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Teletran2 Note: Transformers: Combiner Wars is an animated web television series based on the Combiner Wars toy line, but features a story with elements taken from the Generation 1 continuity family and the comic books by IDW Publishing.

(8 episodes – first broadcast 2016)

1 "The Fall"

Computron and Menasor emerge from a Space Bridge above the planet Caminus, locked in a grueling battle that ends in Computron's defeat and apparent demise. Menasor is then attacked by Windblade and Maxima, who succeed in defeating the Combiner; however, Maxima is killed. Before going offline, Menasor accuses Windblade of being a killer like him and informs her that the Council has the Enigma of Combination and plan to build an army of Combiners. Windblade then departs for Cybertron, leaving behind Computron's body with lights flickering.

2 "The Council"

The Council - Starscream, Rodimus Prime, and the Mistress of Flame - meet to discuss Menasor and Computron's recent clash and apparent demise, and Rodimus and the Mistress consider employing the Enigma of Combination to create their own Combiners in order to destroy the ones currently existing. Despite his own history, Starscream advocates against such action, reminding his colleagues that they lack a full understanding of the Enigma's workings. Unbeknownst to them, they are being observed by Windblade using Maxima's sniper rifle, and her attempt to destroy the Enigma is foiled by a most unexpected figure: Optimus Prime.

3 "The Duel"

Enraged by Prime's interference, Windblade attacks him, only to find herself unable to land a single blow on the veteran Autobot, who believes she was attempting to assassinate Starscream. After swiftly defeating her, Optimus advises Windblade to return to Caminus to help her people rebuild, until she informs him that the council has the Enigma of Combination, which she was attempting to destroy. Fearing that such a feat may be impossible, Optimus notes grimly that there may be only one being who can help them.

4 "Unforgotten"

Optimus Prime and Windblade find Megatron battling several of the Constructicons on an unknown planet, where he taunts the both of them and initially wants nothing to do with them. After learning that Starscream is in possession of the Enigma, however, he agrees to join their mission, and the three set off together. Unbeknownst to Windblade, however, the Constructicons have overheard their conversation.

5 "Homecoming"

As the council look upon the recovered bodies of Computron and Menasor, Optimus Prime's team make their way towards the Council chamber where the Enigma is being kept, with Megatron and Windblade expressing willingness to kill all the Council members while Optimus Prime condemns such a violent course. Learning of their approach, the Council members panic, with the Mistress of Flame suggesting that they threaten the intruders with the Enigma. The two groups confront each other, and after a heated exchange in which Megatron blasts Starscream, Optimus' team are forced to engage the Council's automated defenses; Devastator then breaches the Council chamber and grabs Rodimus, ripping off his arm and laughing maniacally.

6 "A War of Giants"

Optimus' team confronts Devastator, who is after the Enigma of Combination, and Megatron attempts to order his former minion to stand down; Devastator refuses, eager to claim the Enigma for himself. Victorion then arrives unannounced in search of the Enigma herself, and clashes with Devastator to prevent him from laying claim to it. The Council unlock the Enigma in desperation, and it falls to Starscream to activate it; unfortunately, this enables him to enact a scheme that he has had in the works all along. Fused with the Enigma's power, he takes control of the fallen Menasor and Computron and then enslaves Victorion and Devastator when they confront him, and uses the Enigma's power to merge all four with himself in order to form the Ultimate Combiner.

7 "Darkest Hour"

Starscream revels in the newfound power he has been granted by the Enigma of Combination, only to be overwhelmed by it, causing him to change form from a towering giant into a shapeless mass with the individual components of the Combiners he has enslaved floating in the midst of it. Driven mad, he begins unleashing attacks that level the Council's city, with the Mistress and Rodimus being blasted away while Megatron vainly tries to flee. In a desperate effort, Windblade attacks the maddened Decepticon only to be overwhelmed by his attack, leaving her unconscious at the feet of her allies as Starscream moves in for the kill.

8 "Destruction's Dawn"

Windblade finds herself in a white void speaking to Metroplex, who reminds her of her true role as City Speaker; linked with the ancient Titan, she calls upon him to grasp the monstrous form of Starscream in his massive arm, which emerges from beneath the Council City. With Starscream immobilized, Optimus and Megatron work together to finish him, with Megatron transforming into a giant cannon which Optimus then wields. Optimus is then stunned to find Windblade alive, and both of them are surprised when Megatron gives Windblade the recovered Enigma of Combination before departing, expressing only the desire that they not disturb him again. Windblade then presents the Enigma to Victorion, saying it belongs to the Combiners, and Victorion thanks her before departing with Devastator and the revived Menasor and Computron. The Mistress of Flame praises her actions, but Windblade then reveals that an even greater threat now looms with the end of the Combiner Wars: the return of the Titans.

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