Transformers: Titans Return

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(10 episodes – first broadcast 2017 - 2018)

1 "Aftermath and Rebirth"

As the Transformers recover from the Combiner Wars, Rodimus Prime makes a life changing decision, while Windblade finds herself at odds yet again with Optimus Prime. Unbeknownst to all of them, a new threat awakens in the form of a mysterious and long dormant Titan.

2 "Our Heroes Respond"

The Transformers are forced into action after the gigantic and destructive Titan Trypticon returns to wreak havoc on Cybertron. At the Primal Basilica, Perceptor proposes a daring plan to resurrect an ancient ally, while Mistress of Flame orders an all-out assault on the brutal lizard-like Titan.

3 "The Fight Begins"

Metroplex and Trypticon square off in a massive encounter that will shake Cybertron to its core. Meanwhile, Mistress of Flame reaches out to the newly liberated Hot Rod for help as Perceptor launches the Primal Basilica's defenses.

4 "Overlord and Emissary"

Overwhelmed by the ferocious Trypticon, Metroplex finds help from the smallest of Transformers, Titan Master Emissary. Back at the Primal Basilica, the Mistress of Flame is confronted by a brutal Decepticon who is determined to kill anything standing in the way of his revenge.

5 "At the Last Second"

Megatron uncovers a sinister plan after finding the Mistress of Flame close to death.

6 "Desperate Actions"

While searching for the answers behind the mysterious return of the Titans, Megatron is confronted by the Combiners who are determined to kill him.

7 "Run for Our Lives"

Victorion, now the Ultimate Combiner, is forced to use her new powers to take on Trypticon. Back at the Primal Basillica, Optimus Prime entrusts the Matrix of Leadership to the one person he knows will never betray the Transformers.

8 "In Good Hands"

Trypticon, closing in on the Matrix of Leadership, wages war on Victorion. Awakened by Windblade and Emissary, Fortress Maximus returns to help our heroes before Cybertron is lost forever to Trypticon's destruction.

9 "Consumed"

After rescuing Optimus Prime from certain doom, Fortress Maximus arrives to fight Trypticon. Elsewhere on the battlefield, Windblade forces Megatron to choose a side once and for all. Will Perceptor's dangerous plan work or will life on Cybertron cease to exist once and for all?

10 "All Things Must Pass"

Fueled by the ancient artifacts of the Primes, the unstoppable Trypticon prepares to deliver a final blow to the Transformers. Perceptor's dangerous plan successfully works and Starscream's ghost leaves Trypticon's body. The Enigma of Combination and the Matrix of Leadership reveals a new threat: Megatronus "The Fallen". While Megatron tries to stall the new reformed Megatronus, Optimus and Fortress Maximus try to attack Megatronus leading to Optimus Prime's death by the Fallen. Now the remaining Autobots and Decepticons must trust Megatron to survive. Meanwhile Overlord and his newest ally the corrupted Rodimus Cron wonder "What is Megatron up to?"

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