Transformers: The Headmasters

Episode Guide

Credit goes to Decepticon

Teletran2 Note: Transformers: Headmasters aired on Japanese television from 1987 to 1988, and continued the Transformers story after the end of the American cartoon series. Taking place in the year 2011, it tells the story of how Rodimus Convoy and and Fortress led the Cybertrons (Autobots) against Galvatron, Scorponok, and the Destrons (Decepticons). Though it is considered the weakest of the Japanese Transformers cartoons, it’s still an enjoyable epic, and a good prelude to Transformers: Masterforce.

(35 episodes – first broadcast 1987 – 1988)

The year is 2011.

Seibertron is once again split in conflict as the evil Destrons attempt to defeat the heroic Cybertrons!

Before Cybertron, before Energon, before Armada, before Beast Wars... Whitness the continuation of a legend!

01. Four Warriors Come Out of the Sky

The first episode recalls the Cybertrons and Destrons leaving Seibertron (Cybertron) for new resources and Megatron being replaced by Galvatron. Under the leadership of Rodimus Convoy (Rodimus Prime), the Cybertrons have finally driven off the Destrons and have brought peace to their home. The leadership is passed back from Rodimus Convoy to Convoy (Optimus Prime) and both worlds are at peace. Suddenly, the space bridge reactivates and Galvatron, along with his new set of Destron warriors – Skull (Skullcruncher), Wipe (Mindwipe) and Weirdwolf – launch a new campaign of terror. Grimlock and the Technobots head out to stop the Destrons, while on Earth, Convoy receives word of the Destron attack. Sixshot leads his brigade against the Cybertrons and Ultra Magnus. Meanwhile, Daniel and Wheelie run into Dinosaurer (Trypticon), but manage to trick him into crossing a flimsy bridge and falling down into the river below. As Sixshot and Ultra Magnus duel, the Trainbots suddenly arrive and the Cybertrons head back toward base. The Constructicons attack the Trainbots but suddenly Metroplex appears. On Seibertron, the battle rages, devastating the planet until Hot Rodimus, Cha (Kup) and Blurr pick out a gigantic spaceship in the distance. Wipe manages to put a large portion of the Cybertron army to sleep, when four robots appear from the gigantic spaceship, confronting the Destrons.

02. The Mystery of Planet Master

The four robots who mysteriously appear do battle with the Destrons, who happen to be Headmasters as well. Wipe tries to put Brainstorm to sleep, but a blast from Chromedome saves him. Convoy is in serious jeopardy from Galvatron until Hot Rod appears and saves him. A fierce battle rages between the Cybertron and Destron gestalts, until Fortress’ ship shows up and sends the Destrons running. Fortress (Cerebros) appears from inside the base and Cha recognizes him as an old friend. Fortress then explains to the Cybertrons the origins of the Headmasters — how they had created the bodies for themselves on the planet Master. Meanwhile, Convoy heads toward Vector Sigma when he suddenly is aided by the appearance of the ghost of Alpha Trion. Blaster gives Wheelie a tape of his for some unknown reason as he heads back to Earth with Hot Rodimus and Ultra Magnus. As they enter the base, Blaster spots Ratbat and sends Steeljaw after him. It turns into a tape free-for-all as Soundwave appears. At the Destron earth headquarters, Sixshot sends the Stunticons to take out the Aerialbots as Hot Rodimus and Blaster search for the Destron base. Suddenly, the Predacons appear out of nowhere and attack, but are prevented from merging by Hot Rodimus crashing into them. Menasor appears to take care of Hot Rodimus, but then Superion shows up to stop him. Soundwave then shows up, and engages in a battle to the death with Blaster. The Destron tapes are seen carrying away Soundwave’s parts while Wheelie plays Blaster’s tape, which turns out to be some beautiful music that he had been working on.

03. Birth of Double Convoy!

Hot Rodimus and the Headmasters arrive at an abandoned city, while Galvatron and the Destron Headmasters return to their base. Galvatron sends the Combaticons out to attack the Cybertrons while Ultra Magnus counters with the Protectobots. Guardian (Defensor) is able to collapse the side of a mountain on top of Bruticus. Abominus appears to battle the Headmasters when the Technobots show up and merge into Computicon. Meanwhile, Hot Rodimus has gone on his own to look for the matrix, which he manages to uncover, when Galvatron and the Destron Headmasters show up. They force him to drop the matrix and while Wipe tries to hypnotize Hot Rodimus, Galvatron heads to pick up the matrix when Chromedome and Co. appear to save him. Hot Rodimus takes the matrix and boards the Trainbots to head for Seibertron. Fortress heads underground to look for Optimus Prime, who has managed to reach Vector Sigma’s chamber, where Cyclonus and Scourge hide in waiting. They double-team Convoy until Fortress shows up to help, then Hot Rodimus appears with the Headmasters. Galvatron and the Destron Headmasters show up and they fight until Alpha Trion starts to spin into a ball of energy and Hot Rodimus holds up the matrix, becoming Rodimus Convoy (Rodimus Prime). He and Convoy then proceed to clean out the Destrons with a nice assist from Fortress. Convoy then becomes one with Vector Sigma and dies yet again.

04. Operation: Cassette

The Destrons manage to put back together Soundwave after his struggle with Blaster. Back on Earth, Sixshot sends Dinosaurer heading toward an energy plant in his battle station mode while Metroplex moves to intercept. They battle when a strange creature suddenly appears from out of the ground and incapacitates Metroplex with a blast. Ultra Magnus reports this to Rodimus Convoy back on Seibertron and he sends out the Cybertron cassettes, still upset about Blaster’s destruction, to figure out what’s the matter. Rodimus Convoy announces that the Cybertrons are going to work on repairing Blaster, who is reborn as Twincast, in a different color scheme. As Superion battles Bruticus, Twincast and the cassettes sneak into Dinosaurer. The Destron Headmasters take a creature with them to Seibertron and attack the Cybertron Headmasters, while the creature incapacitates the Throttlebots. Twincast figures out the secret behind the creature and sneaks aboard the spacebridge to head to Seibertron to stop Soundblaster, who is controlling the creature. He manages to accomplish this by blasting a tape controller out of Soundblaster, then the Cybertron Headmasters destroy the creature.

05. Rebellion on Planet Beast

The Headmasters, flying around in Fortress Maximus in space, pick up a couple creatures wearing exo-suits who are badly injured. They take them inside and work on them, while hearing their story. Apparently, there are aliens from the planet Beast, a place where the inhabitants resemble humanoid animals. Their planet has come under attack from the Destrons and they were barely able to escape with their lives. They request the help of the Cybertrons in removing the Destrons from their home. While the Headmasters plan their strategy, Wheelie and Daniel befriend a small Battle Beast, who leads them to the enemy’s base, where they both get captured. Rodimus Convoy, having heard of the situation, arrives with the Trainbots and the Monsterbots. The Headmasters try to save Daniel and Wheelie, but are confronted by the Destron Headmasters. Rodimus Convoy squares off against Galvatron, with Cyclonus lending an unwilling hand. Inside the base, Wheelie and Daniel are freed by their little friend and manage to free all the slaves. The Destrons are sent running by Fortress Maximus and Rodimus Convoy leaves the Monsterbots on the planet to maintain the peace.

06. Approach of the Demon Meteorite

The Aerialbots, patrolling in outer space, pick up a large meteorite, which possesses some strange powers, heading toward the Earth. The Technobots, patrolling the desert area, come under attack from Cyclonus and the Terrorcons. In outer space, Fortress fires Fortress Maximus’ guns at the meteorite but it has no effect on it. On Earth, Galvatron and the Destron Headmasters meet up with the Sweeps, before the Throttlebots intervene. The Headmasters and Technobots then show up, challenging the Destrons. The Throttlebots try to intercept the meteorite, but it ends up gravitizing them and their ship. The Headmasters head out into space again where they encounter the Destron Headmasters and Galvatron. Daniel is able to actually land on the meteorite since he is not made out of metal though, and he finds out that it is actually a spaceship. He manages to disable its controls and to blow it up, much to Galvatron’s chagrin.

07. The Four-Million-Year-Old Veil of Mystery

A shadowy figure approaches Galvatron with a plan to defeat the Cybertrons once and for all. At the Cybertron base, Arcee receives word that Praun, one of Cybertron’s front-line defenses has come under Destron attack. Fortress and the Headmasters go to investigate, but find only dead bodies there. Rodimus Convoy and Ultra Magnus arrive to inspect the damage, finding more dead bodies around and some files missing. Rodimus Convoy uses the Trainbots to head into space toward Praun. Meanwhile, Fortress and the Headmasters get trapped inside a revolving fortress and buried in the sand, while the Destron Headmasters laugh outside. The Headmasters must recall the training they received in the deserts of Master four million years ago in order to survive. They switch heads and manage to escape, then confront the Destron Headmasters. Galvatron shows up on Astrotrain, but Rodimus arrives with the Trainbots and the Cybertrons throw the Destrons into the sand.

08. Terror of the Six Shadows

At the Cybertron base, the transmission of a rock concert is interrupted by shadowy figure who threatens to destroy cities unless his demands are met. In New York, the Headmasters collect the transmission and find that it is a different figure who made the threat there. In all, there are six different figures making the same threats in six different locations. In the forests of Great Britain, a ferocious winged wolf attacks; the Headmasters and Metroplex head there to investigate, but are too late. In another city, a laser gun flies around, destroying many buildings, but once again the Headmasters are too late. Daniel returns from gift-shopping with the Trainbots, causing the Headmasters to yell at the Trainbots for not helping. Daniel gets upset, as he had asked the Trainbots to help him pick out a present for his father, and rushes out of the room. The Headmasters then apologize and see Daniel playing with a ninja star. Chromedome recalls a time when his best friend was killed by a ninja robot who could adopt six different shapes. The robot form of Sixshot suddenly appears in Japan, and Rodimus sends the Trainbots to take care of him, while Cyclonus and Scourge take Dinosaurer. The Trainbots merge into Raiden and start to beat up Sixshot, when Dinosaurer suddenly appears. The Headmasters then appear and help to defeat the Destrons and Sixshot.

09 – 10. Seibertron is in Grave Danger

On Seibertron, once again at peace thanks to Vector Sigma, a new compound has been created called Seibertonuron which is many times stronger than Seibertonium. The Destron cassettes find out about it and Soundblaster reports to Galvatron, telling him that the new compound allow him to defeat the Cybertrons. Meanwhile, back on Earth, the Headmasters are working out to keep up their conditioning. Galvatron sends the Predacons to retrieve the compound while the rest of the Destrons head to their new base. The Destron Headmasters and Sixshot meet with the shadowy Scorponok to discuss their next moves while the Cybertron Headmasters arrive at the Destron base. The Combaticons, Stunticons and Destron Headmasters then arrive on Seibertron with Galvatron and wreck havoc on the planet. Fortress and the Headmasters then head to Seibertron with Rodimus, Cha, Blurr and Arcee. They manage to drive back the Destrons – Guardian b eating Bruticus, Superi on beating the Stunticons , and the Cybertro n Headmasters taking out the Destrons – but Galvatron incurs major damage to Rodimus. Scorpono k, fearful that Galvatron will be able to gain the new compound and become too powerful, orders his Headmasters to plant some bombs to blow up Seibertron.

The Predacons are confronted by the Trainbots as Guardian knocks out Bruticus. The Cybertrons continue to plan a way to stop Galvatron from getting his hands on the new compound as Chromedome spots Weirdwolf and Wipe. He notices that they’ve been heading deep into Seibertron and tries to figure out what they are up to, sending out a telepathic message to the other Headmasters. They arrive, attacking Weirdwolf and Skull, as Chromedome heads underground to stop Wipe. On the surface, the battle still rages on, destroying more and more of the planet. Wipe manages to find Vector Sigma’s chamber and he sets the bombs on it, just as Chromedome arrives. The Cybertrons cannot remove the bomb, so they flee the planet after some long, hard farewells. Galvatron arrives in Vector Sigma’s chamber just as the bombs go off and is caught in the explosion. Rodimus, Cha and Blurr then depart in search of a new home for the Cybertrons, leaving Fortress in charge.

11. Scorponok, the Shadow Emperor

Arcee, Daniel and Wheelie stare off into the sunset, recalling how their home had been destroyed by the Destrons. Fortress and Spike decide to have a little party to raise the Cybertrons’ spirits. Hardhead does a karaoke thing, Wheelie passes out from overenergizing and Chromedome and Arcee dance. Back at the Destron camp, Galvatron, who has not been seen since the explosion is presumed dead by Soundblaster, Sixshot and the Headmasters. Suddenly, a figure appears and the Destrons think it is Galvatron, but instead it is Scorponok, who tells them that Galvatron is still alive. The Cybertrons continue to work on a rocket ship which will launch a new solar satellite but Ratbat is spotted spying on them. Cyclonus and Scourge send out Predaking to stop the launching of the rocket, prompting the Trainbots to merge into Raiden to stop them, along with the Headmasters. The launch is a success, causing the Destron Headmasters to head into space to destroy the satellite. As the Cybertrons get ready to go after them, Sixshot attacks, delaying them, and seriously injuring Chromedome. He gets up and they head into space, where the Destron Headmasters lie in ambush. They have directed the satellite to direct the solar energy into a planet in a black nebula.

12. The Dormant Volcano Mysteriously Erupts

While Ultra Magnus and Scattershot are investigating some strange seismic activity in Peru, the Cybertron Headmasters send Steeljaw and Ramhorn to find out what’s inside the black nebula (from the last episode). Inside the nebula is a planet where enslaved Battle Beasts are used by Scorponok to build a massive construct. In the Andes, a dormant volcano suddenly erupts, and the Protectobots and Trainbots are sent to rescue the people living nearby. They are confronted by the Predacons and the Destron Headmasters. The other Cybertrons use Broadsides to fly to Earth, drive off Predaking, and the Trainbots evacuate the humans. In the nebula, Scorponok explains that the volcano exploded so the Destrons can tap its energies while Ramhorn and Steeljaw secretly listen. On Earth, the Destrons make one last attempt to take the villagers hostage, but they are thwarted by the Cybertrons. Back on Charr, Scorponok reveals part of his plans to Cyclonus and Scourge; Ramhorn and Steeljaw record the information, and forward it to the other Cybertrons.

13. Head On, Fortress Maximus

In the city of San Francisco, a giant man-eating plant suddenly springs from underground, causing mass hysteria and major damage. In response, Ultra Magnus sends out the Technobots, Aerialbots and Trainbots to assist, but they are met by Bruticus, who battles Raiden. Ultra Magnus contacts Fortress and the Cybertron Headmasters, who then head toward San Francisco. They get beaten up by the plant, mocked by the Destron Headmasters, then another plant shows up, as well as another at the Witwickys’. Menasor then battles Computron, while Bruticus takes on the Aerialbots. One plant monster is actually able to walk, and it attacks the Cybertrons’ earth base while the other attacks Fortress’ battle station. Fortress then uncovers his sword of power and the base suddenly transforms into a giant robot, Fortress Maximus! He manages to destroy the plant monster, causing the others to blow up.

14. Explosion on Mars!! Maximus is in Danger

The Destrons plan to blow up Mars by causing explosions at its northern and southern end. Meanwhile, on the planet, Spike, Daniel, Wheelie and the Trainbots are conducting a geological survey when they detect some major seismic activity at the southern pole. Sixshot sends Dinosaurer to attack Metroplex, as he goes after the Technobots. Ultra Magnus transforms Metroplex and he battles Dinosaurer while on Mars, the Destrons attack the survey team. The Cybertron Headmasters then arrive to battle the Predacons, while the Terrorcons ambush the others, kidnapping Daniel, Wheelie and Getsue. They imprison them and tell them of the Destron plan to destroy Mars, sending meteors to destroy earth. Daniel, Wheelie and Getsue manage to escape, sending word to Fortress Maximus who heads to Mars to investigate. The Destron Headmasters attack Chromedome and the others, while Scorponok works on a plan to destroy Fortress Maximus. The Cybertron Headmasters are caught in a trap and seriously hurt, forcing Fortress to transform Fortress Maximus.

15. Explosion on Mars!! Megazarak Appears

As Fortress attempts to transform Fortress Maximus, he gets hit by a plasma blast and loses his super energy needed to transform. Spike figures out that the Destrons have found a way to tap the plasma energy from Seibertron’s explosion in order to neutralize Fortress. The Terrorcons continue with Scorponok’s plan to blow up Mars by drilling up the poles while Hardhead and Chromedome detect the Destron Headmasters and head out to investigate. Fortress, watching his forces lose, order the Trainbots to head out toward Mars to help. Raiden arrives just in time to help the Headmasters, but suddenly Scorponok orders the Destrons to return. Ultra Magnus sends Twincast and his cassettes to spy on the Destrons, and they see Sixshot using the spacebridge to head to the Destron base on Jollo. There, they witness the destruction of the planet within the Black Nebula and the creation of Scorponok’s new battle station – Megazarak, which then heads to destroy Fortress Maximus on Mars. Chromedome and Hardhead manage to find a bomb, but before they can defuse it, Megazarak appears and beats the stuffing out of all of them. It transforms into a giant robot and starts to beat up on Fortress Maximus, when he receives news that the bombs are ready to go off. The Cybertron Headmasters try to get Fortress to leave, but he refuses to abandon his battle station. Suddenly, they notice that the plasma from the destruction of Mars is actually powering up Fortress Maximus and they escape.

16. The Return of the Immortal Emperor

Thanks to Megazarak, Mars has now been destroyed and the Cybertron Headmasters are quite angry about the entire incident. Meanwhile, Daniel and Wheelie, who are goofing around, spot a strange light in the sky which buzzes past them. Chromedome and Hardhead sneak out of Fortress Maximus and head toward the Destron base. Meanwhile, Scorponok organizes a strike force and sends out Skull, Weirdwolf and Blitzwing to hand the Cybertrons. Fortress and the others arrive on the scene, saving the pair as Soundwave holds a meeting with his cassettes. Megazarak attacks Fortress Maximus, and is beating up on him when the strange UFO flies past, distracting Megazarak long enough for Fortress Maximus to escape, then taking away Sixshot. Punch reports to Fortress about the Destrons’ plan to coronate Scorponok as the Destron Emperor, and during the ceremony, the Cybertrons attack. Suddenly, the glowing object appears again, revealing itself to be a spaceship; out from it step Sixshot, then the presumed-dead Galvatron. The Destrons overwhelm the Cybertrons, forcing them to retreat, while Galvatron reclaims his throne as Emperor, much to Scorponok’s dismay.

17. SOS from Planet Sandra

At the Destron base, Cyclonus and Scourge pick up an SOS from the planet Sandra and inform Galvatron. The Cybertrons receive the message as well, finding out that the planet’s energy reserves are almost depleted. After a long debate, they decide to help out, bringing several energy packs with them, while Galvatron makes preparations to stop them. The Destrons attack, Galvatron confronting Ultra Magnus, and Abominus getting a boot to the head by Computicon. The Trainbots attempt to depart, but are stopped by Sixshot. In outer space, Fortress and the Headmasters face off against Scorponok and the Destron Headmasters as they head toward Sandra. Fortress sends Spike, Wheelie and Daniel, along with the small robot forms of Chromedome and Hardhead, to Planet Sandra with the energy packs, while he holds off Megazarak. The leader of Sandra tells Spike that they thought that they would never run out of energy until it was too late. They present the people of Sandra with the energy as Fortress Maximus and Scorponok continue their fight on the planet’s surface. Chromedome and Hardhead manage to plant a couple bombs on Scorponok, incapacitating him, while the Cybertrons attack Galvatron, defeating the Destrons.

18. The Most Important Thing in the World

The Destron base on Charr is suddenly upset when two newcomers arrive, and the Destrons attack them, thinking they are Cybertrons. They are jets which possess the ability to transform into animals, then to robots — Horrorcons Apeface and Snapdragon — who have been asked by Galvatron to join his troops. The Cybertrons learn of the appearance of these two, and Spike, worried about the diminishing chances of ending the war, decides to seek out a peace agreement with the Destrons before the galaxy is destroyed, despite the Cybertrons’ concerns. Galvatron receives word of Spike’s offer of peace, and Scorponok and Soundwave plan a trap, replying to Spike that he has to go with his entire family to meet in Shangri-La. Galvatron and Spike begin their meetings while Carly and Daniel are forced to remain with the Horrorcons, with the Cybertron Headmasters remaining outside. Galvatron asks Spike for a token of trust – leaving Daniel with the Destrons. Doublespy (Punch/Counterpunch) discovers Galvatron at the Destron base instead of Earth and reports Galvatron’s orders to steal energy throughout the universe to the Cybertrons. The Headmasters mobilize to rescue the humans when they find out Galvatron is a fake. Galvatron then reveals himself to be Sixshot, leading to a fierce battle outside. The Cybertrons beat up on the Destrons, who escape through the space bridge. They try to follow, but Sixshot blows up the space bridge.

19. Battle to the Death on the Beehive Planet

Galvatron has continued his search for more energy in deep space, and finds some on a planet called Hive. The Cybertrons are nearby, having followed the Destrons, and come across the ruins of the spaceship that has been destroyed by Megazarak. Chromedome finds a survivor who tells them about the planet, which is ruled by a queen, who resides over the area where the energy is stored. The Destrons begin their assault as the survivor asks Chromedome to give a pendant to his son, Michael. The Destron Headmasters, left behind by Galvatron, are told by Scorponok to bide their time before they overthrow Galvatron. The Cybertrons approach Hive, but are thought to be allies of the Destrons. The Hive attack Fortress Maximus, as Chromedome, Hardhead and Brainstorm try to convince them otherwise, but to no avail. Chromedome decides to go to the planet by himself and there he finds Michael, giving him the pendant. He tells his story to the queen as the Destrons manage to get past the Hive defenses. The queen resists Galvatron’s attempts to get the energy, then Chromedome appears and battles the Horrorcons, defeating them. Galvatron and Sixshot knock Chromedome into the sea of power as the queen requests help from the Cybertrons. The Destrons start to beat up the Cybertrons as Chromedome escapes from the sea with Michael’s help, doubling in power. They drive off the Destrons as Fortress Maximus defeats Megazarak.

20. Tide-turning Battle on the False Planet

Galvatron leads the Destrons toward the twin planets of Sperity and Toluin, intent on draining their energy. Meanwhile, the Cybertrons continue their pursuit of Megazarak across the galaxy, and notice them moving toward Sperity. Suddenly, the Destrons come under attack, but it does little-to-no damage to Megazarak. The Destrons mobilize and scour the planet’s surface looking for energy, but then Fortress Maximus arrives, attacking Megazarak. Brainstorm, Arcee, Wheelie and Daniel arrive on Toluin’s surface, finding nothing but a small cave. Meanwhile, the battle continues on Sperity between the Destrons and the Cybertrons. The inhabitants have apparently moved everything to Toluin’s underground, using Sperity as a place to trap their enemies. Brainstorm and the others find the secret domed city of the inhabitants, then infiltrate it before getting captured. Brainstorm heads back to Sperity, where he tells Fortress, after a series of head switches, that Sperity is really a trap. The Cybertrons leave, and the Destrons are caught in the trap for once, finding fake cubes which causes Toluin to move away from Sperity.

21. Find Megazarak’s Weak Spot

The Cybertrons pick up an SOS from the exile planet Dallos and head there to investigate. The Headmasters move out to figure out what’s going on, finding that the Destrons have attacked an energy plant. They take the people back to Fortress Maximus, where one grabs Daniel as hostage, threatening him with a knife. Daniel manages to break free, blasting one of the men, before Fortress captured the others in a forcefield. The Cybertrons learn that the planet is controlled by a small group in the southern hemisphere and that the people are suffering greatly. They find that the Destrons have been building something on the planet while being in cahoots with the leaders. The Destrons find that the Cybertrons have arrived and mobilize to attack them. Meanwhile, Chromedome and Highbrow head into a canyon to find a Battle Beast who happened to b e part of the team who built Megazarak. He starts to tell them of Megazarak’s weakness, but Weirdwolf blasts him in the back, eventually killing him, but not before he gives them a chip. The Headmasters fire a huge cannon at Megazarak, prompting him to transform into robot mode, then Fortress transforms Fortress Maximus, defeating Megazarak and restoring peace to the planet.

22. Head Formation of Friendship

The Cybertron He admasters continue their search f or the Destrons, but are interrupted by an alarm, indicating a problem with Fortress Maximus’ guns. Meanwhile the Destrons head toward Gal vatron’s latest ta r get, the planet Paradise, a non-technological world where the inhabitants still live in huts. As Brainstorm continues to figure out Megazarak’s weakness, Highbrow takes the Trainbots to visit the planet Paradise. He meets up with a native girl, Papika and her giant eagle and she tells him about the Destrons attacking the planet. The Cybertrons then arrive on the planet, as Highbrow makes his way toward the Destron camp, where he is trapped by Destron Headmasters. Steeljaw notices this and informs the rest of the team but before they can help, the forest suddenly becomes ablaze from enemy fire. As the Cybertrons battle the Destrons, Papika and the Headmasters free Highbrow from his chains. The Cybertrons manage to defeat the Destrons, then destroy their collected energon cubes, sending Megazarak running.

23. Mystery of the Space Pirate Ship

The Destron clones, Pounce and Wingspan, confront the Cybertron clones, Fastlane and Cloudraker for possession of their half of a skull which will lead to a fabulous energy source. Suddenly, Sixshot shows up along with Galvatron to drive away the Cybertrons. Cloudraker radioed Fortress about the arrival of the Destrons on the pirate planet. The Cybertrons run into a space burial ground, where they find a space pirate ship in which the skull is emitting a radio signal. With the help of the Horrorcons, Pounce and Wingspan get the other half of the skull. The Destrons put the skull together and get a map toward the location of the pirates’ stolen proton energy. Apparently, the clones used to be friends but Galvatron then recruited Pounce and Wingspan. Twincast finds out the location of the stolen energy and the Cybertrons mobilize to stop the Destrons. Chromedome manages to recover the skull, and Highbrow manages to decode the map, finding a pyramid and a trap door. Twincast rescues Highbrow after the Destrons attack and he figures out how to open the door – using the frequency given out by the skull on the pirate ship in space. He and the Trainbots retrieve the skull, while the others attack the Destrons. The Destron clones corner Highbrow and Daniel, but they are knocked out by the Cybertron clones. Fortress Maximus, with the help of the Headmasters, drives off Megazarak.

24. The Death of Ultra Magnus

One night, at the Cybertron earth base, the Destron Headmasters attack and take over the outpost. The Cybertrons have regrouped back on Cygnia and try to determine Galvatron’s next move after he collects all these power packs. Galvatron then divulges his next move to the other Destrons – using his stolen energy to conquer the earth. At the same time, Scorponok reveals his plans to overthrow Galvatron to Weirdwolf, telling him to find the Cybertrons’ energy sources. Sixshot then leads an assault on an energy source in Miami, prompting Ultra Magnus to send the Trainbots and Technobots. Fortress sends out Doublespy to discover Galvatron’s plans as Brainstorm reports on Sixshot’s movements on Earth. The Destron assault on Earth continues under Sixshot, who attacks Metroplex and Ultra Magnus. Metroplex tries to help Ultra Magnus but runs into Dinosaurer as the Trainbots arrive. They radio for assistance and the Cybertron Headmasters head to Earth. Sixshot, who has been beating up on Ultra Magnus, reveals his secret Wingwolf mode and kills Ultra Magnus. Megazarak arrives on Earth on Galvatron’s request and receives word from Weirdwolf on the energy he found. The Headmasters arrive and manage to drive away Sixshot before burying Ultra Magnus in the river.

25. The Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on an Iceberg

Sixshot continues to organize the Destron troops on Earth, sending out Bruticus, Menasor, Abominus, and the Horrorcons to assault the planet. Meanwhile, at Fortress Maximus, the Cybertrons study the Destron activity throughout the world, and Fortress orders the cassettes to figure out what’s going on. The Cybertrons mobilize their forces, sending out Computron and Defensor. Galvatron continues to monitor activities on Jollo and Doublespy reports back to Fortress the activities and plans of the Destron leader. Twincast and Steeljaw manage to find Megazarak in a canyon, but they are discovered by Sixshot. Twincast sends Steeljaw back to report, before he gets knocked into the canyon. Punch continues his spying for the Cybertrons, seeing Galvatron’s plans to make Earth his new body. Galvatron has decided to have it out with Scorponok, sending Sixshot to stop him and the other Destron Headmasters. The Cybertrons launch an assault to stop Galvatron from taking over the earth, sending Metroplex, Fortress Maximus and company to the canyon. Steeljaw manages to revive Twincast, as the Cybertron Headmasters battle Galvatron in the Arctic. Hardhead knocks Galvatron into the ocean, then the Headmasters form a ring, blasting an iceberg on top of Galvatron, burying him forever.

26. I Risk My Life for Earth

With Galvatron finally destroyed in the Antarctic, Scorponok took over as Destron emperor, pledging to avenge Galvatron’s death. Scorponok sends Sixshot to destroy the Cybertron earth base, while Spike heads back to Earth for a summit meeting regarding the Ring of Fire from the north of Alaska to the South Pole. Spike notices that the Destrons have been attacking this area recently, looking for the thinnest layer of the crust. Dinosaurer shows up at the summit, attacking the Cybertrons before Metroplex shows up. Sixshot then confronts Chromedome, who recalls Ultra Magnus’ death. Spike, trying to help Metroplex, gets seriously hurt. Wheelie then attacks Chromedome, saying that it was all his fault that Spike had a piece of metal imbedded in his nerve. The Destrons attack on Earth again, but Fortress tells Chromedome to stay behind until he gets control of his emotions. Without Chromedome, the Headmasters and Raiden get beaten up by the Destrons and Predaking. Fortress uses his superpower to save Spike, removing the chunk of metal, while severely weakening himself. Chromedome, determined to make up for his mistakes, tries to figure out Megazarak’s weakness since Fortress Maximus cannot transform. He finds it in the center of Megazarak’s chest where his power is centralized. Megazarak throws Fortress Maximus into a river of lava, but it ends up re-energizing him enough to transform. Chromedome arrives on earth and informs Fortress of Megazarak’s weakness.

27 – 28. The Miracle Warriors – The Targetmasters

After the defeat, the Destrons depart Earth, heading into deep space, but the Cybertrons realize that there are still some remnants of bombs around. The Cybertron Headmasters are deployed in pairs to disarm them, while the cassettes continue their investigation. Fortress sends out Spike, Daniel, Wheelie and Arcee to head the reconstruction project for earth. Chromedome and Hardhead discover five bombs, accidentally setting off one. Suddenly, three friends of Wheelie arrive on earth – Pointblank, Sureshot and Crosshairs – to meet with the Cybertron commander. Chromedome and Hardhead continue to make their way out, carrying the bombs, when they are confronted by an avalanche. Fortunately, they are rescued by the others and transport the bombs into outer space to defuse out there. Pointblank, Sureshot and Crosshairs volunteer to take the bombs out, slightly insulting the Headmasters. Spike orders Guardian, Computicon and Raiden to destroy the old Destron base back on Earth. Just as the bombs are ready to be defused, the Cybertrons receive an SOS from some refugees from Master who have been attacked by the Destrons – Slugslinger, Misfire, Triggerhappy and Sixshot. The refugees report that the Destrons have attacked Master. The refugees decide to remove the explosives for the Cybertrons while the battle rages outside. Suddenly, the explosives go off.

In the aftermath of the explosion, the Destrons disappeared and Chromedome return Pointblank, Sureshot and Crosshairs back to Fortress Maximus. The blast fused the small robots who removed the bombs to the trio’s hands, giving rise to the first Targetmasters. The Cybertrons head to Master to remove the Destrons, who have also tapped into the Targetmaster technology. The tension between the Cybertron Headmasters and Targetmasters continues to escalate as Pointblank calls Chromedome immature. The Cybertrons arrive and start to kick the Destrons’ tails, forcing them to retreat. Chromedome is reunited with his old friend Sappho, who seems a little distant, and they catch up a bit. The Destrons start the second part of the plan as Sixshot impersonates Chromedome and kidnaps Sappho, trying to discover the Cybertrons’ weak points. The Destrons, unable to find out anything, plant a time bomb inside Sappho and order him to walk into Fortress Maximus to explode inside. Sappho is released and heads toward the Cybertrons, when Pointblank realizes something is wrong. Twincast finds the bomb inside him and Chromedome is forced to kill his friend. The Destrons attack and Chromedome goes after Sixshot for revenge, growing up in the process.

29. The Master Sword is in Danger

The Destrons have holed up underneath the planet where they start the production of their new metal, called “G Metal” which has proved to be nearly invulnerable. Scorponok plans to use this metal to strengthen Megazarak’s design, but he realizes that he still cannot hold up to Fortress Maximus’ Master Sword. The Destrons hatch a plan to uncover the secrets of the Master Sword as they capture Wheelie, pulling him underground. Sixshot then demands the secrets of the Master Sword from Fortress in exchange for Wheelie’s freedom. The Cybertrons discuss their options as Pointblank believes that if Fortress gives up the secrets, Scorponok will be able to destroy Fortress Maximus, while Daniel fears losing his friend. Much to Pointblank’s chagrin, Fortress agrees to give Scorponok the secrets to the Master Sword, while Chromedome and Daniel decide to invade Megazarak to free Wheelie. Fortress meets with Sixshot to give him the secrets, while Wheelie is informed of a timer that will go off soon, dropping him into the lava. Daniel and Chromedome manage to free Wheelie, preventing Fortress from giving Sixshot the disk. Suddenly, a massive battle breaks out and the Cybertrons are winning until the Duocons show up, turning the tide. The disk gets knocked around, then retrieved by the Duocon Battletrap who returns it to Scorponok.

30. The Zarak Shield Turns the Tide

The Cybertrons can find no trace of the Destrons on Master after the loss of the disk. The Destrons have headed toward an asteroid belt, where they plan their next course of action. They decide to head back toward Master to begin production of the Zarak shield. The Targetmasters spot Soundblaster spying on them with Ratbat and follow them back to the planet’s surface. They then fall into an ambush by the Destron Targetmasters. The Destrons blast the side of a mountain, uncovering a water storage tower which sweeps the Cybertrons away. Underground, the other Destrons are busy at work completing the Zarak shield. Pointblank and the Targetmasters make their way to the Destron underground base. As the Cybertron Headmasters move out to find the Destron base, Weirdwolf plants a bomb on Fortress’ battle cruiser. Daniel and Wheelie spot Weirdwolf knocking on the walls and engage in a crossfire until Fortress arrives. Pointblank sends the three Cybertron Targetmasters up to Megazarak to find out what’s happening inside. The Headmasters manage to find the base as well, but are met by a Destron Targetmaster ambush until they are saved by the Cybertron Targetmasters. A battle breaks out, alerting Scorponok, who sends out the Duocons. Scorponok escapes with the Zarak shield, with Fortress Maximus moving to intercept, but then the bomb goes off, allowing escape.

31. Operation: Destroy the Destrons

The Cybertrons work on repairing Fortress’ ship after the bomb while Chromedome, after learning about the completion of the Zarak shield, tries to organize a raid. Pointblank, however, convinces Fortress Maximus otherwise, much to Chromedome’s irritation. The Cybertron Headmasters drive around to blow off some steam and end up meeting with some of Master’s warriors. The Cybertron Targetmasters try to infiltrate the base, when they are spotted by the Destron Targetmasters and Sixshot. They are surrounded by the enemy as the Cybertron Headmasters work out an assault plan with the Master warriors. Soundwave informs Scorponok of Chromedome’s plans to mobilize the Master warriors. Fortress tries to get in touch with Chromedome just as the Master assault begins. However, the Destrons are ready and as the Masters rush in, Megazarak emerges from underground. The Masters are slaughtered by the Destron Targetmasters while the Cybertron Headmasters must deal with their Destron counterparts. Fortress Maximus arrives and faces off with Megazarak with his new shield, actually managing to defeat him. Chromedome tries to go after the Destrons but Pointblank finally knocks some sense into him, telling him he’s done enough.

32. My Friend Sixshot!

As the Cybertrons are flying around in space, searching for the Destrons, Daniel gets accidentally separated from Wheelie and locked into a room. Megazarak attacks Fortress Maximus while Wheelie tries to get Daniel out of the room. Sixshot emerges from Megazarak as three odd solar windstorms emerge from the asteroid belt. Sixshot gets forced into one, while a section of Fortress Maximus, containing Daniel, gets ripped off into another. The Cybertron Targetmasters use the Trainbots to go out searching for Daniel, who is being driven toward a planet by the asteroids. Sixshot is there too. He starts to leave Daniel, but suddenly a rock creature appears behind Daniel and is ready to grab him when Sixshot blasts it. The Cybertron Headmasters realize that the three storms funneled the rocks into the planet Diamond. Meanwhile, on the planet, Daniel and Sixshot start talking to each other, forming an odd friendship. They are interrupted by the emergence of more rock creatures, who they manage to defeat. Fortress Maximus heads directly into the storm to follow it to the planet. Sixshot continues to defend Daniel from the monsters who constantly appear. The rock monsters merge into a giant creature, capturing Daniel, but Sixshot, showing off his six modes and with a little help from Daniel, manages to defeat it. Fortress Maximus appears, and the Cybertron Headmasters confront Sixshot, but Daniel tells them that he is his friend.

33. Duel on the Asteroid

Daniel is still a l ittle despondent ov er Sixshot’s departure, after what they went through on Diamond. Scorponok heads toward an asteroid between Jupiter and Earth (Mars was destroyed) to set up his operations there. Sixshot shows up there after his ordeal on Diamond as the Cybertron Targetmasters come under attack. The Headmasters take the Trainbots to give the Targetmasters some reinforcements. Suddenly, Sixshot appears and challenges Chromedome to a one-on-one duel. Chromedome recalls Sixshot killing Ultra Magnus while he talks wit h Poin tblank, and he goe s to meet Sixshot. Danie l f inds out about the challenge and begs Chromedome not to go through with it but to no avail. Wheelie discovers Daniel putting on an exo-sui t, as he is planning to stop the duel. Fortress sends out Pointblank to stop the duel and to bring back Daniel. The battle is just starting as Daniel arrives and he proves to be a distraction to both sides, behind landing directly between the two combatants. Scorponok starts setting off a bunch of bombs, trying to destroy everyone on the asteroid, even Sixshot. Sixshot saves Daniel from falling into a river of lava, but apparently perishes when the asteroid explodes.

34 – 35. The Final Showdown on Earth, part one

At a speech on earth, something emerges from under the ground – a huge rocket, along with the Destron clones, who send a satellite into orbit. Meanwhile, Predaking and Bruticus begin attacking cruise ships in the ocean. Spike and Carly start to organize teams to repel the Destrons – the Protectobots, the Throttlebots and the clones. The Cybertron Headmasters and Targetmaster hasten their journey back toward Earth in Fortress Maximus – with Sixshot getting a free lift – after getting a report from Metroplex. Defensor battles Bruticus as the Throttlebots face Predaking. The Targetmasters try to determine what the giant metal pillar, which popped out of the ground, is used for, and they see it emitting a large amount of electrical energy. The Trainbots reunite Daniel with his parents, who are trying to rescue some people trapped in a crevice. The bands of electrical energy released by the pillars stretch across the world, causing massive destruction. Sixshot confronts the Destron clones and Bruticus, looking for Megazarak, and after not getting the information he seeks, he kills the clones. The Cybertrons continue to try and find the source of the troubles – Megazarak – but are unable to.

The Cybertrons try to figure out where Megazarak is and what he’s trying to accomplish and get a break when Punch reports in to Fortress. Fortress takes his ship and heads toward the Middle East but is spotted by Soundblaster, who sends the Destron Headmasters to attack. Sixshot spies on Snapdragon, who is operating inside a pyramid, when yet another metal pillar appears from underground. Megazarak suddenly appears from underneath the sand, prompting Fortress Maximus to transform. However, the energy released from the pillar is attracted to the sword and it blasts him to the ground. Sixshot continues to track the Destron leader, going underwater where he is sucked into a whirlpool, which leads him to the lost city of Atlantis, where Megazarak is stationed. There, he confronts Scorponok and is taken back into the Destron ranks. Scorponok tells him what he is planning to do – destroy the Earth with the energy from the pillars, then as Sixshot turns to leave, he tries to shoot him in the back, but it turns to only be an illusion. The Cybertrons gather en force to the Arctic where they meet the entire Destron force for the final showdown. Fortress Maximus battles Megazarak, and as Wheelie and Daniel are about to be stepped on by Flywheels, Sixshot saves them by firing a random blast. Daniel goes looking for Sixshot, and as Menasor shows up to crush the human, Sixshot blasts him into the ice. The plasma energy which is accumulating gets sucked into the satellite, which releases a beam of destruction on top of both Fortress Maximus and the now-empty shell of Megazarak as Scorponok had left the planet to its destruction. However, with the help of the Headmasters and the other Cybertrons, who form a double ring, they repower Fortress Maximus who destroys the satellite, then slices Megazarak neatly in half.

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