mettle. When Big Convoy arrives on the bridge of the Gung Ho, no one is in sight. He is disappointed that it seems his troops are late on the first day. Suddenly, a net drops down from the ceiling on top of him! The troops come out from hiding and Break mock salutes along with the rest of the crew explaining his “test” of Big Convoy’s abilities. When Stampy raises the net, only Big Convoy’s cannon is there! Break moves in to investigate and Big Convoy drops onto him from the inside of the net! He tosses Break back to the others and Break is furious. He arms his weapon, but Big Convoy asks him if he really wants to fire inside the bridge. Break relents and instead, all the troops try to jump Big Convoy at one time. Big Convoy’s lower arm panels open up to reveal fighting sticks which he uses to make quick work of the crew. One by one, they crash onto a pile in beast mode. The only one who stayed out of the fray, Stampy, quickly jumps on top of the pile to join the others. The trainees quickly come to attention, and when Big Convoy introduces himself, they are all shocked. Big Convoy is legendary for being the “One Man Army” who does not cooperate with anyone. He also has a reputation for fighting and winning battles that seemed impossible for any one Cybertron to win. Everyone is sufficiently impressed and the Gung Ho takes off on its first mission. On their way, Big Convoy explains that they are headed to the world of Gaia. There, the Cybertron group led by Lioconvoy mysteriously disappeared some time ago following a large explosion. It is their mission to investigate. Stampy is reluctant since this is a real mission, not just training. The others are happy however. Break can’t wait for adventure while Longrack believes this will lead to higher expectations and better training. The Gung Ho goes into warp, headed to Gaia. When the Gung Ho arrives, it is rocked by asteroids. The ship’s computer, Navi, explains that Gaia is not supposed to be surrounded by asteroids. Big Convoy orders Longrack to act as second in command and take the troops down to Gaia while he directs from the Gung Ho. Break questions why Longrack gets to be second in command, but Big Convoy is firm. The Cybertrons launch in space sleds which allow them to get through the atmosphere of the planet unscathed. As the Cybertrons approach Gaia, dangerous creatures await their arrival – led by the powerful Magmatron! One by one they transform, announcing their names. First is Guiledart – the triceratops. Then Saberback, the stegosaurus. Next is Sling, the dimetradon, and finally Dead End, the amonite. The warriors take to the air and use their weapons to shoot down the Cybertrons. The Cybertrons are separated from each other, and Stampy is alone. As he looks in the bushes for the others, he comes upon a strange plant. When he investigates, the plant traps him! It is Sling, using his trap mode! The other Destrons arrive on the scene, all quite amused at Sling’s catch. Above, the Cybertron shuttle Seagull arrives with Big Convoy inside. The four remaining Cybertrons are thrilled and run at the ship. Big Convoy tells them to stand their ground, but they don’t listen. Angered, he blasts the ground in front of them, bringing them to a crashing halt. He explains that he will personally take down anyone leaving troops behind. Suddenly, Magmatron appears with Stampy as a hostage. He is delighted to see Big Convoy again, and Big Convoy is surprised the Destron is still alive. Big Convoy tells him to let his trainee go. Magmatron is disappointed that Big Convoy’s “lone wolf” reputation is now gone. Break has had enough and aims his weapon, but Big Convoy orders everyone to follow Longrack’s orders. Longrack knows the other Destrons are hiding, waiting to pounce, but he feels there is no choice. He orders everyone to rush Magmatron. They all charge, but the other Destrons suddenly appear from hiding! All the while, Heinrad knows he can stop time for 30 seconds only. He stops time and quickly runs towards Magmatron and grabs Stampy. When time starts again, he is running away, and Magamatron is completely confused, believing the Cybertrons have used magic! Magmatron swears he will not let Heinrad get away and arms his Magma Rocket to destroy him. He fires, and Big Convoy lunges in the way to stop the missile. The resulting explosion is blinding, and the Cybertrons believe their leader to be destroyed. But when the smoke clears, Big Convoy is okay! Magmatron swears revenge for his prior defeat, but Big Convoy doesn’t want to hear it. He takes out the Big Cannon and blasts Magmatron, sending him flying into the distance. Guiledart senses defeat and orders the Destron ship computer, DNavi to beam the Destrons away. Sling is almost forgotten, but is transported after he protests loudly. When everything calms down, Break berates Stampy for being a coward, but Big Convoy explains that everyone was a coward when they were attacked. He also explains to everyone that it is perfectly natural to be afraid of death. Finally, he reminds everyone of the motto “One for all and all for one!”. For a brief moment, he wonders where the motto came from, but suddenly a Cybertron signal is detected! When the Cybertrons find the source of the signal, it is a device left by the last group of Cybertrons led by Lioconvoy. They take it back to the ship where it turns out to be a message from Lioconvoy. Lioconvoy explains that he fought Galvatron to keep him from abusing the Angolomois energy. Galvatron caused the energy to be absorbed into the artificial planet, Nemesis. Nemesis was destroyed, but the Angolomois energy was placed into capsules and spread throughout the universe. Lioconvoy asks that the capsules be found and contained so they cannot threaten the universe. Big Convoy decides to follow his predecessor’s orders, with the crew of the Gung Ho firmly behind him. Meanwhile, on Dinosaur, the Destron ship, DNavi berates the Destrons for failing. Meanwhile, Magmatron swears to take the Angolomois capsules for the Destrons!

02. Get the Mysterious Capsule!

On the planet God Bless, the natives are stunned when a mountain begins shaking violently. Suddenly, the mountain begins to lift off the ground! Separated from the planet surface, the chunk of the planet floats in the air right above the planet! The Gung Ho arrives on the scene in time to see the strange occurence. Navi explains that God Bless is a planet of peaceful people whose life is based on agriculture. Big Convoy mistakes the floating mountain for a satellite. Navi explains that God Bless does not have any such satellites. Longrack insists they must investigate. Although the crew is made up of trainees, they are still Cybertrons and have a duty to investigate such occurences in the galaxy. Big Convoy agrees and the Gung Ho moves closer to the strange mountain. Suddenly, a giant ghost like figure appears! It appears to be one of the Convoy council, and claims to be the “God of Cybertron”. The apparition warns them that they should not approach any closer before shocking all of the Gung Ho crew. The Gung Ho crew is not frightened however, and approaches the mountain. Meanwhile on the Dinosaur, Saberback reports to the others. He takes credit for creating the illusion of the “God of Cybertron” using his “magic”. Guiledart is not so confident and mentions that Saberback’s main ability is disguising himself as a flower. Saberback is not happy with this comment, but Magmatron interrupts everyone. He explains that he received a message from Galvatron which explained that the Amogolois energy has unlimited potential. Saberback agrees, stating that the Amogolois energy causes what people imagine to come true. While the people of God Bless see their own god, the Cybertrons see the “God of Cybertron”. Guiledart is tired of this and tells Saberback to bring back the capsule. Saberback is not quite ready to return yet, however. He explains that the inhabitants of God Bless create an oil based on fruit that could be valuable. Magmatron orders Saberback to deliver both the oil and the capsule to him. Saberback accepts. Meanwhile, on the floating mountian, Cohrada and Longrack have been dispatched to investigate while the rest of the crew repairs the Gung Ho. They come upon containers of the oil. Cohrada is thrilled and transforms to beast mode to investigate. Longrack tells him not to touch the oil, since they don’t know who it belongs to. Cohrada doesn’t listen, but suddenly his face contorts in pain. A native of the planet has latched onto his tail! He flings him off and the child lands on the ground as Cohrada’s tail aches. Longrack wonders if the oil is the child’s, but he protests loudly, explaining the oil is for his God. He goes on to explain the people of God Bless, the Mekes saw their “Cat God” appear and cause the mountain to float off. The God then demanded that they give up their oil, which they did in fear. Longrack and Cohrada are shocked by this. They report back to Big Convoy who finds the whole situation odd since the Cybertrons saw their “God” while the Mekes saw their own. Cohrada and Longrack both go to investigate. When they go back to the pile of oil barrels, a mysterious light begins taking the barrels from the pile to the mountain. They both jump into the beam, hoping to get to the bottom of the situation. Once on the mountain, they encounter the Cybertron God again, but Longrack figures that someone on the mountain has the ability to read their minds, and then turn those thoughts into reality. He tells Cohrada not to think about anything. Just as it seems the God will stomp on the two, it disappears! Longrack was correct, and he and Cohrada continue. They approach a strange flower. When a butterfly nears the flower, it panics and runs away. Cohrada gets close, but Longrack quickly pulls him back as the flower closes shut and lunges at Cohrada! The sharp end could pierce his armor, but Longrack captures it with his claw. Suddenly, Saberback leaps out of the ground, the tail being his weapon! He has an Angolomois capsule behind him. He lifts up the large capsule and takes to the skies, with Longrack and Cohrada in hot pursuit. He asks Magmatron to beam him onto the Dinosaur, but DNavi cannot lock onto him while he is holding the capsule. Magmatron sends reinforcements to the mountain and orders Saberback to join them. In space, Guiledart, Dead End and Sling join Saberback. Guiledart tells Saberback to give him the capsule, but Saberback refuses, wanting all the credit for himself. Sling and Dead End tell Guiledart to focus on their common enemies – the Cybertrons! As the battle begins, Saberback encounters the Gung Ho, with Big Convoy, Stampy, Heinrad and Break ready to fight. What breaks out is a football game on the mountain with the capsule as the prize. They Cybertrons get the capsule and Big Convoy’s cannon provides all the cover fire they need to retreat. Without the capsule, the mountain floats back to the surface of God Bless, much to the Mekes’ delight. Big Convoy later explains that the capsule created the Meke “God” becuase it felt their need for one. He quotes a proverb that teaches people they sometimes need to depend on themselves. The Meke understands and promises to listen to his advice. Meanwhile, Longrack tells Cohrada to listen to Big Convoy instead of focusing on the oil. Cohrada tells Longrack to stop talking down to him, and the ongoing argument is not resolved just yet. On the Gung Ho, Big Convoy puts away the energy capsule and Navi detects more Angolomois energy elsewhere. The Gung Ho warps away to a new adventure!

03. Burning Spirit Below Freezing

On a distant planet, a cry of hate is heard and the surface of the world ices over and large spikes of ice form as the unsuspecting Cybertrons approach in the starship Gung Ho on a mission to find another Amogolois energy capsule. Navi explains that the Gung Ho is nearing the planet, Solid. It is supposed to be a warm world with creatures that live by the seashore. The crew of the Gung Ho are enthusiastic, and Big Convoy agrees to go to this pleasant sounding world. He orders everyone to take their stations and the Gung Ho warps towards planet Solid. Unknown to the Cybertrons, the Destrons are following them. All the Destrons are eager to get the Amogolois capsule except one. Dead End does not like the idea of sneaking around, to him it is behavior unbecoming a warrior. He is silenced by Guiledart and Magmatron orders DNavi to take the Destron ship to planet Solid. For some reason, DNavi tells Magmatron to call her Anastasia, but Magmatron ignores this, much to DNavi’s chagrin. The Cybertrons arrive in the orbit of planet Solid but are shocked to discover it frozen! Break volunteers to go down, seeing the icy planet as a paradise. Big Convoy disagrees, and wants everyone to go down this time. Stampy is afraid of the cold, but Big Convoy insists this will be good training. On the surface, everyone except Big Convoy and Break are freezing. Heinrad, Stampy, Cohrada and Longrack all transform to beast mode to stay warm. Big Convoy orders everyone to begin the search, but the four are frozen. Big Convoy tells Break to begin the search as he waits for the four to defrost. Off in the distance, an inhabitant of Solid repeatedly tells his brother that he hates him, but it appears the brother is frozen underneath the ice. The alien seems to be unaware the the Amogolois capsule is following him and glowing. Elsewhere, the Destrons Dead End, Saberback and Sling have arrived. Sling and Saberback are freezing, but Dead End tells them to stop complaining as the trio begins their search. Meanwhile, Break is having a great old time skating along the ice, singing. Big Convoy contacts him and tells him to stay focused and not play around. Just as the two break contact, Break slams right into the alien! The other Cybertrons have finally defrosted and Big Convoy leads them to the meeting point. Stampy complains about the cold, but Longrack tells the Cybertrons not to fall asleep or they could die. Heinrad does fall asleep, but amazingly manages to keep walking. Suddenly, the Cybertrons run across Saberback and Sling! The two fire at the canyon walls and send an avalanche of snow and ice down on the Cybertrons. They walk away thinking their job is done, but it’s not! The Cybertrons manage to dig out of the snow with the help of Cohrada’s fire breathing. Big Convoy tries to contact Break, but there is no response. The small Cybertron is still unconscious as the alien looks on helplessly! Later, Break awakens and rides on the alien’s back across the icy plains. Break tries to radio the others, but his radio was damaged when he collided with the alien. The alien identifies himself as Gomya. Break tells Gomya his name and explains his mission is to find the Amogolois energy capsule. Gomya tells Break that he had a fight with his brother, and a flashback sequence begins. Gomya and his brother are on Solid before its change to an icy world. Gomya is in water, trying to swim but almost drowns. His brother saves him, but tells him that their race was once comprised of great swimmers, and that he needs to swim properly. When Gomya sees a shooting star, his older brother doesn’t care and knocks Gomya onto the “shooting star” itself, an Amogolois energy capsule! Gomya doesn’t notice this as his great bulk drags the capsule along. His brother jumps into the water to demonstrate swimming, and at that moment Gomya yells out that he hates his brother, and the entire planet begins turning to ice! Gomya’s brother is trapped under the ice, and moving back to the present, Gomya explains his brother is still there. Break checks the holographic map of the area and finds it curious that the Amogolois capsule has not changed position since he and Gomya began travelling. He looks down and sees the capsule underneath Gomya, glowing. Suddenly, blasts begin to erupt all around the pair and the ice splits open under its impact. On a nearby ridge is Dead End, who tells his foes how much he enjoys hunting! Break tells Gomya to run for it as he transforms to confront the Destron. The two fight, but Dead End uses his spiral bomb to open the ice underneath the two up, and Break and Gomya wind up in the water. As they sink, the Amogolois capsule falls off of Gomya. As Dead End looks on, upset, Saberback and Sling appear on the scene. Dead End does not want to believe the battle is over yet, so he transforms and dives into the water. Elsewhere, the other Cybertrons are desperately trying to reach Break as Cohrada melts away the snow and ice with his fire breath. In the water, Break transforms back into his beast mode and swims after Gomya, who continues to sink. On land, the Cybertrons are working on a way to travel faster across the ice. Longrack uses his saw blade to cut a large piece of ice. Underwater, Gomya finds his frozen brother and with some encouragement from Break, begins to swim! As he does so, he apologizes to his brother, and responding to that emotion, the Amogolois capsule begins to glow again. The ice on the planet begins to defrost as Break realizes what happened. When Gomya’s heart filled with cold hatred, the world froze over. Now that it was filled with “warm” emotions, the planet would return to normal. On the surface, Saberback and Sling watch in horror as the ice and snow begins to melt. The realize that an avalanche is immenent so they radio DNavi to beam them back onto the Destron ship. DNavi refuses, telling the pair to call her Anastasia. Finally, Saberback relents and complies. DNavi beams the two up. All seems okay until Dead End catches up to Break in the water. He grabs the Amogolois capsule and quickly leaves, flying away. Break surfaces and tries to blast him away, but he fails. Suddenly, the other Cybertrons appear and Big Convoy arms his cannon and fires! Dead End takes both blasts and drops the capsule. Break jumps off of Gomya to catch the pod and as Gomya and his brother look on. Break catches it and the day is won! As the Cybertrons say their good byes to Gomya and his brother, Break tells the two not to fight anymore. They both agree. Back on the Gung Ho, Break feels that he is not qualified to be a warrior since the other Cybertrons had to intervene to save the capsule. Big Convoy’s connection to Vector Sigma lights up again, and he explains to Break that the greater mission was saving the planet with his blazing heart. After Big Convoy says this, he realizes that once again he said something out of character for him as the Gung Ho takes off for another mission.

04. Hang in There, Stampy

On board the Gung-Ho, the Cybertron recruits are having target practice...with each other. Stampy refuses to play along; afraid he might get hurt. Break and Corada begin to bully him, calling him a coward. Meanwhile, on board the Dinosaur, the Destrons approach the planet Medalen where the next Angrmois capsule awaits. The planet is covered with a thick layer of clouds, making pin-pointing the capsule impossible. The Destrons decide to use that to their advantage and lay a trap for the Cybertrons. Back on the Gung-Ho, the Cybertrons also discover that the clouds block all radar and communications. Big Convoy sends the recruits down to search for the capsule the hard way. On the surface they split into teams. Longrack and Break stumble across the capsule first, but Stampy informs them that there are no energy readings coming from it. They ignore Stampy’s warning and try to pick it up. As predicted, the capsule is a fake and Longrack and Break become immobilized by electricity. Stampy runs to go get help, leaving his friends to believe he’d abandoned them. Searching for Corada and Heinrad, Stampy discovers they have fallen under the exact same trap and attempts to contact Big Convoy for help. The clouds block even his “Mighty Ear” transmission, leaving Stampy completely on his own. Panicing, Stampy encounters Guiledart and Sling. The two Destrons fire at him but choose to let him go; deeming him unthreatening. The Destrons begin to torture the captive Cybertrons, leaving their rescue up to Stampy. With his speed, Stampy dodges the electric blasts and destroys the generators immobilizing the Cybertrons. The Cybertrons begin to fight back but suddenly the Dinosaur lowers from the clouds and recaptures all four of them. Magmatron teleports to the surface and prepares to deliver the finishing blow. Stampy sends a signal flare to Big Convoy but knows he could never make it in time. With no choice left, Stampy confronts Magmatron and attacks. He has little to no effect on the Emperor of Destruction and is quickly beaten to a pulp. Guiledart readies his “Horn Thunder” attack to kill Stampy when Big Convoy arrives and sends the Destrons packing. The Cybertrons apologize to the wounded Stampy for their insults. Stampy goes into stasis-lock but reveals that the real Angromois Capsule is right above his head, imbedded in rock. Back on board the Gung-Ho, Stampy recovers in a CR Chamber while Big Convoy tells the recruits not to make fun of Stampy’s careful nature, as it takes all kinds to make a team.

05. Mirage in the Sand

The Gung-Ho arrives at the desert planet Donovan in pursuit of the next capsule. On board the ship, Corada and Break are getting into another argument. Big Convoy decides that it would be a good idea to send just to two of them down to search for the capsule in order to teach them teamwork. Meanwhile, on the Dinosaur, none of the Destrons are interested in searching a desert planet. They all decide that Sling should be the one to go, though he protests that they use him for all the dirty work. Guiledart tells Sling that he’s really the Destron’s trump card, used only for emergency situations. Sling is persuaded by the compliment and goes alone. In truth, they just wanted to get him off the ship. On the planet’s surface Corada and Break are already fighting. Break falls behind and begins seeing mirages of Corada everywhere. To discern the real one, Break hits Corada on the head with a rock. The two begin fighting all over again. Elsewhere, Sling is having even less luck finding the capsule and avoiding quicksand. Eventually he bumps into Corada and the two begin to battle. Break leaves him to fight on his own and searches for the Capsule. Unfortunately, there are a dozen capsules littering the desert thanks to the strange mirage effect. The rest of the Destrons beam-down to the planet to look for the capsule as Sling deals with Corada. However, they are all tricked by mirages and get distracted. Eventually, they come across the real capsule and prepare to beam themselves back on board the Dinosaur. D-Navi informs them that the capsule cannot be teleported and they have to fly it on board. Corada and Break finally decide to team-up and get the capsule from the Destrons but they are hopelessly out-numbered. Big Convoy finally arrives with the rest of the Cybertrons and retakes the Capsule. Before Big Convoy can scold the pair for their lack of teamwork, Vector Sigma interrupts with a message telling them that trust is the foundation of a good team. Back on the Gung-Ho Navi informs them that the mirages were being caused by the Angromois capsule.

06. Dinosaur Combiner Magmatron

Stampy and Break are running at top-speed with an Angromois capsule in tow. Dead End is hot on their heals and chases them into a trench where he opens fire and takes the capsule. Elsewhere, Corada and Heinrad are having similar luck retrieving a capsule while Guiledart and Saberback fire upon them. Eventually they drop the capsule and the Destrons take yet another victory. Back on the Gung-Ho, every Cybertron save for Longrack and Big Convoy are recovering in CR Chambers. Navi hovers in with a report that a capsule has been located on the planet Flame. Big Convoy decides to investigate alone and heads off in search of the capsule. Upon arrival, Big Convoy senses a presence. His old comrade Rockbuster bursts out of the ground and challenges him to a friendly duel. Big Convoy wins without effort and the two recall old times, when Big Convoy was the lone wolf “One Man Army” of Seibertron. Rockbuster offers a partnership but Big Convoy declines; his commitment to the new recruits taking priority. Rockbuster agrees and says goodbye. Back on the Gung-Ho the Cybertrons emerge from the CR Chambers in full health. Longrack is melancholy that Big Convoy chose to go alone, as if he and the rest of the team were completely obsolete compared to him. On planet Flame, Big Convoy walsk into a meadow of flowers and a Destron ambush. Magmatron orders the Destrons to return to the Dinosaur, as he wishes to fight Big Convoy one-on-one. Magmatron offers Big Convoy the two Angromois capsules they collected as a prize should he win. However, if he doesn’t, Magmatron will kill all of the new recruits. Rockbuster watches the events unfold from beneath the flowers. On the Gung-Ho, Navi informs the Cybertrons that planet Flame is gravitating too close to the sun, and that soon it would get too hot for Big Convoy to survive. The Cybertron’s prepare to rescue him, not positive if they can make it in time. On the planet’s surface, Big Convoy and Magmatron begin their duel. Magmatron breaks apart into his three dinosaur components and subdues Big Convoy. He plans to hold him until the last minute and then teleport to safety before the planet burns. Rockbuster intervenes and fights Magmatron off. He then carries Big Convoy to his ship, but Big Convoy refuses to escape with him. He says that if his recruits come to search for him, and can’t find him, they’ll die. Rockbuster doubts the courage of Big Convoy’s recruits, but does as he’s told and leaves Big Convoy behind. Big Convoy passes out and awakes in a CR Chamber on board the Gung-Ho. The Cybertrons had come to rescue him at the last minute but were unable to secure the Angromois capsules from the Destrons. Big Convoy tells them all that they are brave soldiers, without the help of Vector Sigma.

07. Duel in the Midst of the Labyrinth

08. Danger of the Black Hole

09. Sub-Commander Longrack

10. Whoa! He Got Eaten!

11. Planet of Time

12. Hydra Alone

13. Break is a Predacon?

14. Ship’s Log

15. Mach Kick Enlists!?

16. Planet of the Ultimate Weapon

17. Troubled DNAVI

18. Randy, Attack!

19. Physicist Bump

20. Hardhead is Hardheaded

21. Deep-Sea Personal Combat

22. The Stolen Gung-Ho

23. Hot-Blooded Instructor Survive

24. Assemble, New Warriors!

25. The Mysterious Beast Warrior!?

26. The Stolen Capsule

27. Pursue the Blentrons

28. Angered Magmatron

29. Illusion? Lio Convoy

30. Unicron Revived!

31. Unicron’s Ambition

32. Fight, Maximals!

33. The End of the Maximals!?

34. The Last Battle

35. Graduation!!

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