Transformers: Power of the Primes

Episode Guide

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(10 episodes – first broadcast 2018)

1 "The Swamp"

Megatronus hunts for the Requiem Blaster as we learn about its mysterious past. Elsewhere, Megatron and his team are also searching for the weapon, hoping to get to it first, when they encounter Grimlock and his fellow Dinobots.

2 "Volcanicus"

Megatron awakens miles away to find a mysterious structure. Curious, he makes his way there, leaving his team to fend for themselves. Vulnerable without him, the team is on the brink of defeat at the hands of Volcanicus when another threat arrives hoping to destroy them.

3 "Without Warning"

Still without Megatron, the team must now fend off both Volcanicus and Predaking. Meanwhile, Megatronus arrives at the Well of Sparks to forge a new device that will help him accomplish his nefarious plan.

4 "Primal"

With our heroes cornered, Predaking demands Victorion hand over the Enigma of Combination while unaware that Megatronus took away the Enigma of Combination. Inside the mysterious dome, Megatron finds the Requiem Blaster, but is confronted by a mysterious figure guarding it.

5 "Athenaeum Sanctorum"

Hot on the heels of our heroes, Overlord and Rodimus Cron confront the Dinobots and gain vital information as to the teams whereabouts. Meanwhile, the team learns the tragic fate of one of the Thirteen.

6 "Countdown"

Overlord and Rodimus Cron finally confront our heroes, while Optimus Primal makes a tough decision that changes the course of the battle. Alas, having found Megatron, Overlord is determined to get his revenge.

7 "Consequences"

Megatron finally figures out Megatronus’ plan, but fears it may be too late to stop him when Megatronus arrives to claim the Requiem Blaster for himself.

8 "Collision Course"

With the Requiem Blaster in his possession, Megatronus launches his now completed device, draining the sparks of Transformers everywhere. With their fate at risk, our heroes must fight Megatronus one last time.

9 "Megatronus Unleashed"

To save their race, our heroes must destroy Megatronus’ machine, but first they must fend off a possessed Rodimus Cron.

10 "Saga's End"

The final battle between Megatronus and the Transformers leads to unforeseen consequences that will have a startling impact on Cybertron and the entire universe.

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